Friday, October 16, 2009


What a crazy/boring week! Tuesday's weather left something to be desired. The power at the kids school went off early in the day and they were unable to make lunch so everyone was sent home. I had two wonderful friends call and offer to get my monsters while they were picking up their own but the boys after school care provider was already on her way. Too bad, the friends would have been free! :) It was AWESOME to have them think of the them! Our power at work went out around 3:30 and ended up crashing one of our servers. My 35 minute commute turned into an hour and 15 minutes of hell. People, it is rain and wind...stop freaking out and drive. Being stupid does not make the lights suddenly work! Fortunately, we had power at home so we turned on our fireplace for the first time and just stayed home. Our cable/phone/internet went out a couple of hours later so we watched a movie and called it a night. The only problem? My TiVo couldn't record my show so I still have no idea what happened on The Good Wife. I guess I will try watching it on Hulu...if they have it.

Wednesday and Thursday were gym days since Tuesday was out. I haven't done two in a row in a long time and forgot to really eat much that day so I wasn't feeling great at the end of day two. The kids started back up at Awana on Wednesday nights so I went to the gym without spending $$ on daycare and while I love that my children are going to learn valuable life lessons I am also SOOO excited at the thought of having a couple hours during the week. It's like Christmas came early. :)

Today was going to be a get things done day and then my boss decided to come in and work. We ended up chatting the morning away, going to lunch and working on a project that we needed to get done but that wasn't on my agenda for the day. Also, random question day! After work I picked up my babies and we ran some errands before coming home to hang out.

Tomorrow we help grandma clear her pomegranate tree in the morning. I get to be the tree climber and then we are off to E's performance at a community jubilee. He is very excited! D is also going to come and I haven't seen her and the fam in a couple of weeks so I am excited. Other than that we just plan to hang around and get somethings done. WallE needs a bath...seriously! Who knows what other fun and exciting things we might fall into.

HAPPY WEEKEND! (wow! that was even boring to read!)

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