Sunday, December 6, 2009


Where the heck did this weekend go?

Friday night I ran some quick errands after work. Not as many as I should have but a couple. Then I went and hung out at T's house. We had some wine and bread and just talked for a long time. The plan was a movie but I had been to bed way too late all week and had to work on Saturday so we cut it short around 10:00ish so I could come home and go to bed, which I promptly did. :)

Saturday was an early day. I so did not want to drag myself out of bed but I did. Picked up A and headed to Starbucks on the way into the office. It was file room day. Our entire file room has to be packed in the next couple of weeks for some work in our suite and it isn't pretty. A came to help for the day so we grabbed some coffee and met D2 at the office for a day-o-fun! We rocked out to some 98 Rock and proceeded to cut the hell out of my hands for the next 7 hours! We stopped for lunch and bathroom breaks but that was about it. D2 shared some of our more interesting past employee stories for A to enjoy. After my plan was to come home and shower and hit the Galleria for some retail therapy (holiday shopping) before the evening plans. That so did not happen. I laid on the couch for hours...then showered and randomly ended up at A's house for more wine, nail painting, brownie batter and some crazy dancing. Her dog broke my shoe so I happily hopped to my car and came home around 10ish again. This time I watched a little TV and had a serious conversation about sharing with WallE.

Sunday the plan was to get up and do laundry and clean before the boys came home and then head back to A's for some holiday decorating. Instead I woke up at 10! THAT NEVER HAPPENS! It was amazing! So basically I showered and then the kids were home. We ran to the store for some party items and then over for the festivities. We had a blast! It's just like being at home when we are together. The kids were nuts, M cooked us all a yummy pasta lunch, we decorated, we laughed, we froze our asses off! We stayed longer than planned and so once we got home the kids were ready to be home. They need some time to be "normal" after getting home from PTD's house. We all lazied around and then they fell asleep. We still need to go grocery shopping, I only did a required amount of laundry and my floor needs to be vacuumed. I also did none of my holiday shopping and the Galleria is so calling my name! Instead the boys are watching a Christmas movie and I plan to go read my book. Good thing the mess will wait!

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