Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yet another weekend!

Friday night after work the boys and I went to Target to get my sister a shower gift and my mom a birthday present. We came home and just hung out after that. I should have gotten a head start on my cleaning but didn't.

Saturday morning we got up and did a couple things and then headed off to Z's last game. I had only made it to one and the boys hadn't been to any so we did. I finally got a chance to talk to my parents and they are now on their way home...WOOHOO! :) The T's got some bad news about their mom and it was of course, Halloween! E had decided that pumpkin carving was off the list after cutting himself last year so I thought we were skipping it this year. At the last minute on Saturday he had a change of heart. So, we hit the store and came home to carve them up. WallE was in desperate need of a bath and since we were already getting dirty I decided to force the issue. He was NOT happy but smelled better. This year N got a cut so I finished making his face for him and then it was off for trick or treating. This was the first year I haven't done it with A and the fam in so long! I missed seeing the girlies in their costumes. Originally she and the kiddos had other plans so I made other plans and then her plans changed but I couldn't change mine (confusing!)...I was sad but I know we will pick it up again next year. (We are already on course for our next tradition - Black Friday Shopping! We signed up for online ads and everything.) The kids had fun and ate way too much candy. N's costume was really a hit and very scary! E's ripped early in the night...DARN IT!

We set our clocks back and went to bed a little later than usual. So imagine my surprise when my lovely sons woke up at 5:10 this morning...ARE YOU KIDDING? I need a nap. We cleaned house most of the day and then my nephew A came over and hung out with the boys while I went to my sisters shower. The shower was at his house and he didn't want to hang around for it so he and the boys had a testosterone afternoon at our house. Poor WallE is barfing again today. Three times so far. Once this morning - so gross! And twice while I was gone. :( I am so ready to rip out my carpet...if only I could afford it. Some how I am certain the boys don't want Santa to bring them hardwood floors for Christmas. Hopefully he is feeling better and we can get a good night sleep.

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