Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blink and you'll miss it!

I swear that is the best way to describe this glorious 4 1/2 day vacation. It truly feels like I just walked out of my office early on Wednesday with all this free time ahead of me and now its over!

Wednesday I ran a couple errands and picked up the boys. We came home and hung out and then S came over for a little while. J picked her up and ended up staying for a little while and having dinner and pre-Thanksgiving pie. I knew I wanted to get to bed early so I was ready for the run in the morning.

Thursday morning I took the boys to my sisters house and picked up my niece and we headed over to my other sisters house. The last couple of years me, my sister, brother-in-law and two nieces do the run. Last year we did the 10k but this year we had a bit of a scheduling issue so we were only able to do the 5k. I had a terrible time sleeping the night before so I was totally ok with that. Even my pre-run Starbucks didn't do much to motivate me. After I picked up the boys and the pies and we headed over to my parents for dinner. WE HAD A BLAST! :) All the kids and family were home. We just hung out, watched the game, played with the kids, laughed, laughed and laughed some more. Not to mention all the eating! Man, we ate. We also tried to get my sister to go into luck! Later that night I brought the boys to Nana and Papa's for a sleepover and then over to A's for some shopping strategies. I guess the rest of this story is actually Friday! :)

Friday - J, A, N and I hit Toys R Us at midnight. Spent the hour or so before in line watching the crazies...not to mention the two homeless guys in front of us trying to sell their spot in line. CRAZY! Once we finished we had a couple hours to kill before Old Navy opened so we thought Denny's sounded good. WRONG! We waited forever and no one came to take our drink order so we bounced out and hit Del Taco instead. We ruined a family while we sat in the car waiting for the store to open...not our fault. Don't listen to conversations in other people's car! :) After ON we hit Starbucks (THANK YOU!) and then off to Target. We walked out of Walmart just as the sun was coming up. At this point I had been up for about 26 hours. We had a BLAST! Laughed so much it was crazy. Built our "friendship foundation" for life. :) I came home and hit the loot and then slept for a couple hours before I picked up the boys. I ended up having lunch with Nana and the kiddos. Awesome. The rest of the day was a total waste. I couldn't get off the couch/bed all day. The kids and I mostly just watched TV. I crashed early!

Saturday we cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned. Then we ran some errands and got some candy canes for our tree. :) It was a pretty low key day....and the wind was just crazy! We just hung out as a family.

Sunday - Today we got our Christmas tree! We went out and cut it down with family. The boys picked it out...not my most favorite tree but that's ok. They love that they picked it. My parents were over so my dad could install my new security screen door and my mom hung out in the house with us while we listened to x-mas music and decorated the tree and house. We had pizza for lunch and then the boys went out to decorate our mini trees in the front yard. I HATE those trees but they do look cute covered in tinsel and ornaments. :) I hope to get some more outside decorations permitting. I am a huge fan of the holidays. I loved this four days of family and friends and can't wait for more!

Tomorrow is work, work, work! Oh well, it couldn't last forever. Next week is the first of the holiday parties...this one in SF on Thursday and it is a fun one so that's good.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What am I Thankful for?

Ok, right at this very minute it would be that my office is closing at noon today and my brain has already closed for the holiday. Seriously (or not so much)....

1. Most important - I am so thankful for my adorable children. I love those boys more that I would have ever imagined before I had them. They are truly terrible kids, they fight, yell, scream, make messes, break things, require huge amounts of food, clothing and toys. Who am I kidding? N give the most wonderful hugs and ALWAYS tells me he loves me and isn't too old to kiss his mommy. E does not find me as important in his day to day life as N but he still loves me and tells me from time to time. They are smart, loving, caring boys who will continue to grow into wonderful men.
2. My family. I love my parents so very much. I don't care that my mother didn't give birth to me...she is still my mom. I can't even being to understand what my life would be like with out my dad so I won't...not today, not EVER! My niece Madison is a miracle. Open heart surgery before she was a year old and now a rowdy silly girl that I love a ton. (Ok, this family story could go on for days so I will condense.) My sisters, my nieces (young and old, biological and otherwise), their babies (lots of them), my nephews (even the one that I will get to meet in a few weeks) my grandma (and grandpa that I miss lots), the family that adopts me from time to time.
3. My friends. If hardships teach you anything it is the value of friendship. Friends in good times are pretty easy to come by. Friends that will stand by and let you bash their dirtbag brother...those are few and far between. A friend that will join in on such bashing...ALMOST UNHEARD OF! Friends that tell their girlfriend they must like you or they can't be together...really, that happened! :), friends you tell everything too, friends you have sleepovers with even if you way too old for that sort of thing, friends that will run from a restaurant with you (no we didn't dine and dash), shop with you, go see movies they would rather not see. Friends that listen to you whine about things that seem totally unimportant to them but are devastating to you, friends you talk to daily or several times a day and still have things to talk about, friends that let you know and love their children and love yours back. Friends that you work with, that later become such a great solace, someone who understands things the same as you and that totally gets your work bitching. Friends you go to the gym with (ugh sister!). Friends that live far way but you still email or txt or talk all the time like you see each other every day, friends you can count on always...yes these friends have names...and they are...Amanda, Jene, Deana, Jennifer, Deseree, Michelle G., Michelle K....oh how this list could go on and on and on and on. A life without friends is really no way to live!
4. My Dog - he is a beast, he snores, takes up the bed, eats a lot and gets pissy when we are late...but I love him and I can totally tell he loves us back! :)
5. My JOB! Yes, I am glad I have one. Yes, I complain about this one A LOT but I do love it. The boys can drive us crazy but we stick around because of them. I enjoy what I do. I get challenged a lot and that is good too. If only I could make them pay me more... :)
6. My house - the boys have a place to run, have friends over. A place I can have surprise parties, dinner parties, drinking parties. I can paint it purple if I wanted. I have all these dreams of things to do to it. I don't have the $$ to do them but at least I have the dream.
7. I know that I should say something about being thankful for the hard times, divorce, breakups, death, financial issues...blah, blah,blah. Yes they make you who you are and yes, I learned a lot about myself from those experiences but I don't know that thankful is the right word so I will go with "aware" of them and ok that they happened. I would be even more ok if they were followed by a big lottery win and Big Ben calling me up to get married. :)
8. Trivial I know, but damn I am thankful for the following: Starbucks, TiVo, cable, books, Target, internet access, chocolate, bread, cheese, wine, margaritas, home improvement stores, Sephora, Diet Pepsi, peanut butter. (I am sure this list could go on forever too!)

Hmmm, I know this list should/could be expanded but that should do it for now. :) I thank God for my family and friends and all those things above. Tomorrow is the Run to Feed the Hungry in the morning and then off to eat and be thankful together and then...oh yes! THE SHOPPING! :) I can't wait for our first Christmas in our new house.

Anybody thankful for anything? :)

Monday, November 23, 2009


What a weekend I had. For most it will sound very run of the mill ordinary, nothing to be excited about! For was pretty great! I don't have a lot of kid free time and when I do it usually is for chores and work. I honestly do not recall the last time I had this much me time! I certainly don't want, or need it very often but occasionally it is nice. And to spend it with such great ladies! :) If only D and I hadn't let the storm chase off our margarita plans....

Friday night the BFF's and I stopped off at Pete's on the way home for BOGO coffees, then off to grab dinner and then to see New Moon. Isn't that the best part of having girlfriends. Someone who truly wants to do those things rather than dragging someone to it. It was way too much fun. We almost had to throw down in the movie line, ended up getting free tickets out of the deal and getting great seats for the movie. Laughed so hard we cried at the people that would clap and yell at the screen as if the movie stars could hear them. And really, while I may think a certain werewolf character is deliciously hot I shall not say it...he is a baby!

Saturday I slept in and then got ready to hang out with another friend. We went shopping at Old Navy and Target and then went and had a yummy lunch (and dessert) from Bella Bru. We first went to another restaurant that we had not been to before. We sat down to have a look at the menu..ummm, no thank you. The waitress came to take our drink orders and we asked her to come back in a minute. We then decided to exit the building! After the yoga fiasco...we are pretty honest with each other. Why suffer if you don't have to! After that I ran a couple additional errands and then took a nap. Watched random TV and crashed pretty early for a good old Saturday night.

Sunday was a little more sleeping in and then my babies came home...WOOHOO! (Dark spot in the weekend - loser can't pay. Seriously, my bills don't pay themselves and what about Black Friday shopping...not to mention YOU OWE IT!) Whatever! Anyways, they came home and we hung out for a few hours and then went to the store for a few additional dinner items. Later that night the C family came for dinner. Fried chicken, homemade mac & cheese, bacon-wrapped asparagus, bread and just for kicks, a salad no one ate. We even had chocolate cheesecake for dessert. D and I had a glass of wine and I got to snuggle with two-month old baby L while the crazy big kids ran crazy big kids. Poor T had an accident earlier in the day and was pretty beat so he slept on the couch...poor guy! I so loved catching up with my friend. We don't get a chance to talk (almost daily) like we did before so it was nice!

Short week this week! We will close our office early on Wednesday. The kids have friends over tonight, tomorrow night we go see the premier of The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Wednesday will be cleaning and getting ready, Thursday is Run to Feed the Hungry in the morning and then dinner at my parents, later that night we will have a sleepover at my house and get ready for Black Friday shopping. We have a posse this year! I can't wait. :) The kids will spend the night with Nana and Papa so as not to be involved in the "Santa" shopping. Saturday is some chores and what nots with my Dad and then Sunday is off to chop down our Christmas Tree. Our first Christmas in our new house.

Well, this is one of those easy to be grateful posts.....

Thursday, November 19, 2009


My children are brilliant! :) No, really, it isn't just me! Today was PTC day for both of the boys. PTD always love to come to these and take credit for the boys overall attendance, homework completion, overall smartness and preparedness for school. ARE YOU KIDDING?!? He comes for the one-on-one "hey look at me teacher, I care". E's teacher didn't even know who he was. N's did but only because she has had both boys in prior classes. I know that it doesn't change the anything but I don't understand how you can feel ok about taking credit for something you had no part in. You don't fight N out of bed, argue with him to do homework, praise them and help them when they are doing well or confused. I can tell you, listening to a six year old try and read something that is difficult is not entertaining. Don't get me wrong, I am so happy to be a part of that. I am grateful that I get to be the person that shapes them, but it isn't all fun, games and pats on the back. Well, enough on that....

E is in the 3rd grade and is now reading at the end of 5th grade level. He was offered a spot in the GATE program again. Does wonderful in all subjects and is a very helpful, responsible child. WOOHOO, way to go E!

N is an author in the making. His teacher showed me his journal. The kid has this crazy imagination and wrote the most detailed stories about things he doesn't know about. Did you know that elephants are grey because they are too big to hide so they lay down and pretend to be rocks. How awesome is that! He is also a class leader, makes sure no one is left out or picked on. His teacher wouldn't believe that he is anything but perfect at home. Um...yeah, right!

After those fantastic meetings we picked up A & H and took them with us to my office to see their mom and congratulate her on a new position. Then I took all four punks out for ice cream to celebrate their wonderfulness. :)

The boys and I have just been hanging out the rest of the night. We all laid by the fire for a little while and watched TV. Tomorrow they go with loserface for two nights. He hasn't kept them for two nights in a long time. He has suddenly decided that he might give it a try. Even if he doesn't plan to see them on Thanksgiving...way too go!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Drinks with D, maybe a trip to Target. I really want to see New Moon (but maybe not this weekend), J and I are planning some girl time on Saturday possibly and DC and the fam are coming over Sunday night for dinner...I can't WAIT! I miss them mucho!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh, weekend!

How much cleaning is one person expected to do already! UGH, I feel like that is all I did all weekend. Friday night - cleaned. I surprised the boys by bringing the full size mattress from their bed into the living room and making them a big comfy bed in front of the fireplace and TV. They loved it. Saturday - cleaned. Ok, well not the entire day. I did squeeze in a couple of movies (Twilight - while I cleaned my room, The Ugly Truth - while I cleaned the toy room and Bride Wars - while I cleaned up the boys room.) Sunday - yep, more cleaning. I folded our laundry mountain, including every blanket we own while I watched my man suffer on TV. Can we get some offensive coverage already! Come on boys - Ben needs some protection, not to mention a hair cut. :) After that it was out to do yard work and clean up the garage. FUN, FUN, FUN! I did take time to cook several random things this weekend. I made a roasted pepper bake and even roasted my own peppers and this morning I made a stew in the crock pot that we have eaten several times. After I finished the yard work I took the boys to Big Spoon - N got Citizen of the Month at school. We then ran to the store for milk and some crusty bread to go with our dinner. I also stopped for gas since I didn't figure I would want to do it at 5:30 in the morning tomorrow.

I don't want to go to Seattle. Not because I don't like the place - I have never actually been before. And, a friend pointed out it is the home of Starbucks! It will be cold and rainy and the people I am going to see would probably rather I not. Why can't I just go to work and hang out with D. We always go to lunch on Mondays...come on, PLEASE!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Tonight I am home with my babies!

I have been so looking forward to the weekend. Work is hectic and angry lately (mostly I am angry). Too much work, too many attitudes, too much giving in. Add planning employee lunches, moving employees and travel plans and I am toast! I don't do well with unproductivity..especially when it's mine. Monday in Seattle will be, umm interesting? Tuesday will be catch up and Wednesday will be meeting and possible packing for TI work. Thursday I will have to leave early for PTC at school - still hoping they can reschedule them close together instead of trying to leave work early twice in the same week. I can hardly wait!

Today D2 took me to lunch (almost an every other Friday ritual) but today it was Zin instead of Chipotle. I had a YUMMY dish and we shared an even better dessert. We don't always see eye to eye but dessert is usually a safe bet! A dark chocolate truffle cake with ice cream and white chocolate sauce...OMG! It was awesome. :) PLUS, he mentioned the NY call went well which likely means very good news for a friend.

The week wasn't all bad - game night was fun. Wednesday night I ended up having dinner at Nana's house. Not only was is so good, but I got to hang out with A, N and M. I love those girls. Not to mention SAMMIE! God, I wish I could quit that dog. I knelt down in the kitchen to love on him and he happily agreed. Sat right down on my lap and we snuggled right there on the kitchen floor. He looked good - that baby will ALWAYS have a puppy face. Even a short bit of Sammie love is better than none. I swear he and WallE would get along great. I have no idea where I will sleep but it would be fine.

Tonight we came home and had dinner and I am trying to get some cleaning done, E is watching Elf by the fire and N is playing tug-of-war with WallE. I am enjoying a glass of wine and a couple new CD's with my cleaning and a quick blogging break. I love a clean house, with wine, lots of groceries and delicious smelling candles burning all around. The main ingredient is the boys. I LOVE when we are home together.

Tomorrow will be more cleaning and possibly some yard work and then who knows after that. Hopefully something FUN!

E was talking about something they do at their dad's house today and I asked why they don't do the same at home? N said "because we don't like doing it". So I said that must mean I no longer have to do things I don't want to do...that didn't go over well! E waits a little bit and then said "mom, at dad's we do it because he is cold-hearted and mean and you are so warm and loving." HA! That kid is going to talk his way out of EVERYTHING! The kid was totally making that up but it was still nice to hear! :)

The best part of the day? My mom went to the doctor today and got better than expected news. I hate that she is sick and we can't change it but knowing that whatever she has been doing the last year has worked in our favor and things looked ok. Ok is the best we can hope for...either way I have made her promise to live until the kids are done having kids...I think we should be good in about 20-25 years or so...right? Actually, I prefer to believe that I will always be able to call on them. I can't imagine what I would do without my dad - he knows EVERYTHING! :) How many adult children still believe that. And I can't even begin to explain my mom...she just is!

Happy weekend of babies, a house I own that needs to be cleaned, my very own yard to mow and trim, our mountain of laundry and possibly some friend fun?

(Having said that I still plan to whine about traveling to Seattle - 42 degree high and rain...blah!)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am exhausted! I feel like I could sleep for days! I could sleep right here at my desk, for hours! Last night D and I went to dinner and then out to the Kings game (D2 didn't come with us but he paid! :)). It was fun. We went to BJ's for dinner and beers before the game and then headed over to Arco. The seats were awesome, the game was ok. I like basketball, not like football but it can be fun to watch. I hate watching baseball unless my babies are playing. Spencer Hawes is adorable but can't seem to understand that he is not a 3-point shooter. Seriously honey, just give it up for now. You have a lot of other great moves. The rest of the players are unknown to me - it just isn't the same as before. I have never heard of the Oklahoma City Thunder before - when did they become a team? The Kings won but D and I left before it was over. We left for a few reasons - one being the girls that sat in front of us! OMG! They paid all that money for good seats, parking and drinks to take pictures of each other...millions and millions of pictures. They took pictures with their phones, with their cameras, together, separate, "candid - pretend like you aren't posing", pose, lets ask the person next to us to take one, over and over again. It was insane. I don't think they realized a game was being played or that their surrounds, clothes, and facial expressions NEVER changed in any of the pictures. This one girl must have had implants and/or a mountain of Botox because her face never moved and she was young! I mentioned to D that I would most certainly remain single for the rest of my years if I had to pretend to be that stupid to compete. Oh, these girls!

After the game I picked up the monsters and went home and forced them to bed at 10:30. They got to go home with J and N last night and had a great time. Fog machine, band equipment, manly man to play with, talk of broken bones! (I like to spread the kid joy around - last night was J, Monday morning will be A and Monday afternoon the parents. Last night was fun - Monday is a trip to rainy, cold Seattle for business...) WallE then decided to show me how unhappy he was at my late evening (and the fact that I came home smelling like J's dog). He insisted on laying right next to me and under the covers. He then decided to continue to scoot his butt over closer and closer and wiggle his giant head until I fell off the side of the bed. What do you do to move a 150 pound dog out of your spot? I pushed him back over and told him to knock it off or I was going to take his half of blanket away. After that he settled down and we shared a small corner of my very large king size bed. He is just like sleeping with a very large child. Always squished up next to you.

This morning came way too early! The kids are out of school for Veteran's Day but I had to work. BLAH! This afternoon was an all employee lunch in the office that included me acting as the bartender with my margarita machine. Who doesn't want mexican food, cookies and margaritas in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon. :) The only problem has been my total inability to concentrate this afternoon. Not because of too many drinks but the combination of a little alcohol, too little sleep and too much work is just pushing me over the edge. Thankful I can go to bed early tonight..even if I have to work again tomorrow.

(This post rambles about so many odd things, in no particular order and typed while I should have been doing above mentioned "too much work".) UGH

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bliss (not your typical Monday word)

Football, yummy Big Ben, good wine and a fire. If only every Monday could be this good! Tomorrow night D and I hit up a Kings game...should be fun!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Love TV!

I loved Taylor Swift's monologue on SNL last night!
The Soup/The Dish are hilarious!
The Good Wife is the BEST new drama.
Still gotta love The Hills/City.
Sunday Football is awesome / Monday Night Football is Better!
Why are there so many wonderful cheesy movies on TV to compete with my need for football?
Dexter is on in less than two hours.
Law & Order CI marathon is on.
I will watch/skim the Kardashian Wedding - I have no idea why but I feel compelled to see it!

Umm, I think I need a TV detox. Maybe a book or some even! I don't think I have ever watched so much TV in a two day period. (Other than when I was sick and that was mostly in and out of consciousness while the TV was on.) This was pure joy! I am a slacker, with an unkempt house...however, my children have been thrilled with the day. Did I mention we have brownies from last night? WallE has loved it as well. He has spent most of the day under the covers with us!

Anyone want to come clean my house, fold our laundry, go to the grocery store, take the kids to school and go to work for me so that I can stay home and watch more TV? PLEASE!

Best Laid Plans

This weekend I was going to catch up on some MUCH needed house work. Well, it is after 5:00 on Sunday and I have yet to get a grip on that! :)

Friday night D and I went and had drinks and then checked out the sale at Old Navy. After I went to T's house to help get ready for her sons party the next day. I ended up staying way later that I thought I would. Came home and chilled out a little.

Saturday morning I woke up and decided to just watch a little TV before I got going. I had almost two weeks of Tivo saved. A little TV turned into hours of TV. I honestly do not recall the last time I laid in bed and just watched TV...uninterrupted! I took a quick shower and started cleaning up the yard when the boys came home earlier than I thought. Ok by me! We went to the party and had a blast! After S came over so her mom could go on a date with her husband! :) We rented a movie and had popcorn and candy "like we were at the movies". Again, no cleaning occurred other than random scrubbing of the grout and some dog brushing. J & N brought me a "present" from the funny!

This morning we got up and had breakfast and hung out a bit. I got a jump start on my eleventeen million loads of laundry and then before I knew it the kids wanted to watch a movie together. So, we did! N fell asleep so E and I went and hung out on my bed with WallE and then N woke up and we all watched another movie together. LOVE the family time!

I also watched Dirty Dancing. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I haven't seen it since Johnny Castle passed away. I made me really sad for some reason. Maybe it was just that kind of day but I actually ended up crying. I still love the moving it was just bittersweet I guess. I now have a large mountain of clean laundry that is so not going to fold itself. Its funny, in my apartment I really didn't care. We never had enough room for everything so I figured it really didn't matter but now it seems to drive me crazy. Not enough today to get cracking on it but I will. Soon...I'm sure.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

Skipped the gym to come home and hang out with my dad! Man I missed that guy! I know how lucky I am to have him and how happy I am that he and my mom get to travel but I got so used to seeing him all the time that a month seemed like a REALLY LONG TIME! Not to mention, I couldn't just call and ask him to help me. He is good at over the phone instructions but it just wasn't the same. We had McDonald's with the kids and caught up on the everyday. Laughed at all the silly things the boys needed to tell grandpa and then my mom and I watched the three of them fight over a tape measure. My dad wanting to explain to the boys how it worked and to be careful and them wanting to measure everything they could - the table, a fry, my phone, me. WallE was also happy to see them. :) Much to his dismay, WallE seems pretty attached to my dad.

I just watched Empire Records - who doesn't love that movie! Oh, sexy Rexy - HA! Now the kids are laying down with a dryer warmed blanket and I am trying to decide what to do next. Work should be first on the list or laundry or finishing the removal of all things Halloween but instead I think I will go snuggle in bed with WallE and start a book I have been meaning to read. The Good Wife and The Hills/City are all on tonight. Totally earth shattering, life changing TV viewing. Maybe it should be called Totally Shallow Tuesday.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yet another weekend!

Friday night after work the boys and I went to Target to get my sister a shower gift and my mom a birthday present. We came home and just hung out after that. I should have gotten a head start on my cleaning but didn't.

Saturday morning we got up and did a couple things and then headed off to Z's last game. I had only made it to one and the boys hadn't been to any so we did. I finally got a chance to talk to my parents and they are now on their way home...WOOHOO! :) The T's got some bad news about their mom and it was of course, Halloween! E had decided that pumpkin carving was off the list after cutting himself last year so I thought we were skipping it this year. At the last minute on Saturday he had a change of heart. So, we hit the store and came home to carve them up. WallE was in desperate need of a bath and since we were already getting dirty I decided to force the issue. He was NOT happy but smelled better. This year N got a cut so I finished making his face for him and then it was off for trick or treating. This was the first year I haven't done it with A and the fam in so long! I missed seeing the girlies in their costumes. Originally she and the kiddos had other plans so I made other plans and then her plans changed but I couldn't change mine (confusing!)...I was sad but I know we will pick it up again next year. (We are already on course for our next tradition - Black Friday Shopping! We signed up for online ads and everything.) The kids had fun and ate way too much candy. N's costume was really a hit and very scary! E's ripped early in the night...DARN IT!

We set our clocks back and went to bed a little later than usual. So imagine my surprise when my lovely sons woke up at 5:10 this morning...ARE YOU KIDDING? I need a nap. We cleaned house most of the day and then my nephew A came over and hung out with the boys while I went to my sisters shower. The shower was at his house and he didn't want to hang around for it so he and the boys had a testosterone afternoon at our house. Poor WallE is barfing again today. Three times so far. Once this morning - so gross! And twice while I was gone. :( I am so ready to rip out my carpet...if only I could afford it. Some how I am certain the boys don't want Santa to bring them hardwood floors for Christmas. Hopefully he is feeling better and we can get a good night sleep.