Monday, February 15, 2010

I love you long weekend! :)

I can't believe these three glorious days off are already over! Friday night we went and watched the Skrewed show On the Y...great show! This was my second time seeing the band and they were awesome. We didn't hang around for the other bands and that was totally ok.

Oh Saturday...I still can't believe it! I NEVER got dressed, or showered, or productive in any fashion. I watched TV, ate a little and then proceeded to spend my afternoon watching movies. Doubt - good, Made of Honor - over cheese, Couple's Retreat - cute, Obsessed - decent! I went to bed early and loved every second of it!

Sunday was busy. Nana came and brought the boys and I a little Valentine treat, I finally did my yard work, J and N brought me the BEST present ever...OH, THANK YOU! That night the boys and I took my grandma out to dinner. After, we just hung out at home. Happy Valentine's Day!

Today N watched the boys while J and I went to see Dear John...oh, that movie made me cry. J secretly laughed at me. :) Even after I bought her popcorn! We ran to Target and then home to check out the damage. N had mentioned ONCE something about a donut party and my lovely children never, N took them out to donuts. He bought them a whole box. E told me that he thought N was the funnest guy EVER! Even if he didn't let him play an M game on the x-box. Good job N! Apparently, they weren't too bad. :) We decided that we should all go to dinner later so we did. I came home first and cleaned house - we seriously needed some mopping and vacuuming around this place. Then we met the B's for dinner. N ate something gross and tried to convince us to try it...NO THANKS! :) The boys and I came home to hang out and finish some laundry...oh what fun!

I really wish I didn't have to go to work. The kids have all week off...lucky little ducks!

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