Monday, October 19, 2009


I swear the universe has something against me having a good Monday. I always start out optimistic and then it comes crashing down. GRRR!

First off, my Sunday was spectacular. S stayed for a breakfast of bacon and waffle pancakes before her mom picked her up. We were going to hit the pumpkin patch with A and the fam but little H got sick so we didn't go. I had an agenda of what I was going to tackle - it was long. Instead I read a book, watched TV, took a bath, played card games with the boys, played with the dog, cooked, made brownies, watched the boys play Wii and never, not once considered getting dressed. We pj'd it all day long. It was AWESOME! No laundry, yardwork, dishes, dusting, car washing/cleaning/vacuuming...nothing! A glorious time was had by all. My lack of exertion all day made staying asleep a little difficult. Plus I had a terrible dream about my baby Sammie. I haven't seen him in forever and I miss him mucho. I dreamed that he had passed and I didn't get to say goodbye. The saddest part about that dream is it will probably be accurate at some point in time. I hope he lives to be 20 years old (140 in dog years) but I still won't get to tell him good bye. :(

I rolled out of bed tired but figured some Starbucks would take care of that. It was raining! I love it when I am home...not so much on a Monday! The kids had gotten their very blonde heads spray painted on Saturday and that stuff was so hard to wash out this took forever! But still, I was ready to hit Starbucks and get to work. Plus D and I go out to lunch on Monday's so that was something to look forward too. Well, I haven't gotten anything done and a situation at work made me MAD! Not just frustrated but actual anger. It (and I) was unpleasant. I did get a phone call that I adored a few minutes ago and it totally made me laugh but that has been the highlight let me tell you.

I just want to pick up my babies and go home and have an instant replay of yesterday. That so isn't going to happen. All the things I didn't do yesterday will be waiting for me along with a new dinner to make, homework to complete and work to catch up on. Perhaps a glass of wine after the kids go to bed?

Tomorrow will be better! PLEASE.....I am begging! Something down right fantastic should happen to me tomorrow. Ok, I will settle for no disasters and a good workout at the gym.

(Well this was a total whine-o-rific post!) WOW! I need to get a grip. :)

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