Thursday, May 28, 2009

The BEST LOVE on the planet!

Ok...I have never had back to back posts before.

While I was typing the last one N was asking me how to spell words like chocolate chips, bananas and the like. As I was finishing up he quit asking so I figured he was done with his story (he likes to write random things). I started my blog stalking of random strangers and he came in with a picture - One big heart in the middle and two small ones on the side - drawn in purple, otherwise known as my favorite color. He told me I was the big one in the middle and he and E were the small ones on the side. (Yep, I am crying.) We then talked a little about how much I love them even when they are at school or with PTD and he told me that sometimes when he is at PTD's house he really misses me. (sniff, sniff) He added that he knows no matter what I love him and he will always get to come home!

If that isn't a reason to think life is amazing and wonderful then I have no idea what would. These mom moments are the best remembrances of why I am SOOO lucky and so happy with my life. I will try very hard to remember to thank God every single day for them.

Dang - even when N puts me in a home I will love that kid! Maybe he'll visit? close!

I can't believe how close it is to summer already. I thought it would never get here. :) This morning I got N out of bed by telling him this was the very last Thursday he would ever have as a kindergartner...he seemed very intense about it. I think he was trying to figure out what all that meant. Tomorrow is "buddy water day" so I am sure they will both fly out of bed with no troubles. They have had a busy week with activities at school and next week will be short and sweet. Don't you miss the excitement of the end of the school year. Thinking about all your freedoms and what you will do. I wonder what you would do as an adult with that much free time? Especially if you weren't thinking about $$...what an exciting daydream. Hmmm....where to go and what to do?

For a short has been a long one. Tuesday morning started out with one of the best surprises - I got to see my baby! Well not a real baby, my baby Sammie. Yes, he is just a dog to some but I LOVE THAT DOG! I haven't seen him in months so I didn't hesitate to run over and pet him up. I went to work smelling like a stinky dog but I didn't care. Rumor has it he is still in a place I could visit...not sure for how long? I was VERY tempted to go back over and snuggle him but I also don't want to get too attached again. Once was hard enough - I swear I think breaking up with the dog was the hardest part. :) It was great to see him and know that he is healthy and happy (and not at all mad at me for not seeing him for so long - how do you explain something like that to a dog? I choose to believe he knows the whole story and since he is a dog he doesn't argue that point.) and I know his Nana is loving him like a baby too! Thank you Nana! Poor Nana came out for N's baseball game tonight only to find out we weren't going to play. The other team called five minutes before start time and cancelled - it is almost the end of the season and they only get a couple of more times to play so that sucked. I guess it didn't really matter since only four of our kids showed. My sister called about 10 minutes after we left the park to find out why we weren't there...guess this was going to be N's big night. E's game last night was really good but it was HOT outside! They lost but everyone played great - E had another double play. My MLB star in the making.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! My last Friday as the mother of a K & 2nd grader! What is a mother to do....I tried telling them if they were going to go ahead and grow up against my wishes then the needed to hurry up so they could take care of me. Let me pick dinner and the movie, they could do my laundry and tuck me in bed. N looked at me and said "no way...your crazy!". When E said he would take care of his poor mother N looked at him and chimed in with "are you crazy?" - only being five years old the kid has great timing! I think N is planning on putting me in a home by the time I am 45. I do think he would pick a nice one.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The longest week in history!

Oh my, Friday was never going to come! I am sure that D would totally agree! Work and home were nuts and I missed my little crazy people like...well crazy! Monday night was a dinner function for work that went on forever and my parents kept the boys. No one at home seemed to miss me. Tuesday was yet another work dinner...much longer but also a lot more fun. This time the boys stayed the night at A's house...again, I don't think anyone realized I was gone. :) Tuesday's dinner consisted of way too many margarita's and lots of laughing until around 11:00. By the time I got home and in bed my alarm was yelling at me. This made Wednesday my least favorite day until it was rescued by the boys. I missed them like crazy! So did we have a nice relaxing night at home? NOPE, not us! We had two baseball games and then picture pick up. We didn't get home until after 9:00 - yep, on a school night! My brother-in-law B came to the games too and I never get to see him so that was awesome and then DC and T came with us and we all had dinner together. Thursday was a rousing four hour shift at the snack bar while the kids went to Z's play with the rest of the fam. (I do have to point out that loser PTD decided to skip his Tuesday shift at said snack bar. I guess getting your kid benched is no big deal. GRRRR! FORTUNATELY - others realized that it wasn't E's fault that he is a big jerkface and let him play.)

Friday was heaven sent! Not because it wasn't also crazy but our office closed early. D2 wrote a sort of "white paper" for D and I to review that made me laugh so hard I almost wet my pants but I swore not to share it or he won't write another one. D, D2 and I stayed late until we got kicked out by our IT department - gosh darn maintenance weekend. :) PTD had the boys so D and I enjoyed a drink or two, then bathing suit shopping (it helps to have consumed liquor before this type of event) and then we decided to have pedi's. It really made for a nice end to a nightmare of a week. It would have been better if the boys were home but they will be back in a few short hours and we are off to a BBQ at my parents with the whole fam coming. I can't wait...especially since Monday is a holiday for all of us...WOOHOO!

The next two weeks are chalked full of school and baseball related events and then summer will be here and no more homework, bedtimes, work (oh wait...skip that one). It will start getting HOT and we will live in the pool...long lazy days of swimming with the kids and having my dad cook great food. Too bad I will have to limit my intake of said food. We have started our Biggest Loser Challenge so I only have seven more weeks to lose the most and win every one's $$$! I am not off to a great start...damn work dinners!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Ok, I know it isn't really Father's Day but man I LOVE my dad! He is so awesome - don't get me wrong...we can drive each other crazy but I know that he would do anything he could for me and the boys. Where to start - I guess Saturday a good place.....

Both the boys had games on Saturday and PDT only made it to E's. I have a real problem with not showing equal love to both babies but that is nothing new. E's field is very far from the restrooms and they are very close to the parking lot. I know I have mentioned that I don't like letting the kids wander around where I can't see them. N had to go potty but E was up to bat so I asked him to wait just a second and my dad suggested he has his dad to take him. Well...loser sends my 5 year old ALONE! Who sends a small child towards a parking lot and into a place with strangers when no one is around? NOT ME! So I take off after him and jerkface has the nerve to tell me that I am stupid and "nothing" is going to happen. First - name calling - seriously? Secondly - do you watch the news moron? Well as the words start flying from my mouth I see my dad coming up behind me with a look that should scare the %$#! out of PTD! I actually had to yell at my dad twice that it was o.k. and PTD was not worth a fight in the middle of the park. I know without question that my dad would do that in any circumstance he felt called for it. :) He loves to talk about how he has calmed in his "old" age...HA! Sure you have dad!

After the game he took the boys home to go swimming and I went home to gather up our stuff and we ended up having an impromptu sleep over. He BBQ'd and we swam all afternoon and this morning started all over again. He even went off in search of Popsicles for us. Some friends came over, A & D and their three kids...even baby L - she is ADORABLE! We swam and hung out all day in the back yard. Had some more BBQ and laughed at the crazy things the kids did. I am lobster red and in spite several sunblock applications the boys are a little red in the face and E a little on his shoulders too.

My dad does so many other things than just protecting me when he thinks I need it, building a pool in his backyard for the kids, BBQ'ing the best food ever, babysitting...the list goes on and on! I know that he loves me know matter what and is ALWAYS going to stick up for me....probably even if I was wrong. My dad does not use the Internet other than to check his stocks so he will probably never read this but that's okay. I LOVE YOU DAD! :)

He is even babysitting for me tomorrow night so I can party! Oh wait, that was just my dream. He is babysitting for me so I can stay late at work and then go out to dinner with Newco! Well isn't that just the most exciting start to the week ever..WOOHOO! Starbucks...see you in the morning!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

This weekend was one of those that made it very easy to be grateful! I had such an amazing time...the whole time! :)

Friday night began with an impromptu BBQ with the besties that ended up turning into a little too much fun...sleepover required. Well can a great time with BFF's and great wine ever really be too much fun? Only the next morning when my head and I were not agreeing on how we should spend the day. We had a BLAST together. Yummy food, conversation, wine and let's not forget the silly crazies! They are awesome!

Saturday afternoon the little people had games and both did AWESOME! E is really showing some serious skills this year. N is still just getting started and having a blast. Not to mention I get to hang out with my friend D a little. A's parents and my sisters both came too. N's little baby tooth finally fell out and he was visited by the tooth fairy. It was all he hoped it would be. Later that night I went with my parents to watch them participate in a $300,000 drawing. They didn't win but that's ok...we had fun. After I went over to A's parents house for an early Mother's Day BBQ. Again, we had a blast but this time it was wine free. Diet Pepsi for me. Still more laughs and crazies and it was great.

Mother's Day brought me fantastic gifts from the boys. Both made me presents and cards in class. E's card let me know that he never wanted any other mom in the whole world because I was so nice to him. How? Because I warm up his clothes in the dryer in the morning before school. I guess it really is the little things. :) N's just let me know how much he loved me. He also tried to give me his tooth fairy money as a gift - that kid rocks! My mom asked my sisters and I to go to church with her this morning so we did. My dad and the boys stayed home and cooked us a huge breakfast. It was very tasty! Later we took my grandma and "other" mother out to dinner. That was nice too - mostly because my niece M is such a little nut and had us cracking up the whole time. I also don't get to see my brother-in-law B too often and he came and we got a chance to talk so that was nice.

I was cleaning up tonight and realizing how blessed I really am. I have such great friends. The three of us (A, N and I) never seem to get tired of each other. I see N every day at work (Yep! She works with me now.) and we spent most of our weekend together. A and I txt and/or email several times a day. It is amazing to have two friends that you can literally say and do anything around..even the insane. We tell each other just about everything and love on each other's children like they are our own. They are always on my side and I on theirs. We can take down the world! (HA!) Today I turned my phone off in church only to come out to tons of txt messages from all of my other friends (D, DC, MG, MK....) wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. D is FINALLY back in the good old USA and in the office tomorrow. It gets lonely in the office with out her. I am sure she just can't wait to hang out with me at the local dive instead of the beach in Mexico. :) I also have the most amazing parents in the world. My mom and dad love me and the boys so much and I know they would do anything for us. Top it off with these two crazy little children that make me laugh and cry and beam with pride every day.

This is the reason I started blogging. Next time I get whiny about something stupid I hope I remember to come back and read this and remember what a great time I had the last three days and how many great people I have in my crazy, messy, silly life.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rumpas in the Rainforest

Yesterday my little N was the most adorable army ant you have EVER seen! He was in his very first play at school and was the lead marching ant (not what the program called him - this came from his AMAZING teacher that loves him like her own. The program only called him an army ant.). He was very specific about his marching orders and was so focused on his left, right, left he forgot to sing his song. It was fantastic! Everyone came to watch - my parents, sisters, nieces, A, N, the kids...and on and on! Who did not show up? Anyone who reads this doesn't even have to ask...makes me sad. N didn't even seem to notice (or at least he never mentioned it). After his show we got to watch A and her dad square dance. I think my favorite part was the gross look she had on her face when she had to dance with another boy at school. If only it would stay that way. NOT A CHANCE! That girl is going to be a heart breaker.

N is still in the process of trying to rip his poor tooth from his head. It will come out I promise. He even tried to get my sister to pull it out the other day. That crazy kid. I am not prepared for my baby to be in 1st grade. He can't seem to wait. He made me a card at school and plant for Mother's Day that he gave me last night. It was so cute - he just couldn't wait. Then he watered (drowned) the plant for me in the bathroom at school. :) E asked for an alarm clock for Sunday. He promised to set it for "sometime after it gets light outside" and NOT get out of bed until it goes off. Clearly he realizes that he should no longer wake his poor mother up at 6:00 on weekends for pancakes. They have both decided that a perfect M Day task would be for us all to make cookies. Hmm...not sure how this is all about me but that's ok. I'll just make sure they are chocolate cookies.

I should not be a work today! (Hence the mid-day blog..) Maybe it is the sunny weather or the fact that it has been a long week but I am unable to deal with stupid questions today...are you kidding me? I saw a sign the other day on an office door that said "Be happy, be bright, be quick!" I think I am going to go make me a sign like that. I believe it translates to "Don't whine, don't be stupid and hurry the %$*& up"...right? Or maybe I am missing a deeper more acceptable meaning? Oh well, I like my translation the best! My boss took me to lunch today and we ate outside...made it even harder to come back to work. 2 1/2 more hours and then it is play time for two whole days...WOOHOO! The boys have baseball tomorrow in the afternoon. Nice sunny weather and my babies playing ball. I can't wait!

D stayed in Mexico extra days so she is still there enjoying the sun and margaritas and hanging out with Paco...I am so jealous and so happy for her!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun minus the sun!

It's May already folks...where the heck is the sun? Today I had planned a lazy day at home with the little people. We were contemplating not even getting dressed. At some point I would start cleaning up the mess we made during the week and tackling the mountain of laundry the three of us create Monday through Friday. Instead someone decided to rescue us from all the fun! :) YIPPEE!

We met up with A & fam and hit the bowling alley first. Way too much fun and the kids beat the pants off us! Then we went to Spaghetti Factory for a very late lunch and got to eat inside the train. N & H almost fell over the side trying to determine if the train car had wheels to move us. Our waiter was great - the kids sat at a table next to us and he kept calling them sir and adorable! Collectively we ate enough to feed a small country and loved it all - no one complained about the food. Then we hit Old Sac. I found a book called "What would Wonder Woman Do?". I didn't buy it but at least I know it is there should I change my mind. I LOVE Wonder Woman! I even have the TV show on DVD. She was my idol growing up. I would wear my headband on my forehead and my jump rope was my truth lasso. Still waiting for my invisible plane to pick me up and take me to my private island. The kids proceeded to touch EVERYTHING - note, we specifically said "Don't touch anything"! We hit up Candy Heaven and on the way out N informed us that he didn't get to eat any candy while we were in the store - "he only tasted it". Ask him what the difference is between eating and tasting and suddenly he wasn't so clear. The kids got to play on the swings for a bit too. AND....while the sun wasn't shining it never rained on us so that was nice.

I'm glad I didn't waste our Sunday dusting what will only be dusty again in a couple of days. The laundry and dishes from breakfast were nice enough to wait for me so I could spend time with them after the kids go to bed. LUCKY GIRL I AM! :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Weekend!

We were lucky enough to stick to the plan last night. We hit the grocery store after work and then came home to an easy dinner and together watched Hotel for Dogs. N fell asleep early so E and I watched the rest of it together. At one of the really sad parts I started to cry. I tried to be quiet so E didn't see me, then I look over and my little man is sobbing! I love my sensitive boy. We talked about it just being a movie and then I guessed a happy ending so we decided to keep watching it. Sure enough all ends well so he was happy again. :)

Today we got to walk with little A in the Arthritis Walk. I always get amazed at my ungratefulness at times like that. I have two totally healthy little monsters and no real health issues of my own and yet I whine regularly about stupid things that don't matter - money, my great job, losers, a messy house....and I could go on forever. A lives with pain and issues no kid should ever have to. Sometimes she takes it out on her mom and that isn't fair for poor big A to have to deal with and yet she does it with love every Friday when she has to give little A her shot to help limit any long term damage from sucks! (A-if you are reading this you better not cry!) I love them all more than I can say and am glad that the boys and I were there to support her and cross the rainy finish line together as our own made up family! It ROCKED! As we are leaving soaked and cold we walk back towards the starting line to our car and H screams..."we have to walk AGAIN!"....we all ended on a big ol' laugh! A is a strong little girl and continues to run and walk and swim all she can...nothing is going to take her down! And we are all going to be there every step of the way to support her and the rest of the fam in any way we can. A, N and the kids as so much part of my everyday life that I really can't imagine what I did before them. Thankfully I don't think I will ever have to find out what I would do without them. We are in it for life ladies and gentleman! The family that you get to choose is the family you have forever right? :)

The boys and I came home to warm up and rest before we headed off to church. I know some may view church as a place of judgement and ridicule but not ours. I have never been in a room that welcomed the "abnormal" as much as Bridgeway Christian Church. They regularly celebrate single moms. Being one myself I always worry what that means for me and the little people. The message at our church? God watches out extra for you and your babies. They don't question people about their political beliefs or sexual orientation. During the election they actually refused to talk about it. They don't add any crazy rules on you - we even just wear regular clothes. Pastor Lance is awesome and truly tries to just interpret what the Bible says about life without any "extra" things added in...just the straight WORD! I have never left feeling bad about myself...usually I feel better about life in general and find something helpful to reflect on. I'm not trying to be "preachy" or anything like that. It's just something that works for us and I am glad. I am still trying to figure out what works for teaching my monsters (I mean perfect angels) to stop fighting, clean up their mess and stop calling each other names. (We have been home for about an hour and they have already called each other names, fought and made a bigger mess.)

Well, they are begging me to help make brownies before we watch Hotel for Dogs again since N missed it last night so I guess I better get crackin!

"Look up, press forward, the best is yet to be!" - F.B. Meyers