Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today has not been a good day. :(

While I was getting ready this morning I got a txt message. The only person willing to txt me that early in the morning is D and it is typically a plea for Starbucks..a plea I am always willing to answer. Today it D but it was not for Starbucks. She was letting me know her beloved Mother passed away. :( D always talks about her mom. You always knew they were close and I know she was also very close with her grandchildren J & M and they all loved her very much. D's mom recently celebrated her 90th birthday. D and her family had planned a HUGE surprise party for her mom. We laughed that it shouldn't be a surprise because who should yell at a 90 year old woman! D came back from the trip with great stories and you could tell she loved getting to see her mom with the entire family. I am sorry for her and for the kids. I am grateful that M was able to fly out with her today so she wasn't alone. I am sad that J has to fly from school alone and I hope that she is ok. I know that D will miss her mom terribly but I also know that she always seems to have the most amazing faith of anyone I know...well, maybe only second to her daughter J. :) I will miss her until she comes back and work to make her laugh her ass off when she does. I also hope she knows that she is an awesome daughter, friend and mother!

Today my sister and everyone she works with lost their jobs. We knew it was a possibility but it had been delayed so many times we thought a miracle might be in the works. No such luck. My boss pulled me out of my marathon meeting this morning to give me a heads up before I saw her (we work for different but connected companies and in the same office suite). We took a quick 10 minute break and I went over to check on her. She is holding her own for now, but how scary in this market to be without a prospect. Luckily, she is VERY good at what she does and has a great reputation in the industry.

I was in a meeting from 8:30 this morning until 3:30 today with a quick break and a chance to run out for something to eat and then right back in the frigid conference room. While my work piled up and I listened to everyone complain...over and over again, all I could think of was that I got to talk to my parents last night and I know they are on their way home soon and that with the amount of work on my desk my boss can't fire me for at least eleventeen million years. I hugged and cried with D before she left and checked on my sister a couple of times but other than that, I am helpless to change anything for any of them.

Tonight I will spend some time with my BFF's just hanging out while the kids are at Awana and then I will go back and get them and snuggle them to pieces for the rest of the night. I love you all - A, N, J, D (and J) and even my sister who does not read this.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

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  1. I'm really glad that my mom has you at work. I know that she would never be able to make it without you haha. Thanks for being such a good friend to her :) ...and to me! I should be home in a couple weeks for Spring know what that means!!