Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I am having serious anger management issues lately. SERIOUS! I literally had to hide in our file room on Monday to prevent my mouth from spewing all the things I wanted to say. I am usually pretty good about maintaining my "work vocabulary". I don't use foul language during my department meetings, on the phone with clients or talking with others within the company. Well, unless the "others" are D, D2 and J....they have to listen to me from time to time. This week? I feel like everyone should hear it! This is not rocket science people. I work in a job that basically pays you for your knowledge and the ability to use it. We don't sell a tangible product and it cannot speak for itself...you have to do it! More importantly, you have to be able to do it! It is not my job to babysit you or your work. GRRRR!

Yesterday J and I had to escape for lunch so we could vent. It was a much needed break and yet, the afternoon did not improve. Today was a repeat but the lunch was catch up with D. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that all my time off this year has been moving and/or illness related? Or maybe people are really just that stupid! Either way, it is my problem and I better figure it out before it gets the best of me.

Tomorrow is our holiday party and then a function at the boys school so that should be nice. Thursday my sister will be induced if she hasn't had her baby already...that should be nice. Friday will be the following day so that should be nice. Saturday the boys get to go to Nana and Papa's for a holiday party that we adults are not invited to attend so that should be nice. After the kids go to bed I am going to drink a glass of wine from the bottle L gave me and maybe take a bath...that should be nice.

Ok, enough of the should be nice....now I should be nice!

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