Monday, February 8, 2010

I need a nap....

This weekend was start to finish crazy! I had to come to work to rest. :)

Friday night the monkeys spent the night at A's house and I went to dinner with Old Friend. We had to wait for our table so randomly wandered around Barnes and Noble for a while. He looks at weird boy stuff and was way too happy about a car magazine! :) Oh well, to each their long as I don't have to read it.

Saturday morning we raced around to get ready for a family kid picture that happened very last minute (or at least last minute for our house). Then it was home to hunt for birth certificates and then off to spend $200 at little league sign ups for the boys. Ran into lots of people I haven't seen in a while. Hung out and had pizza with the friends, babies and kids and then we ran over to the grocery store for some serious junk food shopping. E's friend T was spending the night with us and came home straight from sign ups with us and then A & H came over later that evening and they all stayed the night. They ate and played and acted a fool until 2:00 in the morning and then at 8:00 decided they were going to STARVE if I didn't get up and make breakfast. People, you just went to sleep, how can you be up and hungry already! They were, so I did. :) T went home around 12:30ish and A & N came over to hang out and watch the big game (only the hate football and so they pretended). A made me some of her most wonderful potato salad. J and S came over a little while later so the kids could get crackin on the science fair project. They felt their board needed some design features to go with the scientific information so my house is now officially glittered!

Its funny, I lived with six children from 3:00 Saturday until 7:00 last night and the glitter is the smallest mess in the house. My house is THRASHED! Like we should just move thrashed. :) Nana D randomly stopped by for the first time last night and got to tour my house in a total natural disaster sort of way. WallE and his sensitive tummy ate spilled Cheese It's, sour cream and onion chips, pancakes and a large amount of onion dip...GOOD TIMES!

No one wanted to get up this morning, I have no idea when my house will ever recover, I need to sleep for a week and I can't believe it isn't Friday yet! Oh, long week here we come!

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