Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

I am so looking forward to this long holiday weekend. We aren't going anywhere or doing anything and that is the best part of the plan! :)

This week has been pretty quick. Monday night we just hung out at home and tried to recover from this weekend. N got us an Amelia Bedeila book from the library because he knows his mommy loves those books. He is such a doll. We read the book by the fire and he got bored pretty early on. His favorite part? One of the other characters in the book was Dr. Dinglebat and he thought that was AWESOME!

Tuesday I took the boys out to get new baseball cleats and Valentine's Day cards for school. Sports Authority always has a good selection of kid cleats and they both found pairs they liked (different, of course) and they were both on sale..WOOHOO! However, even on sale they were $60+ for both...some sale. I picked up a shoe that was $100 and little Mr. E said "Mom, you are not going to buy a shoe that costs $100...that's crazy!" Excuse me? What just happened? No, I wasn't going to buy the shoe but dang it 8 year-old, I would if I wanted too and in every dang color. I almost made him get cheap $10 girl soccer cleats for that comment. We strolled around Target and picked out cards and a few other items and then went to good old McDonald's for dinner.

Wednesday the boys had Awana so I hung out at home and started to watch a movie with Old Friend. It was NOT a funny movie, even if the title said it would be. J picked me up around 7:30ish and we went to get the kiddos. The ice cream place was closed and the kids had gotten cupcakes so we just left it at that. Until I got home and decided it would be a good time to make cookies. It was, and they were good. :)

Thursday is gym night...yippeee, whatever! Tomorrow is glorious, wonderful, magical Friday! Other than watching J's husbands band play Friday night I have no plans. Nothing, Nada. Sleep, lots of sleep and perhaps some much needed house cleaning.

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