Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kiddo Weekend

I spent the entire weekend with my babies...we never left each other...not for a moment. :)

Friday night I picked them up from PTD, right in the middle of some conflict. Loser decided to buy his way out of N's anger and promptly left E as a second thought. Well, that so wasn't ok! So, I made the situation even and E seemed to realize it for the first time. He said "Thanks mom!" We hit up Target on our way home and then just hung out around the house...together!

Saturday we cleaned, worked on the science project, gave WallE a bath and ran some errands. Then we got to head over to A's house for some baby snuggles! Oh baby L is sooo cute! His pudgy little face, and he is so animated for being only a few days old. Still, I don't wish to have my own. I wish (all the time) to borrow the babies of others and love them, squish them, snuggle them and then happily return them to their rightful owners. I think if it hadn't been such a surprise that I would be raising the boys alone maybe I would feel differently. There were times in the beginning when they were both so small that I was terrified I couldn't do it. I remember one week when they were both so very ill. N was almost 3 and E wasn't yet 5. They were so very sick - like missed FIVE days of work sick. They both had multiple trips to the doctor and several prescriptions and if we needed anything, even just more juice I had to drag them both out to the store and it sucked! We never slept and I was scared. My babies were burning with fevers, crying and overall sad and I had no one to hold them so I could go to the bathroom or get one of them something. I think I don't want to do that again. We survived and thrived but still.... ANYWAYS...detouring back to the good stuff! That baby is dang cute. Made me want to go still baby L and baby N and have a big baby fest! :) We came home and did some more hanging out together.

This morning they woke me up at 6:30! Children...what is wrong with you? Didn't we buy donuts at the store so you wouldn't need me to make breakfast before the sun comes up? Oh well, we got crackin on the rest of the house work, including cleaning the toy room - YUCK! Washed all the sheets and blankets and then made some dinner. E is finishing up some stuff for his science project and then they both need some serious scrubbing and bed!

I love my kid weekends. :)

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