Thursday, October 29, 2009

Almost made it!

Man it has been a looonnnggg week! I knew it would be since I didn't get anything done on Sunday. I have a hard time focusing all week when my house is a mess and my laundry isn't done. I wouldn't give last weekend up for anything EVER! I love my BFF and so glad we got to celebrate her birthday. And we had F-U-N!

Tonight I had to take my grandma's dog to the groomer. She has a little fluffy dog that wasn't looking too fluffy. We took her to this great little place by my house. At first they weren't entirely nice but that was my fault. Traffic and crazies were working against me. We were totally late but they still took her. The dog is a little nervous should we say and she ended up peeing on me...GROSS! So I ran home and changed and then we went to dinner while we waited. This made for a very long day but it was totally worth it. I thought my grandma was going to cry when she saw the dog. They had shaved her and bathed her, clipped her little nails and then topped it all off with little bows in her hair. It really was adorable and my grandma just loved it! And I just love my grandma.

I felt a little like Trixie last night, I got to have my hair done. :) I swear, if I was a wealthy person I would pay someone to wash my hair every single day! Maybe even twice. Why does it not feel so good when I do it? I didn't look nearly as adorable when I was done but I got my fuzzies trimmed off and changed up the bangs a little - living life on the edge! Actually, I don't believe my hair has been this long (for this long) ever. I really like is versatile. Up or down. Looks decent in a ponytail - this is good because it spends a lot of time like that during the week. Gym, cleaning, sleeping and normally at some point during the day up it goes. Or I can have flowing locks should I decide. I actually found a color I like too. I did the blonde thing for way too many years. Then reddish and various shades of brown. My hair is actually blondish naturally but I enjoy this very dark shade of brown. It does nothing for my ever growing collection of grey hairs but every few weeks I put them under cover for a little while.

Tomorrow is Friday. S is coming over in the morning so we can take her to school and her mom can go gallivanting around with her work husband. HA! Tomorrow is also crazy hair day at school so we have a variety of color spray and some plastic spiders. I can hardly wait. I hope S lets me do something extra crazy with hers. It is so going to be a picture day!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us - Trick or treating is #1 on the list. Saturday morning we are going to go watch Z cheer and then run out to finish getting my sister a shower present. Sunday is the shower and lots and lots of cleaning and laundry at the W house. It is a must for us. I am really looking forward to an extra hour but I so hate how early it gets dark with this change. Time change is extra hard on the little people...they so don't get it. This year they can both tell time so it should be interesting to see if that helps at all.

So I know that I complain about work A LOT! And mostly it is justified but today my boss did something really nice. The boys are having a school fundraiser and I don't like to push that stuff at work so I just set it on my desk in case anyone was interested. My office gets a lot of foot traffic. I am sure it mostly has to do with my knowledge and sparkling personality and less to do with the giant container of M&M's I regularly have on my desk - right. D ordered something from each of the kids because she loves me and remembers what it is like to hawk your fundraiser like a common street walker. (Kids can no longer walk the streets with door to door sales!) But D2 surprised me. He walked in to ask me something and ended up ordered 3 things from both the kids. Seriously, who needs six different kinds of cookie dough. I just thought it was very nice of him. He then stayed to leave me a bunch of work but that was going to happen anyways. :) AND, he agreed to our "heavily suggested" Christmas lunch restaurant. GOOD JOB D - you should be in sales!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


When J and I die from our over active imaginations my children (along with S) will go and live with J's N. Not my parents, my sisters, A or even their own father. Nope, they decided they would go and live with N. As J pointed out moments ago, without any sadness at having lost the best mother in the entire world - ungrateful bunch of heathens! At least S doesn't have to move...just share her room.

Maybe J and I will go away on a trip and see how much they like it! Ironically, N didn't say no either. We told him he could hire a nanny with the lawsuit $$$!

Is it Friday yet? :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happily changed that channel

Ever wonder if having an extraordinary memory is a bad thing? Randomly in the car on the way to work today N (not baby N – co-worker and friend N) and I were having an odd conversation when it hit me. It was one year ago today that my path to happily ever after changed again…for the better. It certainly didn’t feel like that at the time. It felt devastating, heart breaking. It was all of those things and now it is none of those things. It is amazing what we choose not to see, what we allow ourselves to overlook when it is something we believe we want. It was not wonderful and good, it was not love and honesty. It was lying, empty promises and in the end cheating and more lying. It was lashing out with negative things because it was the easy way out regardless of how it made me feel. It was leaving me to deal with the fall out for everyone. I got to be the bearer of bad news. Um....what is that saying - missed that train wreck by the skin of my teeth? WOW, and the end of all that made me sad why again? I KNOW that isn’t how it is supposed to be. I see that with J & N, D & T, A & N (ok, so they are both girls so they totally don’t count since of course they are both smart!), G & A. When it is right it is great and I love that and all of these married folks above! :) No, we were not married, not even close. But promises involving little people are pretty high in my book! I have even read A’s SIL’s blog and it isn’t all sunshine and roses for her either but they made a promise and the are sticking to it…THAT is what promises are right? I guess everything does happen for a reason. I am a planner and my plan never seems to work out...good thing someone else's plan appears to be much, much better.

I no longer have to pretend to be less than I am to make someone else feel better. I don’t have to compromise what I believe is right and wrong. This last year has brought so many things. A renewed interest in me! More time for my babies, friends, family. Traveling for business and pleasure (Las Vegas twice, LA a couple of times, Phoenix, Scottsdale), more concerts in one summer than in the last five years (Nickleback, Coldplay, No Doubt and Jonas Bros!), better relationships with the peeps new and old, back to the gym, back to church, back to reading like a fiend, bought a house, heading a new division at work, became a handyman, became a landscaper, became a killer of monster spiders, brought home our new dog baby, tried and quit yoga. No longer feeling like I need someone else to make things complete…I am HAPPY! Not happy all day everyday, not always ready with a clean house, clean desk, laundry done, seven course meal on the table, everyone bathed and dressed to the nines, having all the answers. NOPE, but happy with me, happy with my life, happy with what it all looks like this 32nd year of me. Happy for the boys, happy that I don’t have to share the remote, the radio, my side of the bed (ok, this last one isn’t true. WallE ends up on my side of the bed more often than not). I am happy that I choose E and N’s hearts over my own. I am their protector; I may not get to protect them from all the bad but as a mom even one less thing to worry about is a victory. They will no longer face the uncertainty of someone else walking out of their lives or learning from the wrong example. They will learn from grandpa and papa and uncles and friends husbands. They will learn from me. One day when they are happily off to college (or limo owning school for N) I will run amok with my wild and crazy ways. For now those wild and crazy ways can have little outbursts every other Friday night. Oh yes, they have been wild – skipping out on work early with D, wild $3 margarita nights at Chevy’s, silly shopping and dinners with A & N. :) THE BEST! Ok, so last weekend the wild and crazies up’d the stakes a little at A’s party…

The enjoyment of what the next year will hold!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Friend!

So my BFF turned 30 this Saturday and N and I spent two months planning her big surprise party. Warned people to be busy that night if she asked, made sure the kids were taken care of, order the cake and all that jazz. Guess what? She found us out! It wasn't her fault and all was good. So we decided to surprise the guests instead. No one knew but N and I and a couple other people. The "couple other" people did not know she told us she was in the know. SO....we made her hide in the bedroom with the dog while everyone was arriving and then while they all stood at the front door in the dark waiting for her to come in she surprised them from the back and said something along the lines of "what are you all waiting for?". It was awesome! Then the real fun began! It was a costume party and everyone looked great! Drinks were had by all, food and cake too! We had lots of great conversations. J, N and I personally offended one of the birthday girls co-workers and his girlfriend. Accidentally, of course! And somewhat hilarious...YIKES! :) A loved her party and her gifts. We had a big sleep over with a few of those not ready to drive.

I FINALLY got to meet N's BFF M! She was awesome and one of the ones that joined the after party party and ended up spending the night. Rumor has it pics are all over Facebook but I'm no longer a member so I wouldn't know about those things. :) I was shown some "interesting" (incriminating) ones that will remain in a personal collection only! Unfortunately, A doesn't find my terrible, uncoordinated, drunken dance moves to be off limits so I guess those are available for viewing. Yes, I am having a blast in them and Yes, I am that bad of a dancer. I do believe me and all my cowgirl glory were seriously busting a move to some NKOTB. And who can blame me! :) A and N both said it was a favorite not so much! No such ridiculous pictures will appear on this blog thank you very much! HA!

Sunday was a looonnnnggg day! I was not ill, just sleepy. Some party goers were ill. Sorry peeps! I promised the kids we would have a second party for her and instead she ended up cooking dinner and inviting us over. I felt silly about all of that. I brought some leftover party supplies and cupcakes and the kids had fun. We got to hear all the fun Nana and Papa had at Bridgeschool this year. And some how today was Monday already!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Date Night

Ok, so it is only 8:30 in the morning and I am already late but I had to stop and memorialize last night. I should have done it last night but I was so tired. D and I skipped out together from work yesterday for a Dr. appointment. No, we didn't really lie, D2 knew exactly where we were going. So we went to see a movie yesterday and OMG! Law Abiding Citizen is interesting. The last movie I saw Dr. Butler in was The Ugly Truth...funny and cute. This movie was none of those things! I should have known when the previews for upcoming movies started to give me the creeps. I will not ruin it for anyone but I will tell you that at one point in the movie something happened that was very unexpected and surprising and I then unexpectedly and surprisingly grabbed D's arm and very loudly exclaimed OH, FUCK! It was not my greatest moment but seriously it was a completely uncontrollable reaction to a scene in the movie. YIKES! Overall, really good movie. After we went out for drinks and dinner. That part was fun too and then home to snuggle with my man. Seriously, I only seem to date my straight, female co-worker and I sleep with my dog! HA, I am so ok with both of those things. D's a good date. :)

Ok, so I have a million things to do today before the big shindig and I am LATE!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Tomorrow is FRIDAY! WOOHOO! I actually have no idea what we did Monday after work? Tuesday J and I went to the gym. The kids were singing a Taylor Swift song from S's IPOD in the car and I secretly recorded was adorable! Yesterday D and I went and had a couple drinks after work to "discuss" some of our office issues before I picked up the boys at church (I know, even typing that it sounds terrible!). Today D and I went on a lunch time adventure and then changed our minds. After work the boys and I stopped off at A's house to pick something up and see how N was feeling. We got plans this weekend ladies...let's get it together! This sickness thing is for the birds. Nana came over for a bit and we chatted. Then the headed off to run errands. I finished up my costume shopping and ran into S - I haven't seen her in a long time (much to my hairs dismay!), then we hit Target and Bel Air to order a cake. I picked up some extra things at Target (the likes of which I can not blog about until after Saturday!). I swear that store is like a drug for me! I bet it cost me as much as a good habit would too. Tomorrow night D and I are going to dinner and a movie after work. Saturday I have some work to take care of most of the day and then a costume party that evening...very exciting!

WallE has been acting silly lately. That dog is obsessed with dirty socks. I have two boys so we are never in short supply of those. He has been "talking" lately too. He doesn't bark as much has he tries to talk. It is strange and hilarious at the same time. I love that silly dog. If only he would work on some food manners! Our house is a mess and lots of laundry considering I didn't do any last weekend. I have been on a reading binge lately and glad no one is around to stop me. I also can't seem to drag myself out of bed this week. It is killing me. I think my body still recalls the old day light savings time and does not recognize this extension! I really miss my parents but am glad they are having such a good time gallivanting around the state. I am sleepy but I need to get some laundry done for school tomorrow and I am almost done with this book I am reading. A book is such a great escape. I love to read in bed and the bath. I saw the nook today and would LOVE it but $250 so isn't in the budget these days. Christmas is right around the corner! Our first Christmas in our new house!

Ironically, the house loser (I mean my ex-husband) and I sold during our divorce just went on the market. They destroyed my house! Yes, I know it isn't my house anymore and I know that selling it and moving on was the right thing for us to do, but it was my all time favorite house. We picked out all the colors and spent a fortune on the backyard. This house was not cheap and the people who bought it from us paid some serious $$$. (I am so not bragging - I made a whopping $800 on the sale that I then paid my lawyer - FUN!) How could they just let it go? This was a brand new house and now it is listed as a bank owned fixer upper with "good bones". Meaning lots of square feet and a foundation but everything else is thrashed. I love our current house and it is a great fit for me and my three boys. I wouldn't want to go back when I have spent so much time moving forward but it still made me sad to see a wonderful house rot. I am grateful that I didn't let us sit in it and rot too.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I swear the universe has something against me having a good Monday. I always start out optimistic and then it comes crashing down. GRRR!

First off, my Sunday was spectacular. S stayed for a breakfast of bacon and waffle pancakes before her mom picked her up. We were going to hit the pumpkin patch with A and the fam but little H got sick so we didn't go. I had an agenda of what I was going to tackle - it was long. Instead I read a book, watched TV, took a bath, played card games with the boys, played with the dog, cooked, made brownies, watched the boys play Wii and never, not once considered getting dressed. We pj'd it all day long. It was AWESOME! No laundry, yardwork, dishes, dusting, car washing/cleaning/vacuuming...nothing! A glorious time was had by all. My lack of exertion all day made staying asleep a little difficult. Plus I had a terrible dream about my baby Sammie. I haven't seen him in forever and I miss him mucho. I dreamed that he had passed and I didn't get to say goodbye. The saddest part about that dream is it will probably be accurate at some point in time. I hope he lives to be 20 years old (140 in dog years) but I still won't get to tell him good bye. :(

I rolled out of bed tired but figured some Starbucks would take care of that. It was raining! I love it when I am home...not so much on a Monday! The kids had gotten their very blonde heads spray painted on Saturday and that stuff was so hard to wash out this took forever! But still, I was ready to hit Starbucks and get to work. Plus D and I go out to lunch on Monday's so that was something to look forward too. Well, I haven't gotten anything done and a situation at work made me MAD! Not just frustrated but actual anger. It (and I) was unpleasant. I did get a phone call that I adored a few minutes ago and it totally made me laugh but that has been the highlight let me tell you.

I just want to pick up my babies and go home and have an instant replay of yesterday. That so isn't going to happen. All the things I didn't do yesterday will be waiting for me along with a new dinner to make, homework to complete and work to catch up on. Perhaps a glass of wine after the kids go to bed?

Tomorrow will be better! PLEASE.....I am begging! Something down right fantastic should happen to me tomorrow. Ok, I will settle for no disasters and a good workout at the gym.

(Well this was a total whine-o-rific post!) WOW! I need to get a grip. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Star Child

E's performance was adorable! It was a pretty warm day today and he had to be outside in jeans and a long sleeved flannel shirt for a good hour waiting to perform. S had an adorable prairie dress. They sang their songs and then we walked around and checked out some of the stuff. The kids did an obstacle course a million times. I loved watching the kiddos but I also loved getting to hang out with friends at the same time! J and S carpooled with us over to the community center and D came and brought Little T and baby L. I miss her and was so glad to get to hang out. :) Yeah friends, kids and sunshine!

After the performance J and I took the kids to lunch with some kids eat free coupons we got. We ate and ate some more. My children were dorks (normal behavior!) and we had a good time (no one was kicked out and I don't even remember any disapproving looks). We were eating at an odd time of day - in between lunch and dinner. We ran by my grandma's to pick up some pomegranates for J and the fam. My children then invited themselves over to her house and she obliged them. She even said I could come home and nap. Well, that didn't happen but that's ok. So I went back over and hung out at her house for a little while where my child made several inappropriate remarks, one of which I rightfully lost my mind over! I was appalled at his was terrible. He cried and apologized and J said it was ok but I felt awful. We have moved on and she didn't kick us out so I guess it is ok. She even let S come over for a sleep over.

I am tired! I spent the first two and a half hours this morning chopping up trees and fighting pomegranates to the ground. I almost fell of the ladder a few times...that was fun! Next thing I knew it was 10:30 and we had to rush home to get ready for the performance. B said he would come back another day to help me finish it. PLUS, I broke my lopping sheers on a stupid branch! Ok, so it wasn't a branch it was more like a trunk but whatever...I beat the tree but it beat my sheers. B said he things he can fix them so we will see. They weren't top of the line or anything so I will live. Grandma is somewhat appeased for the time being and we have pomegranates coming out of our ears and no, I don't can or make jam!

No idea what we will do tomorrow. Sleep maybe? Laundry, dusting, baking and maybe some yard work in between catching the games. I also need to get some semblance of a Halloween costume together? Hmmmm.....

Friday, October 16, 2009


What a crazy/boring week! Tuesday's weather left something to be desired. The power at the kids school went off early in the day and they were unable to make lunch so everyone was sent home. I had two wonderful friends call and offer to get my monsters while they were picking up their own but the boys after school care provider was already on her way. Too bad, the friends would have been free! :) It was AWESOME to have them think of the them! Our power at work went out around 3:30 and ended up crashing one of our servers. My 35 minute commute turned into an hour and 15 minutes of hell. People, it is rain and wind...stop freaking out and drive. Being stupid does not make the lights suddenly work! Fortunately, we had power at home so we turned on our fireplace for the first time and just stayed home. Our cable/phone/internet went out a couple of hours later so we watched a movie and called it a night. The only problem? My TiVo couldn't record my show so I still have no idea what happened on The Good Wife. I guess I will try watching it on Hulu...if they have it.

Wednesday and Thursday were gym days since Tuesday was out. I haven't done two in a row in a long time and forgot to really eat much that day so I wasn't feeling great at the end of day two. The kids started back up at Awana on Wednesday nights so I went to the gym without spending $$ on daycare and while I love that my children are going to learn valuable life lessons I am also SOOO excited at the thought of having a couple hours during the week. It's like Christmas came early. :)

Today was going to be a get things done day and then my boss decided to come in and work. We ended up chatting the morning away, going to lunch and working on a project that we needed to get done but that wasn't on my agenda for the day. Also, random question day! After work I picked up my babies and we ran some errands before coming home to hang out.

Tomorrow we help grandma clear her pomegranate tree in the morning. I get to be the tree climber and then we are off to E's performance at a community jubilee. He is very excited! D is also going to come and I haven't seen her and the fam in a couple of weeks so I am excited. Other than that we just plan to hang around and get somethings done. WallE needs a bath...seriously! Who knows what other fun and exciting things we might fall into.

HAPPY WEEKEND! (wow! that was even boring to read!)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Saturday!

I love weekends! Who doesn't? Probably those people who have to work? Our weekend has been great so far. I have by babies. :) PTD showed his big time loser skills yesterday and I ended up with the kids. I mean I know one night a week every other weekend is a tough schedule to keep and all so you can understand making other plans and demanding that I figure out our scheduled...that is so realistic. L-O-S-E-R! Not to mention the glaring fact that you haven't spent time with your children.

After work I went and had some drinks with the girls and then off to get the boys (later than I said I would!) so we could go to a birthday party. The party was fun and we were exhausted by the time we got home. The kids were excited to be home but still crashed out within 20 minutes of being home - on the couch, fully dressed and without brushing teeth...not to mention it was only 8:45. So I took of shoes covered babies and then went and snuggled with my man (not the imaginary one, the one with four legs).

Today no one is sick in our house! I have my meds and the kids feel good - PLEASE make it last! We have a million things to do today and have all day to do them...together!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love drugs!

The prescription variety. I have been sick, so sick!

Our Friday night was pretty low key with a birthday party for my niece and a quick trip to the store for Halloween decorations (that we still haven't put up). My niece is officially 16 today and now a licensed driver. Look out world. Her family party was Friday night and we all had a really good time.

Saturday was the kids carnival at school and I had volunteered to work from 10 - 11 and that turned into asking to be relieved at 12:15 since we had plans with A and fam later that afternoon. Things didn't go as planned since little A got sick and didn't want to go get ice cream so N and I took the rest of the kids and then got to pick up the cutest small dog that they were babysitting for the evening. I planned on cleaning and decorating when we got home around 3 but I was really tired and we decided to lay down and watch a movie instead. We all fell asleep! The rest of the day was shot so we just lounged around and went to be early.

N woke with a fever so we had to miss an event we were headed to Sunday morning so we spent the day around the house. I mostly waited on him hand and foot and watched cartoons and movies while we waited for the cable guy to come that afternoon and check on the old Internet connection. Late that afternoon he felt better and S came over to play while her mom ran some errands. Seemed like a good day. I didn't clean much or decorate before the game came on and I certainly wasn't going to miss one of the few times I actually get to watch an entire Steeler game on TV so the three of us snuggled on the couch and watched the game. They WON! and all was good. UNTIL...I woke up in the middle of the night sick.

I normally go to work if I am just a little sick but not this time. I missed 3 days! Once I broke down and got some antibiotics I started to feel a little better until I got to work this morning and realized why I hate not coming to work. 322 unread emails in three days...UGH! I didn't burn half of them today as more just kept coming in. I may never dig out of this hole. This was really, really sick. The kind of sick that prevents you from telling your 6 year old to stop eating a bag of cookies for dinner or making your 8 year old from feeding your monster dog anything with tomatoes since you know the result will NOT be good (and it wasn't). I still can't believe I let him eat cookies for dinner, I signed a reading folder without making certain he read the book, I let them do nothing all night but watch TV. I can officially go down in the BMHOF (Bad Mom Hall of Fame!) I did learn a few things while I was home.

1. One version of Law and Order is ALWAYS on and likely on 12 times a day. I believe I love them all. I feel a real connection with all the Detectives....we are totally friends now!
2. We have a lot of lawyers just waiting to help us get money from a settlement, asbestos, FICA, car accidents, your cult, the moon, name it they can make us some $$$.
3. I can no longer watch any Court TV related shows. Seriously!
4. Sleep is my enemy! I now feel like I need a nap twice a day at least. That so isn't going to happen!
5. I haven't had Starbucks in over a week and it is just WRONG! I should have know that death was around the corner when I wouldn't even drive to get Starbucks!
6. N will forever remember eating cookies for dinner and E will always remember his poor mother falling over in front of him. The poor kid wanted to call 911. N really got the better end of this deal.

My parents leave for a month on Saturday and I am so happy for them but also not sure what I will do! :( I don't remember the last time I have gone that long without seeing them (yes I do, and it wasn't good. My mom got really sick and the were far away and didn't tell us until it was over!). My dad was over tonight helping me with a project. That guy knows everything about is awesome. Well, I have some work to get done...Ha, like anyone will notice with all the things I won't get done!

I am still very glad tomorrow is Friday. May we all stay well! Birthday party, possibly a movie, mountain o'laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, decorating, working, Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks! :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Title goes here

I got nothing tonight so a title seems useless but I felt like getting it all out. I am done with this week for several reasons and all happen to be work related. BLAH!

Monday was just that...Monday. They should move Dexter to Monday so I have a reason to rejoice.

Tuesday I was funky, blah, sissy-whiny baby (I believe I used just those words in an email to J). Later someone made an off-handed remark and it totally threw me off...kinda ruined my day. It was just unexpected so I didn't know what to say really so it bummed me out. Must have just been one of those days. But then family skate night was a mere couple of hours away so I snapped out of it and picked up the boys for some BK - I LOVE BK and never go. The last time was skate night last year. We skated like rock stars for a couple of hours. No broken bones or trips to the hospital so we had a great time. A's poor toe is funky again (seriously doctors...get a handle on this already would you?) so no skating for her. I got to spin around the floor lots of times with little A and my N. E and H could have cared less...those two are maniacs (adorable but nuts!) We all three got roped into working booths at the PTA carnival on Saturday - I can hardly wait! The Good Wife was on - second episode was as good as the first.

Wednesday the boys and I went in search of their Halloween costumes. They both got one and I got some things I need and then came home and watch The Hills and The City from the night before. Yep, I am so that big of a dork! I did read an article that the target demographic for those shows is 15-34 and I am still in that range so does that make it ok? Not so much? Ok, I read the news as soon as it is over.

Today was gym day and I sucked! I was pumped to go and then woke up with a raging headache. I was so used to living with headaches before glasses that I just naturally lived on a steady stream of Excedrin. I haven't had a real headache in weeks so I think I may have just been a sissy about it. My brain got confused - it thought we were done with those. I am still hoping that we are done with the migraines...UGH! After about 40 minutes of gym time I mentioned to J that I really wanted Panda did she! I love going to the gym with someone who isn't totally Type A about it. We have fun when we go...we gossip, listen to music, not hear our children fight and sweat our asses off (well not yet, mine is still extra large and I would rather sweat my bat wings, belly and back fat off first). It's fun! Some days I just ain't feeling it and today was one of those days. So we did a quick workout and then hit Panda across the street with the kiddos. I had a great time, even if my youngest child decided to be a MONSTER! I know most people would find this insane that I work out only to then go eat but I happen to think it was a great idea. As I explained to the girls at the gymcare, I am a bitchy skinny girl and I don't care to be hungry so I guess I have to live with what I got. I like going to the gym to make sure I don't become bigger than a house but skinny isn't for me. Starbucks, chocolate, wine, chips & salsa, margaritas, bread...ummmm did I miss anything? I guess I should go to the gym 5 days a week for 3 hours at a such luck universe!

Tomorrow is Friday and D doesn't have to work - jerkface! :) My niece is having her sweet 16 party tomorrow...woohoo! At some point this weekend I have sworn to get my house in order. Good God, I should have started 12 days ago. A mention was made of having ice cream at a totally yummy place on Saturday. Ice cream should be added to the list above. I love you ice cream and didn't mean to forget you.

WAIT....the best part? I get to go see baby L! He was born last week and I haven't gotten to squishy him yet. I can hardly wait. I love me some baby love and I bet he is adorable! AND, he doesn't live in my house so I get to steal him and return him. I also haven't seen D since she went out on maternity leave so I am stoked for that too.