Wednesday, December 16, 2009

End of the week!~

I am so excited that I decided to end my week early. Today is my last work day until Monday! :) I just finished packing up my office for the big remodel and will have to unpack it all next week. *I am not writing much about work still because I am in the midst of a attitude problem. I hate it and wish I could just move past it but I am having a very hard time. I still love my job but some things seriously need a CHANGE! I don't want to focus on that and am still grateful to have a job, this specific job to be exact but no of that changes my issues. Anger management anyone?

This week has been just dandy! Monday night I took the boys over to meet their newest cousin. N was very excited in the car. Once we got to my sisters he soon realized that the baby couldn't "do" anything so he was off to play with his older cousin. E has always been a baby man and so he was very eager to hold little baby N. After we ran to the store to get their secret Santa gifts for today.

Tuesday was surprise day! :) J and I go to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday (mostly!). This Tuesday there was a change in plans. Her husband kept the kids and she and I did a little holiday was awesome! My shopping is seriously behind so it was good to get a little more taken care of.

Tonight is a "party" of sorts. I don't know that I am supposed to talk about what kind...a salesy (yes, I know that isn't an actual word) party of some kind but I am really excited about it. I hope it lives up to the expectation.

Tomorrow I will take the kids to school and then come home for some SERIOUS cleaning and then back to school for E's play. Friday will be filled with holiday shopping and wrapping and who knows what else. Maybe some margaritas? If only D would promise to take the day off too...we will have so much fun and you know it! The weekend will be more shopping and wrapping and getting ready for the family kid party on Sunday. Perhaps some more time spent with the BFF's..hmmm? What could we do? :)

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