Sunday, February 28, 2010

And it isn't over yet...

Weekends like this make it so easy to be happy! :) Friday night D and I went out for our typical Margarita Madness. It was anything but typical. She's had a rough week so we laughed extra, gossiped extra and a few other things that will remain nameless to protect the innocent (not that I actually know anyone that is innocent that can read this!).

Saturday morning A, N and I decided to go to Target. OMG! Target is like a second home for me but nothing beats Target Fashion 2010! We had been in Target over an hour and had yet to get one thing we needed. We decided a fashion show of the worst kind was in order. I LOVE Target clothes..a large portion of my wardrobe, as well as the boys, comes from Target. Yesterday was not about those kinds of know the ones I am talking about. Pictures were taken, laughs were had and should The Lion King ever die, I found the perfect dress to wear to his funeral. Then we decided to take a break and have a snack and then we shopped. People, we were in Target for 3 hours! N and I almost had an accident in the aisle...thank goodness the bathroom was close and she didn't feel anymore compelled to stop our mad dash to talk to loser and his hoe...(well, that wasn't very nice...). A had to go too but since she is related to him she did have to stop and talk. Ironically, neither of them felt compelled to chat with me? I just can't imagine why? Damn the bad luck! The fun was then re-instated in the day and we hit Ulta, Barnes & Noble (YEAH! NEW BOOKS), Best Buy (FOUND MY MOVIES!), Bevmo (LOVE YOU 5 cent sale!) and Raley's. I happened to forgot everything I needed to buy..HA! We had some yum Chinese food, relaxed in the parents hot tub and then came back to my house for some Mario Bros, vodka, bad TV and lots and lots of laughs. We harassed J's poor husband via phone, cursed at the stupid game, re-named people on Bad Girls Club..OMG, ever realize the person that irritates you most on TV is someone you actually know in real life..ha! We made some cryptic and inebriated Facebook postings, watched SNL and crashed. Um, I think I wish to marry Seth Meyers? That guy is so funny and I find him to be HOT!

Today my dad is coming over to hang out with me and the boys for a little while and then we need to go get the things we actually needed yesterday and since the sun is shining so nicely in the sky maybe WallE needs a walk around the block and perhaps we should wash our dirt car...wonder if it will fall apart when we do? Hurry up and bring my babies home so we can get this party started!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kiddo Weekend

I spent the entire weekend with my babies...we never left each other...not for a moment. :)

Friday night I picked them up from PTD, right in the middle of some conflict. Loser decided to buy his way out of N's anger and promptly left E as a second thought. Well, that so wasn't ok! So, I made the situation even and E seemed to realize it for the first time. He said "Thanks mom!" We hit up Target on our way home and then just hung out around the house...together!

Saturday we cleaned, worked on the science project, gave WallE a bath and ran some errands. Then we got to head over to A's house for some baby snuggles! Oh baby L is sooo cute! His pudgy little face, and he is so animated for being only a few days old. Still, I don't wish to have my own. I wish (all the time) to borrow the babies of others and love them, squish them, snuggle them and then happily return them to their rightful owners. I think if it hadn't been such a surprise that I would be raising the boys alone maybe I would feel differently. There were times in the beginning when they were both so small that I was terrified I couldn't do it. I remember one week when they were both so very ill. N was almost 3 and E wasn't yet 5. They were so very sick - like missed FIVE days of work sick. They both had multiple trips to the doctor and several prescriptions and if we needed anything, even just more juice I had to drag them both out to the store and it sucked! We never slept and I was scared. My babies were burning with fevers, crying and overall sad and I had no one to hold them so I could go to the bathroom or get one of them something. I think I don't want to do that again. We survived and thrived but still.... ANYWAYS...detouring back to the good stuff! That baby is dang cute. Made me want to go still baby L and baby N and have a big baby fest! :) We came home and did some more hanging out together.

This morning they woke me up at 6:30! Children...what is wrong with you? Didn't we buy donuts at the store so you wouldn't need me to make breakfast before the sun comes up? Oh well, we got crackin on the rest of the house work, including cleaning the toy room - YUCK! Washed all the sheets and blankets and then made some dinner. E is finishing up some stuff for his science project and then they both need some serious scrubbing and bed!

I love my kid weekends. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Gym and some Friday Fun!

I am so glad it is FRIDAY! :)

Last night J and I hit the gym as usual except...we had a plan! :) Typically we do 50 minutes of various cardio, a little stretching, some abs and then we punk out. Last night we wrangled the help of Old Friend for some cheap (free) personal training. Poor guy; we are such girls! I hate being in the manly-man section of the gym. The jerkfaces typically don't venture far into chick infested cardio land so we are safe...until last night. We infiltrated the entire man section of that gym. We got dirty looks, grunts and the once over...more than once. I figure no one actually said anything to us since we had "one of them" with us. We kicked ass! Ok, well for us we did. :) While I totally appreciated the much needed and required assistance, if he helpfully re-instructed me on my improper form one more time last night I think I might have been very tempted to throw the weight at his head. I totally get that bad form can get you hurt and means you have to work harder to get the same result if you just did it right but damn you, it was our first time and I hate having to look in the mirror and the fact that two other people are just standing around STARING at you while you do it did not help! Nor did it make me not do the same thing to J when it was her turn. :) Good thing I don't whine overly much right...HA!

ANYWAY, we got our new moves down (2 hours later!) and figured our new workout. We will cut our cardio down - 10 on the bike to warm up, 10 minutes to stretch, 30 - 40 minutes to work our "area of the day", 30 minutes on the I-WISH-YOU-WOULD-DIE elliptical machine and then abs. The good news - we will be healthy in no time...the bad news? Baseball/Softball starts in a week so we are screwed. Workouts, as well as life in general, goes to hell. Hopefully, I will still get in two days a week (not sure how since I spend 4 at the field) but I will figure something out. I am really excited about the new plan. I am a little concerned that my arms don't hurt today. I figure I will wake up tomorrow and my arms will have just fallen off like SpongeBob...I guess then I won't have to worry about arm day at the gym?

Tonight the boys and I are just hanging out at home..probably grab some dinner and maybe watch a movie or something? Tomorrow S comes over to spend the afternoon with us and work on the science fair project. No idea what Saturday evening might (or might not) bring. Sunday should be relaxation...PLEASE! :)

MONDAY MY PARENTS COME HOME! WOOHOO, Who takes an eight week vacation people? I don't care about your retirement status...get your asses home! I need a hug and some dinner!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today has not been a good day. :(

While I was getting ready this morning I got a txt message. The only person willing to txt me that early in the morning is D and it is typically a plea for Starbucks..a plea I am always willing to answer. Today it D but it was not for Starbucks. She was letting me know her beloved Mother passed away. :( D always talks about her mom. You always knew they were close and I know she was also very close with her grandchildren J & M and they all loved her very much. D's mom recently celebrated her 90th birthday. D and her family had planned a HUGE surprise party for her mom. We laughed that it shouldn't be a surprise because who should yell at a 90 year old woman! D came back from the trip with great stories and you could tell she loved getting to see her mom with the entire family. I am sorry for her and for the kids. I am grateful that M was able to fly out with her today so she wasn't alone. I am sad that J has to fly from school alone and I hope that she is ok. I know that D will miss her mom terribly but I also know that she always seems to have the most amazing faith of anyone I know...well, maybe only second to her daughter J. :) I will miss her until she comes back and work to make her laugh her ass off when she does. I also hope she knows that she is an awesome daughter, friend and mother!

Today my sister and everyone she works with lost their jobs. We knew it was a possibility but it had been delayed so many times we thought a miracle might be in the works. No such luck. My boss pulled me out of my marathon meeting this morning to give me a heads up before I saw her (we work for different but connected companies and in the same office suite). We took a quick 10 minute break and I went over to check on her. She is holding her own for now, but how scary in this market to be without a prospect. Luckily, she is VERY good at what she does and has a great reputation in the industry.

I was in a meeting from 8:30 this morning until 3:30 today with a quick break and a chance to run out for something to eat and then right back in the frigid conference room. While my work piled up and I listened to everyone complain...over and over again, all I could think of was that I got to talk to my parents last night and I know they are on their way home soon and that with the amount of work on my desk my boss can't fire me for at least eleventeen million years. I hugged and cried with D before she left and checked on my sister a couple of times but other than that, I am helpless to change anything for any of them.

Tonight I will spend some time with my BFF's just hanging out while the kids are at Awana and then I will go back and get them and snuggle them to pieces for the rest of the night. I love you all - A, N, J, D (and J) and even my sister who does not read this.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I love you long weekend! :)

I can't believe these three glorious days off are already over! Friday night we went and watched the Skrewed show On the Y...great show! This was my second time seeing the band and they were awesome. We didn't hang around for the other bands and that was totally ok.

Oh Saturday...I still can't believe it! I NEVER got dressed, or showered, or productive in any fashion. I watched TV, ate a little and then proceeded to spend my afternoon watching movies. Doubt - good, Made of Honor - over cheese, Couple's Retreat - cute, Obsessed - decent! I went to bed early and loved every second of it!

Sunday was busy. Nana came and brought the boys and I a little Valentine treat, I finally did my yard work, J and N brought me the BEST present ever...OH, THANK YOU! That night the boys and I took my grandma out to dinner. After, we just hung out at home. Happy Valentine's Day!

Today N watched the boys while J and I went to see Dear John...oh, that movie made me cry. J secretly laughed at me. :) Even after I bought her popcorn! We ran to Target and then home to check out the damage. N had mentioned ONCE something about a donut party and my lovely children never, N took them out to donuts. He bought them a whole box. E told me that he thought N was the funnest guy EVER! Even if he didn't let him play an M game on the x-box. Good job N! Apparently, they weren't too bad. :) We decided that we should all go to dinner later so we did. I came home first and cleaned house - we seriously needed some mopping and vacuuming around this place. Then we met the B's for dinner. N ate something gross and tried to convince us to try it...NO THANKS! :) The boys and I came home to hang out and finish some laundry...oh what fun!

I really wish I didn't have to go to work. The kids have all week off...lucky little ducks!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Someone saw my leg tattoo for the first time yesterday and asked me, skeptically, if I really liked it? Why did you get it? How old were you? It was almost like they thought of it like some kind of mistake, a defect, a sign of my crazy perhaps?

First and foremost, I LOVE IT! I will always love! It might be silly to consider a tattoo as having "meaning". It isn't a name, it isn't a love...its a ME! A went with me a many number of years ago to get it. It took several hours of having my ass slightly exposed to this creepy guy that wouldn't go away. My artists did a good job of keeping me blocked and eventually told the guy to go away. It HURT! I was emerging from devastation, I was learning to be me, moving on, moving up, changing, struggling, coping...I could go on and on about the emotions of that time. Some of them still challenge me. My dragon leg (that's what A and I called it) was my kick-ass symbol. My "no matter what you will keep moving" and the next time someone gets in your way you can kick them with your dragon leg! It reminds me to be fierce, to not back down, to not give in to the fight. This sounds very melodramatic, even to me, but it is what it is.

I wasn't a young kid when I got it, I wasn't drunk. I didn't walk in and pick it out of a catalog. I searched for just the right one. I decided I wanted it to be dramatic and all black...nothing frilly and girly about it. Sometimes I forget it is there and I will catch it in the mirror when I am getting ready in the morning and I remember what is it.

Thankfully it isn't for anyone else. No one has to love it, understand it, want to look at it. Good thing too because again, it was almost like I was suddenly deformed. Suck it! That dragon and me are in it for life. When I am 85 and he and I are a wrinkly mess I will still remember what its for. Some people may not need a reminder but I like to have one. One that is just that will never constant reminder to kick ass and to hell with the names!

Well....that was Valentine's Day worthy! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bribe? Chocolate?

My boss brought me a salted caramel chocolate cake today from Freeport Bakery. I shared, I didn't want to. I was DELICIOUS! Here is a picture of the before. The after is going home with me tonight to be enjoyed by the little people and I...after the gym of course!

I have no idea why he brought me the cake? He brought D a strawberry thing (mine was better!). I think it was a bribe of some kind...what for I am not sure. I wanted to ask but I thought it might change the way the cake tasted so instead I am pretending it was just because. :)

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

I am so looking forward to this long holiday weekend. We aren't going anywhere or doing anything and that is the best part of the plan! :)

This week has been pretty quick. Monday night we just hung out at home and tried to recover from this weekend. N got us an Amelia Bedeila book from the library because he knows his mommy loves those books. He is such a doll. We read the book by the fire and he got bored pretty early on. His favorite part? One of the other characters in the book was Dr. Dinglebat and he thought that was AWESOME!

Tuesday I took the boys out to get new baseball cleats and Valentine's Day cards for school. Sports Authority always has a good selection of kid cleats and they both found pairs they liked (different, of course) and they were both on sale..WOOHOO! However, even on sale they were $60+ for both...some sale. I picked up a shoe that was $100 and little Mr. E said "Mom, you are not going to buy a shoe that costs $100...that's crazy!" Excuse me? What just happened? No, I wasn't going to buy the shoe but dang it 8 year-old, I would if I wanted too and in every dang color. I almost made him get cheap $10 girl soccer cleats for that comment. We strolled around Target and picked out cards and a few other items and then went to good old McDonald's for dinner.

Wednesday the boys had Awana so I hung out at home and started to watch a movie with Old Friend. It was NOT a funny movie, even if the title said it would be. J picked me up around 7:30ish and we went to get the kiddos. The ice cream place was closed and the kids had gotten cupcakes so we just left it at that. Until I got home and decided it would be a good time to make cookies. It was, and they were good. :)

Thursday is gym night...yippeee, whatever! Tomorrow is glorious, wonderful, magical Friday! Other than watching J's husbands band play Friday night I have no plans. Nothing, Nada. Sleep, lots of sleep and perhaps some much needed house cleaning.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I need a nap....

This weekend was start to finish crazy! I had to come to work to rest. :)

Friday night the monkeys spent the night at A's house and I went to dinner with Old Friend. We had to wait for our table so randomly wandered around Barnes and Noble for a while. He looks at weird boy stuff and was way too happy about a car magazine! :) Oh well, to each their long as I don't have to read it.

Saturday morning we raced around to get ready for a family kid picture that happened very last minute (or at least last minute for our house). Then it was home to hunt for birth certificates and then off to spend $200 at little league sign ups for the boys. Ran into lots of people I haven't seen in a while. Hung out and had pizza with the friends, babies and kids and then we ran over to the grocery store for some serious junk food shopping. E's friend T was spending the night with us and came home straight from sign ups with us and then A & H came over later that evening and they all stayed the night. They ate and played and acted a fool until 2:00 in the morning and then at 8:00 decided they were going to STARVE if I didn't get up and make breakfast. People, you just went to sleep, how can you be up and hungry already! They were, so I did. :) T went home around 12:30ish and A & N came over to hang out and watch the big game (only the hate football and so they pretended). A made me some of her most wonderful potato salad. J and S came over a little while later so the kids could get crackin on the science fair project. They felt their board needed some design features to go with the scientific information so my house is now officially glittered!

Its funny, I lived with six children from 3:00 Saturday until 7:00 last night and the glitter is the smallest mess in the house. My house is THRASHED! Like we should just move thrashed. :) Nana D randomly stopped by for the first time last night and got to tour my house in a total natural disaster sort of way. WallE and his sensitive tummy ate spilled Cheese It's, sour cream and onion chips, pancakes and a large amount of onion dip...GOOD TIMES!

No one wanted to get up this morning, I have no idea when my house will ever recover, I need to sleep for a week and I can't believe it isn't Friday yet! Oh, long week here we come!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Update

My weekend was great! Lots of friends, drinks and a whole host of other stuff but mostly just
F-U-N! But I am tired and don't want to be more specific. :)