Friday, December 4, 2009

December started off with a bang!

What a crazy long week! Work has been busy but that is nothing new. Monday night I was looking for a box of Christmas decorations and ended up finding an entire box of CD' was AWESOME!

On Tuesday J and I went back to the gym....finally! I really should not take that long of a break. It is just too easy to come up with better things to do with my limited free time. I whined...nothing new with that either. I was pretty pleased that we didn't wimp out and did what we normally would have without the "break".

Wednesday A, N and J came over to help me pick an outfit for a holiday party I had the next night in SF. We laughed at the interesting (inappropriate) combo's we tried. At the end I decided to wear a dress that I didn't really think I liked and yet it worked (Thank you J for dragging it out of the closet and making me try it on). J and I then took the kids to ice cream. While I was at work that day my dad came to my house. Why? To decorate the outside for Christmas. He put lights around the trees the kids decorated. He put a huge lighted Santa train in the yard and candy cane lights down the walk. It was adorable and we were all totally surprised. :) Told you he was amazing, crabby but still amazing. He also bought a lock for my side yard was really bothering him that it wasn't locked. I don't believe many people would try to venture into my back yard with WallE but you never know. My mom did my dishes too. What a sweet gig I had that day!

Thursday was the party. A train, BART, a Cadillac and a Jag...all in one day. Plus sushi lunch, Starbucks and LOTS of wine! The party was on the 25th floor of a building right in the heard of the financial district. It was an amazing view. Not to mention lots of food, the football game on a large screen, a DJ, guitar hero and LOTS and LOTS of liquor. Saw many friends I hadn't seen in a long time, got offered a job in front of my boss and had a DD for the drive home. The DD even stopped at McDonald's on the way home. :) Got home after midnight and then right back to work. YIKES! It has been a long day but that is is almost over.

My hope is this weekend holds some Christmas shopping, Starbucks and maybe some more girl time. The boys will come home Sunday from their PTD's house so we will spend the rest of that day snuggling. Maybe I will have wrapped a present or two for them under the tree. I have to work for a little bit on Saturday but A and I are going to bust that out and be done in time to enjoy the rest of the weekend doing whatever. The Galleria is calling my name!

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