Thursday, April 2, 2009


Do other peoples successes and happiness make you happy? I am so a person who loves to hear about the great things that happen to others. My friend DC and I had lunch together today and her husband left flowers for her today and little love notes around the house. I thought all day about how sweet that was and how great it must have made her feel. I love it! I get filled with hope and optimism. A & N have seen many a struggles this year (and last) and yet they still seem very happy together - that is what it's all about. Who wants to waste time with someone or something that isn't going to see you through the rough spots? So not worth the time or the effort. I love me a good love story or a good friend story...even a really good shopping story! Life can sure be fun if you let it.

Work has been interesting in the wake of our buyout and my other friend D has been a little stressed and way over worked so this morning I brought her Starbuck's to brighten her day. It isn't much but I know it sure helps me and I hope it does her too. :) I am a big believer in the little things.

Tonight I picked E & N up at daycare before hitting the gym and N made me an I love my Mom picture. Nothing beats a love note from a five year old. Probably the most sincere gesture without expecting anything in return (he did get smooched to death). Kids are the best thing God ever put on this earth - HANDS DOWN! Friends run a very close second with wine, chocolate, margaritas and Starbuck's all tied for third!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! The weekend is so close. I get to pick A & H up for school in the morning. Nothing is funnier than the five minute conversations of four small children first thing in the morning. We have two birthday parties this weekend and two baseball games - well two that the boys are playing in - five if you count all the ones we need to watch with other family members as players. I still need to buy a present for one of those birthday parties..Target here I come. Ah, it's going to be a fine weekend indeed!

Spring break is next week - what does that mean...One week closer to SUMMER!

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  1. OMG you are the sweetest girl with the sweetest heart. GUSH~!