Thursday, April 30, 2009

Catch up?

I need to sleep for a week! I still feel like I am catching up from being out of town for three days last week. When I say "catching up" I really mean just trying not to fall farther behind. YIKES!

This as been a crazy week at work and home. The kids have had baseball every night this week and again on Saturday morning. N had a field trip today and E has STAR testing. N has his first wiggly tooth! SO EXCITING! He can hardly wait for the tooth fairy to FINALLY come to visit him (you would think he was 50 not 5 - I mean is losing your first tooth at 5 really that bad). Wednesday morning was meltdown city at our house for some reason. Today was better and after E's game we went and had fine cuisine at McDonald's with D and her son T. It was so much fun! If only my children hadn't acted like they had never actually been inside a restaurant before. D - I swear they don't always act like crazy people. :) (I only confirm that "not always"...more like mostly.) It is after 9:00 on a school night and they are just now going to bed. I am so looking forward to tomorrow morning. Thank goodness our Friday night plan consists of a trip to the grocery store for some yummy snacks and home to change into our pj's to watch Hotel for Dogs! WOOHOO! I'm sure we will work in some Wii snowboarding and Guitar Hero before or after the movie.

We finally launched our new division at work along with some other changes that I am pretty excited about. I really hope it all works out! If it does than this will be an exciting year for us. My trip to AZ wasn't very productive but it was a lot of fun. I met two new friends while I was away. AND - one lives in tasting here we come! The other live in So Cal so we are already talking about a middle point we can all meet and hang out together.

My poor friend D from work is off for the next two weeks in Mexico for a family wedding. She has been looking forward to it for so long and now all this swine flu business. just sounds like the flu! I mean I understand it is bad and some people are dying but don't people die from the regular flu too? I GOOGLED it the other day and read some of the crazy stories about it. It kinda seems like some media hype to me. I could be totally wrong but I told her to just make sure to drink as many margarita's as she could. I mean tequila can take care of just about anything right? If not I guess Pablo will have to carry her around the wedding festivities. I am sure she is having a blast with her family. She better remember to bring me back my new pool boy! :)

Well my laundry is just about ready to be dried. E MUST have this certain shirt for tomorrow but forgot to tell me until we go home. I love that kid! Actually, I love them both. I thank God as often as I can for giving me these two adorable little monsters to try and wrangle in to good, thoughtful, upstanding MEN! HELP ME!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Yesterday I was told that I was some one's best friend in the whole world (or something along those lines). It was a completely out of the blue, unsolicited statement and it ROCKED! :) The best part you ask? It came from my very best friend in the whole wide world.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Soul Searching Saturday

Happy Weekend to all! Ours has been great so far. :)

Last night we went shopping to get my grandma her birthday present and get some groceries...lively, I know! N had a game this afternoon in the glorious 80+ degree heat. It was awesome. Thursday night I got to go have dinner with my BFF's. Yummy sushi and wine with two funny ladies. It was a great time. We talk, txt and email all the time but don't spend as much time hanging out as I would like but we make up for it when we do. I swear these are two of the best BFF's in the world. Some of the things they are willing to do (and listen to) in the name of friendship (more like chosen family-ship) are amazing.

Tomorrow is a little breakfast party for my grandma since I will be traveling next week. I promised the boys we will go to the park after and play since it should be another great day. Having said that...I so did not clean like I should have today so tomorrow is going to be a tight squeeze. Guess what? I don't care as much as I should. I would rather play at the park all day and worry about laundry just before drifting off to sleep on Sunday night wondering if I have anything to wear to work. (A benefit of being a clothes horse...I am sure I can whip something up.) comes the soul searching part. "Perhaps a wonderful life is more valuable when the lessons to acquire it are hard fought, and the journey is many days that feel like two steps forward and fourteen steps back." Yes, of course I read this in one of the new books I got a couple of weeks ago (No, I am not trying to become a self help guru or crazy book lady. NERD - I already got that covered.). I have read that passage several times and find that I ABSOLUTELY agree. Rumor has it that God will not give you more than you can handle right? So why do I feel like I don't handle it well...does that count? I know that if my life had turned out how I "planned" or how I thought it was going (even with a couple changes in direction) I would not be the person I am today or should I say the person I hope to be/try to be. Every time I think my life is "on-track" (whatever that means) something comes along and pushes us fourteen steps back. Maybe that is because life is never all figured out and something is supposed to come along and remind you of that so you don't get too comfortable and stop trying to be better than you were the day before. I think this is true in both my personal and professional life. I am really stepping outside my comfort zone at work (read: scared and totally unprepared) and continue to try and be a better person the rest of the time too. I have so many people in my life that help to influence this. Those who have known me forever and continue to support my decisions (even the crazy ones) and those that are newer to our less-than-normal life that seem to bring fresh eyes and opinions.

I realize that I am where I am supposed to just doesn't look like the picture on the box! :) Surprise, Surprise! I love it!

Summer Sunday in April here we come! WOOHOO!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a Day!

Today was such an interesting day filled with the unexpected. :) First and most important - my grandma does NOT have cancer! WOO HOO! She had successful colon cancer surgery five years ago and they thought it might be back. It isn't and she is okie dokie...not to mention a few short days from being 89 years go Grandma P!

Now on to the stranger parts of the day. We have a co-worker visiting us from China. She has never be outside her Provence let alone to another country. She has been here with us all week working in our office. We have taken her to several restaurants that she hasn't really liked so we decided our last resort was Chinese food. We had also decided to take her out today and show her a little of our city. We went to Fat's for lunch and she ATE! She confirmed that the food was exactly as it would have been in China..we were so happy (we thought she might starve). The strange part - fortune cookies are not Chinese. She had no idea what is was or why they gave it to her. Kinda funny...any idea where we got it from?

Our next grand to tour the Capitol. Well, I did not expect our TEA party protest to exceed 6,000 people! We decided to enter other than the West steps to try and avoid the crowd but it didn't really work. We made it into the building and she was very the PROTEST. :) So we headed outside. She really seemed to love the fact that we can openly protest our government. We spent about an hour walking around and taking pictures. We got to listen to the President of Paramount Pictures speak and see him on the big screen. FOX News was doing crowd was unlike anything I had seen. People were decorated in red, white and blue along with tea bags. I was really glad I got to see it first hand instead of the news. I also remembered that seeing somethings as an adult is better. I think I took a field trip to the Capitol in the 5th grade and that was the last time. What an amazing building and part of our history! I really need to go back.

And now for my RANT of the day! At the end of the day we are driving back to her hotel. Sitting at a light on 12 & J and this very elderly man is crossing the street. I believe he was intoxicated but still he had a crutch for a cane and was OLD. Well...he fell down in the middle of the road. ON J STREET! A man in the car next to us jumps out to help and I call 911. Do you know what the operator said? "Well mama if he needs assistance then then man helping him will need to call. I bet he is fine." And then she hung up on me. Are you kidding? Ok, so maybe he doesn't need an ambulance but maybe the next time he steps off the curb he gets hit by a car? He was really old and drunk. I was so mad! I told her the guy trying to help was propping him up on the wall for crying out loud.

Well, other than that...What a day! Grandma is good and I did some new things. Too bad I am sure my reward is a mountain of work tomorrow. Starbucks here I come. OH - A coffee at Starbucks in China costs as much as a nice meal...are you kidding me! YIKES. :)
Then we did some shopping downtown. She loves shoes...great girl. Only problem? In old China they believe the more pairs of shoes you have the more worries you will have...are you kidding?! I think I will keep my shoes just in case they are wrong. I can't imagine any of my worries going away if I give up all my lovely shoes. :)

Rumor has it we will reach the mid 90's this week. OUTSTANDING! :) Life is good, great, awesome! (Unless you are old and drunk and laying on J Street.)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a great weekend! Thursday night our baseball games eventually got rained out so I took E & N out to dinner and off to spend E's birthday money. We hit Toys R Us and then the book store. E LOVES to read so he knew that he wanted some books. He also got a new Wii game he wanted. Of course we ended our B & N trip with some yummy Starbuck's. Hot chocolate w/whip for E, chocolate mike for N and a Mocha Frap for mommy. We came home and stayed up late playing since no one had work or school the next morning. They got to stay home with me until I left to meet my friend DC for our lunch date and then they had to go off with PTD for his weekend.

My lunch with DC was an awesome two hour adventure that took us from Jack's (YUM!) to Coldstone (YUMMY!). Oddly, we ended up having some profound conversations. I certainly didn't intend for our light hearted little lunch to turn into what it did and after I felt at little like a crazy person for being so open. We spanned all banned topics - religion, politics, relationships, child rearing...YIKES! She said it was ok...I guess we will see if she ever wants to have lunch again. :) After I went off for a Pedi (purely a work requirement since I have to go back to AZ soon) and then I had a hair appointment later that night. My hair chick is great. It was such a nice relaxing day. I wish every (or at least once a month) could be like that.

Saturday was baseball mania! Both boys had games again but this time they were actually scheduled at different times. I got to watch ALL of both games. It was great! Both boys were awesome. My parents came to watch the games and I have friends with kids on both teams so it is nice to hang out with everyone at the park AND it was a great day..nice and sunny! After church on Saturday night my sister and I went out to dinner with my parents. An unexpected surprise and it was actually fun and relaxed - I LOVE MY PARENTS!!! Must have been the holiday spirit at work.

Our Easter was full of fun! WOO HOO! I can't even begin to imagine a holiday without fifty million little people running around - what fun are holidays without kids? It wasn't our normal Easter schedule (earlier post about A and her fam) but we had a great time and I am sure that A and the fam did too. I will admit that I missed hanging out with A, the parents and the kiddo's (A & H) today but we had a pretty busy schedule to fill the day - breakfast with the entire family, egg coloring with all the kids at T house and then the big (and I mean big) hunt at T & J's house down the street. E & N loved what the got from the Easter Bunny and now are laying on the couch stuffed full of chocolate bunnies and eggs. What better way to end the weekend? If only it didn't have to end....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am home and so are my babies! Arizona was nice - 93 degrees nice! I love hot weather (I am sure I have mentioned my love of summer once or twice...or a million times). The people we had scheduled our meetings with were so nice. My friend/family member J works for the airline and came and sat with me while I waited for my 6:00 am flight. He is a pretty funny guy so it made the time fly...even if it was 5:00 in the morning. Sac International has a Starbuck's so I was ok. My flight was delayed and I got home late so the boys stayed with Grandma and Grandpa again so I didn't get to see them until was so good to get lovies and smooches! We got our normal Wednesday night ice cream - YUM! It is so easy to forget how much I miss all the little things. Flatting E's blanket and making sure N is all snuggled in his favorite bear pj's. Did you know Squidward has 483 self portraits at his house? You do now!

Home is where the heart is - truer words were never spoken! Home isn't the four walls around you or the "stuff" inside it is all the love and happiness you find when you are their with the people you love. It's even a really nice place to be when you are alone with a little peace and quiet of life. My bed is also here...I LOVE my soft and welcoming. I even love having it all to my self with the occasional visits from E and/or N.

Easter is almost here! We have Star Wars easter egg coloring to do and not to mention the Bunny will surely visit our house on Sunday. I'm a little sad that A's parents aren't having the big egg hunt this year. They are camping (so much fun) and enjoying a nice vacation with the kiddos. It's funny because I would not have gone this year anyways but the thought of it not happening is still a little sad - silly, I know! I just love tradition. I have decided that so much of my life I tried to develop these traditions with all those around me and that just makes it harder to maintain (especially when things change). During the holiday season last year I started our own traditions and I know that it will just take me to keep those going - if we have others to join us it just adds to the fun. We have planned a crazy hunt with all the family kids and even little A is here to celebrate with us now that T & J live back in town with the rest of the family. I so love that we all still live close together.

I still find myself having moments of self pity (a nicer way to say extended periods of whining - even if most of it is to myself) and yet I wonder why? My life is filled with so much - a job I actually like (most of the time), wonderful friends (so many to count), my family (best) and the opportunity to spend time doing what I want to do...the things I truly enjoy in life. I have spent the last few months rediscovering the things I enjoy doing - not what I think others want me to do or what I wanted to do because someone else wanted to do them - just what I want. I believe in always trying to be a better person and learning all I can. I read a quote the other day - "I would rather be interested than interesting." Isn't that great! I totally agree. I ordered a couple of new books from Borders the other day and they are in...I can't wait to dive in and see what I can take from them. I have found some great books this year and really hope I can keep up the trend. I want to be a great me/mom/friend/sister/daughter/worker bee. I want to be interested rather than interesting! WOO HOO! Life? - Sign me up!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Why is it that at 2:00 this afternoon I could hardly keep my eyes open but now I am wide awake? I have a very early flight to Arizona in the morning and really need to be asleep right now. No one should have to get up at 3:30 in the morning...and be expected to function! I just read that my friend A is considering giving up coffee - Just the thought makes me sad - Starbuck's will miss her - I can pick up the slack! :)

My babies are at Grandpa's and I miss them! It makes me remember that I am slightly glad that PTD doesn't really take an interest in them most of the time. I am selfish with my babies and our time together! I often wish for time alone during the week, a chance to sleep in and only get me ready (not to mention not having to fight N out of bed). I find that one night is plenty and then I am hunting for the noise, the mess, the kisses and the hugs. I almost feel like watching Sponge Bob just to feel a little more normal. They are on Spring Break and having a glorious time driving my poor dad crazy. I probably won't get to see them tomorrow night since my flight home is late and then I have work the next morning so it will be Wednesday before they are home fighting over the Wii. I can hardly wait!

My very proud mom moment of the weekend? N hit off a pitching machine at the batting cages on Saturday night! I knew E could because they hit off a machine at his games but N is just starting his first year of t-ball. We hit the cages Saturday night and he hit LOTS of balls...not just one! E won his game on Saturday (N's doesn't keep score). MLB here they come!

So I was rummaging around Target on Sunday night and my friend MG had called earlier in the day and I missed her call so I sent her a txt to see what was up. Do you know why she was calling? Just to check in and see how I was doing. It was awesome to know that someone was just thinking of me for no special reason. I almost got all teary eyed in Target (see such a sucker). I couldn't even blame it on a really good sale. :) I have known this person since I was in high school and I would say that a lot of who I am today I owe to her. She was and continues to be a great friend and roll model for me. I love her mucho!

Yes, I should be fifteen (so not 31!) - The Hills start tonight...thank goodness for TiVo! I so love that show! GOOD NIGHT!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Do other peoples successes and happiness make you happy? I am so a person who loves to hear about the great things that happen to others. My friend DC and I had lunch together today and her husband left flowers for her today and little love notes around the house. I thought all day about how sweet that was and how great it must have made her feel. I love it! I get filled with hope and optimism. A & N have seen many a struggles this year (and last) and yet they still seem very happy together - that is what it's all about. Who wants to waste time with someone or something that isn't going to see you through the rough spots? So not worth the time or the effort. I love me a good love story or a good friend story...even a really good shopping story! Life can sure be fun if you let it.

Work has been interesting in the wake of our buyout and my other friend D has been a little stressed and way over worked so this morning I brought her Starbuck's to brighten her day. It isn't much but I know it sure helps me and I hope it does her too. :) I am a big believer in the little things.

Tonight I picked E & N up at daycare before hitting the gym and N made me an I love my Mom picture. Nothing beats a love note from a five year old. Probably the most sincere gesture without expecting anything in return (he did get smooched to death). Kids are the best thing God ever put on this earth - HANDS DOWN! Friends run a very close second with wine, chocolate, margaritas and Starbuck's all tied for third!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! The weekend is so close. I get to pick A & H up for school in the morning. Nothing is funnier than the five minute conversations of four small children first thing in the morning. We have two birthday parties this weekend and two baseball games - well two that the boys are playing in - five if you count all the ones we need to watch with other family members as players. I still need to buy a present for one of those birthday parties..Target here I come. Ah, it's going to be a fine weekend indeed!

Spring break is next week - what does that mean...One week closer to SUMMER!