Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am exhausted! I feel like I could sleep for days! I could sleep right here at my desk, for hours! Last night D and I went to dinner and then out to the Kings game (D2 didn't come with us but he paid! :)). It was fun. We went to BJ's for dinner and beers before the game and then headed over to Arco. The seats were awesome, the game was ok. I like basketball, not like football but it can be fun to watch. I hate watching baseball unless my babies are playing. Spencer Hawes is adorable but can't seem to understand that he is not a 3-point shooter. Seriously honey, just give it up for now. You have a lot of other great moves. The rest of the players are unknown to me - it just isn't the same as before. I have never heard of the Oklahoma City Thunder before - when did they become a team? The Kings won but D and I left before it was over. We left for a few reasons - one being the girls that sat in front of us! OMG! They paid all that money for good seats, parking and drinks to take pictures of each other...millions and millions of pictures. They took pictures with their phones, with their cameras, together, separate, "candid - pretend like you aren't posing", pose, lets ask the person next to us to take one, over and over again. It was insane. I don't think they realized a game was being played or that their surrounds, clothes, and facial expressions NEVER changed in any of the pictures. This one girl must have had implants and/or a mountain of Botox because her face never moved and she was young! I mentioned to D that I would most certainly remain single for the rest of my years if I had to pretend to be that stupid to compete. Oh, these girls!

After the game I picked up the monsters and went home and forced them to bed at 10:30. They got to go home with J and N last night and had a great time. Fog machine, band equipment, manly man to play with, talk of broken bones! (I like to spread the kid joy around - last night was J, Monday morning will be A and Monday afternoon the parents. Last night was fun - Monday is a trip to rainy, cold Seattle for business...) WallE then decided to show me how unhappy he was at my late evening (and the fact that I came home smelling like J's dog). He insisted on laying right next to me and under the covers. He then decided to continue to scoot his butt over closer and closer and wiggle his giant head until I fell off the side of the bed. What do you do to move a 150 pound dog out of your spot? I pushed him back over and told him to knock it off or I was going to take his half of blanket away. After that he settled down and we shared a small corner of my very large king size bed. He is just like sleeping with a very large child. Always squished up next to you.

This morning came way too early! The kids are out of school for Veteran's Day but I had to work. BLAH! This afternoon was an all employee lunch in the office that included me acting as the bartender with my margarita machine. Who doesn't want mexican food, cookies and margaritas in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon. :) The only problem has been my total inability to concentrate this afternoon. Not because of too many drinks but the combination of a little alcohol, too little sleep and too much work is just pushing me over the edge. Thankful I can go to bed early tonight..even if I have to work again tomorrow.

(This post rambles about so many odd things, in no particular order and typed while I should have been doing above mentioned "too much work".) UGH

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