Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today was a disaster of epic proportions! Everything that could have gone wrong at work went! People cried and I spent most of my day with the door closed getting NOTHING done. Odds are it will continue tomorrow.

I sit here, hours later, emailing with my boss, drinking wine, listening to my ipod and randomly petting the dog. I wanted to come home and wallow in the misery that was my day but that generally isn't on my single mom agenda. Thursday nights we pick up my friends son because she works late. I made them all dinner, cleaned up the mess and then sat down to do the work I didn't get done earlier in the day. I was glad the kids had some one to play with since I wasn't. They ended up having fun (as usual!) and I pounded out email after email while silently singing to my favorite play list.

I am MOST certain the wine helped me try to let it all go but, I really think the music helped more. It is such a release for me. If we didn't have company the kids would have been subjected to singing far worse that what we see on American Idol! I AM TERRIBLE! Ear bleeding bad and I don't care.

It was nice to blast the radio at defining levels all the way to the kids school and then listen to them talk about their day.

I wish I had high hopes for tomorrow. My only saving grace is FRIDAY, more music, more kids, friends and of course, more wine!