Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What am I Thankful for?

Ok, right at this very minute it would be that my office is closing at noon today and my brain has already closed for the holiday. Seriously (or not so much)....

1. Most important - I am so thankful for my adorable children. I love those boys more that I would have ever imagined before I had them. They are truly terrible kids, they fight, yell, scream, make messes, break things, require huge amounts of food, clothing and toys. Who am I kidding? N give the most wonderful hugs and ALWAYS tells me he loves me and isn't too old to kiss his mommy. E does not find me as important in his day to day life as N but he still loves me and tells me from time to time. They are smart, loving, caring boys who will continue to grow into wonderful men.
2. My family. I love my parents so very much. I don't care that my mother didn't give birth to me...she is still my mom. I can't even being to understand what my life would be like with out my dad so I won't...not today, not EVER! My niece Madison is a miracle. Open heart surgery before she was a year old and now a rowdy silly girl that I love a ton. (Ok, this family story could go on for days so I will condense.) My sisters, my nieces (young and old, biological and otherwise), their babies (lots of them), my nephews (even the one that I will get to meet in a few weeks) my grandma (and grandpa that I miss lots), the family that adopts me from time to time.
3. My friends. If hardships teach you anything it is the value of friendship. Friends in good times are pretty easy to come by. Friends that will stand by and let you bash their dirtbag brother...those are few and far between. A friend that will join in on such bashing...ALMOST UNHEARD OF! Friends that tell their girlfriend they must like you or they can't be together...really, that happened! :), friends you tell everything too, friends you have sleepovers with even if you way too old for that sort of thing, friends that will run from a restaurant with you (no we didn't dine and dash), shop with you, go see movies they would rather not see. Friends that listen to you whine about things that seem totally unimportant to them but are devastating to you, friends you talk to daily or several times a day and still have things to talk about, friends that let you know and love their children and love yours back. Friends that you work with, that later become such a great solace, someone who understands things the same as you and that totally gets your work bitching. Friends you go to the gym with (ugh sister!). Friends that live far way but you still email or txt or talk all the time like you see each other every day, friends you can count on always...yes these friends have names...and they are...Amanda, Jene, Deana, Jennifer, Deseree, Michelle G., Michelle K....oh how this list could go on and on and on and on. A life without friends is really no way to live!
4. My Dog - he is a beast, he snores, takes up the bed, eats a lot and gets pissy when we are late...but I love him and I can totally tell he loves us back! :)
5. My JOB! Yes, I am glad I have one. Yes, I complain about this one A LOT but I do love it. The boys can drive us crazy but we stick around because of them. I enjoy what I do. I get challenged a lot and that is good too. If only I could make them pay me more... :)
6. My house - the boys have a place to run, have friends over. A place I can have surprise parties, dinner parties, drinking parties. I can paint it purple if I wanted. I have all these dreams of things to do to it. I don't have the $$ to do them but at least I have the dream.
7. I know that I should say something about being thankful for the hard times, divorce, breakups, death, financial issues...blah, blah,blah. Yes they make you who you are and yes, I learned a lot about myself from those experiences but I don't know that thankful is the right word so I will go with "aware" of them and ok that they happened. I would be even more ok if they were followed by a big lottery win and Big Ben calling me up to get married. :)
8. Trivial I know, but damn I am thankful for the following: Starbucks, TiVo, cable, books, Target, internet access, chocolate, bread, cheese, wine, margaritas, home improvement stores, Sephora, Diet Pepsi, peanut butter. (I am sure this list could go on forever too!)

Hmmm, I know this list should/could be expanded but that should do it for now. :) I thank God for my family and friends and all those things above. Tomorrow is the Run to Feed the Hungry in the morning and then off to eat and be thankful together and then...oh yes! THE SHOPPING! :) I can't wait for our first Christmas in our new house.

Anybody thankful for anything? :)

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