Friday, February 19, 2010

Gym and some Friday Fun!

I am so glad it is FRIDAY! :)

Last night J and I hit the gym as usual except...we had a plan! :) Typically we do 50 minutes of various cardio, a little stretching, some abs and then we punk out. Last night we wrangled the help of Old Friend for some cheap (free) personal training. Poor guy; we are such girls! I hate being in the manly-man section of the gym. The jerkfaces typically don't venture far into chick infested cardio land so we are safe...until last night. We infiltrated the entire man section of that gym. We got dirty looks, grunts and the once over...more than once. I figure no one actually said anything to us since we had "one of them" with us. We kicked ass! Ok, well for us we did. :) While I totally appreciated the much needed and required assistance, if he helpfully re-instructed me on my improper form one more time last night I think I might have been very tempted to throw the weight at his head. I totally get that bad form can get you hurt and means you have to work harder to get the same result if you just did it right but damn you, it was our first time and I hate having to look in the mirror and the fact that two other people are just standing around STARING at you while you do it did not help! Nor did it make me not do the same thing to J when it was her turn. :) Good thing I don't whine overly much right...HA!

ANYWAY, we got our new moves down (2 hours later!) and figured our new workout. We will cut our cardio down - 10 on the bike to warm up, 10 minutes to stretch, 30 - 40 minutes to work our "area of the day", 30 minutes on the I-WISH-YOU-WOULD-DIE elliptical machine and then abs. The good news - we will be healthy in no time...the bad news? Baseball/Softball starts in a week so we are screwed. Workouts, as well as life in general, goes to hell. Hopefully, I will still get in two days a week (not sure how since I spend 4 at the field) but I will figure something out. I am really excited about the new plan. I am a little concerned that my arms don't hurt today. I figure I will wake up tomorrow and my arms will have just fallen off like SpongeBob...I guess then I won't have to worry about arm day at the gym?

Tonight the boys and I are just hanging out at home..probably grab some dinner and maybe watch a movie or something? Tomorrow S comes over to spend the afternoon with us and work on the science fair project. No idea what Saturday evening might (or might not) bring. Sunday should be relaxation...PLEASE! :)

MONDAY MY PARENTS COME HOME! WOOHOO, Who takes an eight week vacation people? I don't care about your retirement status...get your asses home! I need a hug and some dinner!

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