Sunday, February 28, 2010

And it isn't over yet...

Weekends like this make it so easy to be happy! :) Friday night D and I went out for our typical Margarita Madness. It was anything but typical. She's had a rough week so we laughed extra, gossiped extra and a few other things that will remain nameless to protect the innocent (not that I actually know anyone that is innocent that can read this!).

Saturday morning A, N and I decided to go to Target. OMG! Target is like a second home for me but nothing beats Target Fashion 2010! We had been in Target over an hour and had yet to get one thing we needed. We decided a fashion show of the worst kind was in order. I LOVE Target clothes..a large portion of my wardrobe, as well as the boys, comes from Target. Yesterday was not about those kinds of know the ones I am talking about. Pictures were taken, laughs were had and should The Lion King ever die, I found the perfect dress to wear to his funeral. Then we decided to take a break and have a snack and then we shopped. People, we were in Target for 3 hours! N and I almost had an accident in the aisle...thank goodness the bathroom was close and she didn't feel anymore compelled to stop our mad dash to talk to loser and his hoe...(well, that wasn't very nice...). A had to go too but since she is related to him she did have to stop and talk. Ironically, neither of them felt compelled to chat with me? I just can't imagine why? Damn the bad luck! The fun was then re-instated in the day and we hit Ulta, Barnes & Noble (YEAH! NEW BOOKS), Best Buy (FOUND MY MOVIES!), Bevmo (LOVE YOU 5 cent sale!) and Raley's. I happened to forgot everything I needed to buy..HA! We had some yum Chinese food, relaxed in the parents hot tub and then came back to my house for some Mario Bros, vodka, bad TV and lots and lots of laughs. We harassed J's poor husband via phone, cursed at the stupid game, re-named people on Bad Girls Club..OMG, ever realize the person that irritates you most on TV is someone you actually know in real life..ha! We made some cryptic and inebriated Facebook postings, watched SNL and crashed. Um, I think I wish to marry Seth Meyers? That guy is so funny and I find him to be HOT!

Today my dad is coming over to hang out with me and the boys for a little while and then we need to go get the things we actually needed yesterday and since the sun is shining so nicely in the sky maybe WallE needs a walk around the block and perhaps we should wash our dirt car...wonder if it will fall apart when we do? Hurry up and bring my babies home so we can get this party started!

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