Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

Skipped the gym to come home and hang out with my dad! Man I missed that guy! I know how lucky I am to have him and how happy I am that he and my mom get to travel but I got so used to seeing him all the time that a month seemed like a REALLY LONG TIME! Not to mention, I couldn't just call and ask him to help me. He is good at over the phone instructions but it just wasn't the same. We had McDonald's with the kids and caught up on the everyday. Laughed at all the silly things the boys needed to tell grandpa and then my mom and I watched the three of them fight over a tape measure. My dad wanting to explain to the boys how it worked and to be careful and them wanting to measure everything they could - the table, a fry, my phone, me. WallE was also happy to see them. :) Much to his dismay, WallE seems pretty attached to my dad.

I just watched Empire Records - who doesn't love that movie! Oh, sexy Rexy - HA! Now the kids are laying down with a dryer warmed blanket and I am trying to decide what to do next. Work should be first on the list or laundry or finishing the removal of all things Halloween but instead I think I will go snuggle in bed with WallE and start a book I have been meaning to read. The Good Wife and The Hills/City are all on tonight. Totally earth shattering, life changing TV viewing. Maybe it should be called Totally Shallow Tuesday.

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