Sunday, December 27, 2009


I can't believe how quickly the holidays are flying by us, let alone the year! I feel like we just moved into our house - it was June, I feel like we just had Halloween and now it is almost 2010! Where did the time go?

Wednesday night J and I took the kids to check out this house we heard about that had crazy amounts of lights. Before the lights, we took them to dinner and Fro Yo. They actually didn't fight too much. The restaurant was crazy busy because of the basketball game. We tried to convince the kids that a dessert from the restaurant sounded much better than cold frozen yogurt but we got veto' cold it was.

Thursday afternoon I took the boys to see the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and it was adorable. After, we came home and made some more Santa cookies and then the boys got to open their presents from mom. They changed into their new pj's and we just hung out getting ready for bed. We checked NORAD to see how close Santa was to our house and he was still on the other side of the world. Around 9:00 they went to bed and around 11:00 they were still up. Santa was getting sleepy. :) Eventually they fell asleep and Santa came. Noah was certain when he got up just before 6:00 in the morning that he had heard Santa come hours earlier. He knew he heard Ho, Ho, Ho. (I do not Ho....contrary to J's belief)

Our Christmas was GREAT! The boys opened Santa's gifts and swam in the wrapping paper, boxes and new toys for the rest of the morning. Later we headed out to M's house for more presents and dinner. We played with the kids new toys, laughed, fought over who got to hold the baby next, ate, ate and ate some more. We stayed forever and just had a great time. Later that evening I took the boys over to see their dad. He asked them if they wanted to spend the night and they said yes so I was headed home alone. I figured it would be a good chance to clean up the mess and get some rest from all my Santa helper work the night before. I took one look at the mess and decided wine and TV was a much better idea. A couple of glasses and some bad TV later and I was ready to crash. It was actually pretty late (for me) and I was beat.

Saturday morning the boys came home and told me that their dad got them a BB gun to share. I'm not at all a fan of that plan but it isn't my call. I explained them how important it is to be careful and never play with it unless they are with their dad. After that we just jumped right back into the playing....with EVERYTHING! My fingers will never be the same after cutting open all that hard plastic. We played all day and didn't clean a single thing. We stayed up watching TV and checking out their new Pokemon cards in my room until well after 10:00.

Today was make-up day. We CLEANED! I'm not a fan of Christmas after Christmas so I took down our tree, our decorations, our lights and packed it all away for next year. Our house is back to normal, save the million new toys in the play room.

N's kept saying on Christmas morning "I love life!". His enthusiasm, as well as E's, for everything can be pretty contagious. It makes it so easy to have fun and be thankful for my family.

Back to work tomorrow. Short week again and lots to get done. NYE is scheduled for our house this year. I can't wait!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do you believe in Santa?

E - "Mom, do you believe in Santa?"
Me - "Of course. Why do you?"
E - "Yeah, but someone said yesterday that Santa wasn't real."
Me - "What did you say?"
E - "Well he said that your mom and dad are Santa and that they go shopping while you are asleep and then hide the presents."
Me - "And, so what do you think?"
E - "I told him that I didn't think that was true. You don't leave me and N home alone at night and plus last year you got me some toys and I opened them on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas morning I had more stuff to open. And I didn't even ask you for a scooter but Santa knew I wanted one. You couldn't have bought us all that stuff"
Me - "Your right, I would never leave you and brother home alone at night."

OMG! I love how logical my little 8 year old can be. His heart wants to continue to believe so his mind is helping him out. I wish I could find ways to do the same.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

End of the week!~

I am so excited that I decided to end my week early. Today is my last work day until Monday! :) I just finished packing up my office for the big remodel and will have to unpack it all next week. *I am not writing much about work still because I am in the midst of a attitude problem. I hate it and wish I could just move past it but I am having a very hard time. I still love my job but some things seriously need a CHANGE! I don't want to focus on that and am still grateful to have a job, this specific job to be exact but no of that changes my issues. Anger management anyone?

This week has been just dandy! Monday night I took the boys over to meet their newest cousin. N was very excited in the car. Once we got to my sisters he soon realized that the baby couldn't "do" anything so he was off to play with his older cousin. E has always been a baby man and so he was very eager to hold little baby N. After we ran to the store to get their secret Santa gifts for today.

Tuesday was surprise day! :) J and I go to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday (mostly!). This Tuesday there was a change in plans. Her husband kept the kids and she and I did a little holiday was awesome! My shopping is seriously behind so it was good to get a little more taken care of.

Tonight is a "party" of sorts. I don't know that I am supposed to talk about what kind...a salesy (yes, I know that isn't an actual word) party of some kind but I am really excited about it. I hope it lives up to the expectation.

Tomorrow I will take the kids to school and then come home for some SERIOUS cleaning and then back to school for E's play. Friday will be filled with holiday shopping and wrapping and who knows what else. Maybe some margaritas? If only D would promise to take the day off too...we will have so much fun and you know it! The weekend will be more shopping and wrapping and getting ready for the family kid party on Sunday. Perhaps some more time spent with the BFF's..hmmm? What could we do? :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Update! (I love SNL!)

Friday I was pretty much a waste after spending all that time at the hospital waiting for my sister C to have her baby. Everyone thinks I am crazy for spending that much time at the hospital but that is just how we are. I wasn't alone. My other sister, three of my nieces (two of them were the laboring mothers children) and my dad. My mom would have been with us too if she had been home. I don't think any of us have ever been in the hospital without a gaggle of visitors. Nor has a kid in the family had a school performance or a sporting event without a few extra family and friends to watch. I may have lots of issues with my family but I do so love that!

I worked for a few hours and then came home to sleep for a little bit before I picked up my babies. I was greeted with the fact that PTD let his dog eat N's shoes...LOVELY. We grabbed some groceries and Chinese food and just hung out at home. It was decided that a sleepover in my bed was needed. Yes it is big but not for two squirmy kids and a big who got kicked out again? ME! That's ok, I survived.

Saturday morning my dad came and got the boys. They took in our recycling and used the money to buy mommy a Christmas present. I love my dad and those monsters. :) From N's little hints I am pretty sure I figured it out..THANK YOU DAD! Saturday night A and the fam came over for pizza and our annual tradition of lighting. We found some great houses and listened to all the kids fight and whine...why did we do this again? After a sleep over commenced at my house. N and I had some wine and watched bad TV while the kids played. A mostly read magazines. :) The two big kids passed out and the little ones ran around like crack babies until almost 1 in the morning.

We had pancakes for breakfast on Sunday and then everyone went home to get ready for the kid party at Nana's that afternoon. After I got out of the shower I heard a million sirens outside our house. I look out to see all these cop cars outside our neighbors house. I think the worst only to be quickly corrected. The officers started unloading a tree, presents and food. It was AWESOME! Total holiday spirit booster. After I dropped the kids off for the party and N, A and I hit T-Bell and then off to N's dad's to return his pimp mobile. We used his mini van for the lighting. He and I watched football while N ransacked the house. :) After we went to Starbucks and then back to get the kids. We totally had plans for these four hours and ended up doing none of them...and it was still great! We always have fun.

My house is a wreck, I did no shopping and my house is a wreck (it bears repeating). I have a full week at work and a busy following weekend to catch up on all this mess. It's fine...and I will totally manage because I am special....I totally wear tank tops and sparkle like a princesses tiara! FORSURE! Anyone got a personalized doorbell?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Welcome to the world!

I woke up at 5:30 in the morning on Thursday, got ready, got the boys ready for school and then took them to school. I then headed to the hospital in hopes that my nephew would soon be born. I arrived just before 8:00 in the morning. My nephew...he didn't "arrive" until 3:47 Friday morning. We love him anyways and he is adorable but I am TIRED! Going home just to turn around in an hour and go to work seemed silly so I just came straight to the office, after hitting the only Starbucks I know that is open at 5:00 in the morning. I have no idea how long I will last today...not long I am assuming.

WOOHOO! Baby Nicholas 9 pounds 5 ounces and 22 inches long...not to mention PERFECT! :)

(This is the third Thursday in a row that I have not slept and then tried to function on Friday...I really hope it is the last!)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I am having serious anger management issues lately. SERIOUS! I literally had to hide in our file room on Monday to prevent my mouth from spewing all the things I wanted to say. I am usually pretty good about maintaining my "work vocabulary". I don't use foul language during my department meetings, on the phone with clients or talking with others within the company. Well, unless the "others" are D, D2 and J....they have to listen to me from time to time. This week? I feel like everyone should hear it! This is not rocket science people. I work in a job that basically pays you for your knowledge and the ability to use it. We don't sell a tangible product and it cannot speak for have to do it! More importantly, you have to be able to do it! It is not my job to babysit you or your work. GRRRR!

Yesterday J and I had to escape for lunch so we could vent. It was a much needed break and yet, the afternoon did not improve. Today was a repeat but the lunch was catch up with D. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that all my time off this year has been moving and/or illness related? Or maybe people are really just that stupid! Either way, it is my problem and I better figure it out before it gets the best of me.

Tomorrow is our holiday party and then a function at the boys school so that should be nice. Thursday my sister will be induced if she hasn't had her baby already...that should be nice. Friday will be the following day so that should be nice. Saturday the boys get to go to Nana and Papa's for a holiday party that we adults are not invited to attend so that should be nice. After the kids go to bed I am going to drink a glass of wine from the bottle L gave me and maybe take a bath...that should be nice.

Ok, enough of the should be I should be nice!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Where the heck did this weekend go?

Friday night I ran some quick errands after work. Not as many as I should have but a couple. Then I went and hung out at T's house. We had some wine and bread and just talked for a long time. The plan was a movie but I had been to bed way too late all week and had to work on Saturday so we cut it short around 10:00ish so I could come home and go to bed, which I promptly did. :)

Saturday was an early day. I so did not want to drag myself out of bed but I did. Picked up A and headed to Starbucks on the way into the office. It was file room day. Our entire file room has to be packed in the next couple of weeks for some work in our suite and it isn't pretty. A came to help for the day so we grabbed some coffee and met D2 at the office for a day-o-fun! We rocked out to some 98 Rock and proceeded to cut the hell out of my hands for the next 7 hours! We stopped for lunch and bathroom breaks but that was about it. D2 shared some of our more interesting past employee stories for A to enjoy. After my plan was to come home and shower and hit the Galleria for some retail therapy (holiday shopping) before the evening plans. That so did not happen. I laid on the couch for hours...then showered and randomly ended up at A's house for more wine, nail painting, brownie batter and some crazy dancing. Her dog broke my shoe so I happily hopped to my car and came home around 10ish again. This time I watched a little TV and had a serious conversation about sharing with WallE.

Sunday the plan was to get up and do laundry and clean before the boys came home and then head back to A's for some holiday decorating. Instead I woke up at 10! THAT NEVER HAPPENS! It was amazing! So basically I showered and then the kids were home. We ran to the store for some party items and then over for the festivities. We had a blast! It's just like being at home when we are together. The kids were nuts, M cooked us all a yummy pasta lunch, we decorated, we laughed, we froze our asses off! We stayed longer than planned and so once we got home the kids were ready to be home. They need some time to be "normal" after getting home from PTD's house. We all lazied around and then they fell asleep. We still need to go grocery shopping, I only did a required amount of laundry and my floor needs to be vacuumed. I also did none of my holiday shopping and the Galleria is so calling my name! Instead the boys are watching a Christmas movie and I plan to go read my book. Good thing the mess will wait!

Friday, December 4, 2009

December started off with a bang!

What a crazy long week! Work has been busy but that is nothing new. Monday night I was looking for a box of Christmas decorations and ended up finding an entire box of CD' was AWESOME!

On Tuesday J and I went back to the gym....finally! I really should not take that long of a break. It is just too easy to come up with better things to do with my limited free time. I whined...nothing new with that either. I was pretty pleased that we didn't wimp out and did what we normally would have without the "break".

Wednesday A, N and J came over to help me pick an outfit for a holiday party I had the next night in SF. We laughed at the interesting (inappropriate) combo's we tried. At the end I decided to wear a dress that I didn't really think I liked and yet it worked (Thank you J for dragging it out of the closet and making me try it on). J and I then took the kids to ice cream. While I was at work that day my dad came to my house. Why? To decorate the outside for Christmas. He put lights around the trees the kids decorated. He put a huge lighted Santa train in the yard and candy cane lights down the walk. It was adorable and we were all totally surprised. :) Told you he was amazing, crabby but still amazing. He also bought a lock for my side yard was really bothering him that it wasn't locked. I don't believe many people would try to venture into my back yard with WallE but you never know. My mom did my dishes too. What a sweet gig I had that day!

Thursday was the party. A train, BART, a Cadillac and a Jag...all in one day. Plus sushi lunch, Starbucks and LOTS of wine! The party was on the 25th floor of a building right in the heard of the financial district. It was an amazing view. Not to mention lots of food, the football game on a large screen, a DJ, guitar hero and LOTS and LOTS of liquor. Saw many friends I hadn't seen in a long time, got offered a job in front of my boss and had a DD for the drive home. The DD even stopped at McDonald's on the way home. :) Got home after midnight and then right back to work. YIKES! It has been a long day but that is is almost over.

My hope is this weekend holds some Christmas shopping, Starbucks and maybe some more girl time. The boys will come home Sunday from their PTD's house so we will spend the rest of that day snuggling. Maybe I will have wrapped a present or two for them under the tree. I have to work for a little bit on Saturday but A and I are going to bust that out and be done in time to enjoy the rest of the weekend doing whatever. The Galleria is calling my name!