Monday, November 23, 2009


What a weekend I had. For most it will sound very run of the mill ordinary, nothing to be excited about! For was pretty great! I don't have a lot of kid free time and when I do it usually is for chores and work. I honestly do not recall the last time I had this much me time! I certainly don't want, or need it very often but occasionally it is nice. And to spend it with such great ladies! :) If only D and I hadn't let the storm chase off our margarita plans....

Friday night the BFF's and I stopped off at Pete's on the way home for BOGO coffees, then off to grab dinner and then to see New Moon. Isn't that the best part of having girlfriends. Someone who truly wants to do those things rather than dragging someone to it. It was way too much fun. We almost had to throw down in the movie line, ended up getting free tickets out of the deal and getting great seats for the movie. Laughed so hard we cried at the people that would clap and yell at the screen as if the movie stars could hear them. And really, while I may think a certain werewolf character is deliciously hot I shall not say it...he is a baby!

Saturday I slept in and then got ready to hang out with another friend. We went shopping at Old Navy and Target and then went and had a yummy lunch (and dessert) from Bella Bru. We first went to another restaurant that we had not been to before. We sat down to have a look at the menu..ummm, no thank you. The waitress came to take our drink orders and we asked her to come back in a minute. We then decided to exit the building! After the yoga fiasco...we are pretty honest with each other. Why suffer if you don't have to! After that I ran a couple additional errands and then took a nap. Watched random TV and crashed pretty early for a good old Saturday night.

Sunday was a little more sleeping in and then my babies came home...WOOHOO! (Dark spot in the weekend - loser can't pay. Seriously, my bills don't pay themselves and what about Black Friday shopping...not to mention YOU OWE IT!) Whatever! Anyways, they came home and we hung out for a few hours and then went to the store for a few additional dinner items. Later that night the C family came for dinner. Fried chicken, homemade mac & cheese, bacon-wrapped asparagus, bread and just for kicks, a salad no one ate. We even had chocolate cheesecake for dessert. D and I had a glass of wine and I got to snuggle with two-month old baby L while the crazy big kids ran crazy big kids. Poor T had an accident earlier in the day and was pretty beat so he slept on the couch...poor guy! I so loved catching up with my friend. We don't get a chance to talk (almost daily) like we did before so it was nice!

Short week this week! We will close our office early on Wednesday. The kids have friends over tonight, tomorrow night we go see the premier of The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Wednesday will be cleaning and getting ready, Thursday is Run to Feed the Hungry in the morning and then dinner at my parents, later that night we will have a sleepover at my house and get ready for Black Friday shopping. We have a posse this year! I can't wait. :) The kids will spend the night with Nana and Papa so as not to be involved in the "Santa" shopping. Saturday is some chores and what nots with my Dad and then Sunday is off to chop down our Christmas Tree. Our first Christmas in our new house.

Well, this is one of those easy to be grateful posts.....

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