Thursday, October 29, 2009

Almost made it!

Man it has been a looonnnggg week! I knew it would be since I didn't get anything done on Sunday. I have a hard time focusing all week when my house is a mess and my laundry isn't done. I wouldn't give last weekend up for anything EVER! I love my BFF and so glad we got to celebrate her birthday. And we had F-U-N!

Tonight I had to take my grandma's dog to the groomer. She has a little fluffy dog that wasn't looking too fluffy. We took her to this great little place by my house. At first they weren't entirely nice but that was my fault. Traffic and crazies were working against me. We were totally late but they still took her. The dog is a little nervous should we say and she ended up peeing on me...GROSS! So I ran home and changed and then we went to dinner while we waited. This made for a very long day but it was totally worth it. I thought my grandma was going to cry when she saw the dog. They had shaved her and bathed her, clipped her little nails and then topped it all off with little bows in her hair. It really was adorable and my grandma just loved it! And I just love my grandma.

I felt a little like Trixie last night, I got to have my hair done. :) I swear, if I was a wealthy person I would pay someone to wash my hair every single day! Maybe even twice. Why does it not feel so good when I do it? I didn't look nearly as adorable when I was done but I got my fuzzies trimmed off and changed up the bangs a little - living life on the edge! Actually, I don't believe my hair has been this long (for this long) ever. I really like is versatile. Up or down. Looks decent in a ponytail - this is good because it spends a lot of time like that during the week. Gym, cleaning, sleeping and normally at some point during the day up it goes. Or I can have flowing locks should I decide. I actually found a color I like too. I did the blonde thing for way too many years. Then reddish and various shades of brown. My hair is actually blondish naturally but I enjoy this very dark shade of brown. It does nothing for my ever growing collection of grey hairs but every few weeks I put them under cover for a little while.

Tomorrow is Friday. S is coming over in the morning so we can take her to school and her mom can go gallivanting around with her work husband. HA! Tomorrow is also crazy hair day at school so we have a variety of color spray and some plastic spiders. I can hardly wait. I hope S lets me do something extra crazy with hers. It is so going to be a picture day!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us - Trick or treating is #1 on the list. Saturday morning we are going to go watch Z cheer and then run out to finish getting my sister a shower present. Sunday is the shower and lots and lots of cleaning and laundry at the W house. It is a must for us. I am really looking forward to an extra hour but I so hate how early it gets dark with this change. Time change is extra hard on the little people...they so don't get it. This year they can both tell time so it should be interesting to see if that helps at all.

So I know that I complain about work A LOT! And mostly it is justified but today my boss did something really nice. The boys are having a school fundraiser and I don't like to push that stuff at work so I just set it on my desk in case anyone was interested. My office gets a lot of foot traffic. I am sure it mostly has to do with my knowledge and sparkling personality and less to do with the giant container of M&M's I regularly have on my desk - right. D ordered something from each of the kids because she loves me and remembers what it is like to hawk your fundraiser like a common street walker. (Kids can no longer walk the streets with door to door sales!) But D2 surprised me. He walked in to ask me something and ended up ordered 3 things from both the kids. Seriously, who needs six different kinds of cookie dough. I just thought it was very nice of him. He then stayed to leave me a bunch of work but that was going to happen anyways. :) AND, he agreed to our "heavily suggested" Christmas lunch restaurant. GOOD JOB D - you should be in sales!

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