Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a great weekend! Thursday night our baseball games eventually got rained out so I took E & N out to dinner and off to spend E's birthday money. We hit Toys R Us and then the book store. E LOVES to read so he knew that he wanted some books. He also got a new Wii game he wanted. Of course we ended our B & N trip with some yummy Starbuck's. Hot chocolate w/whip for E, chocolate mike for N and a Mocha Frap for mommy. We came home and stayed up late playing since no one had work or school the next morning. They got to stay home with me until I left to meet my friend DC for our lunch date and then they had to go off with PTD for his weekend.

My lunch with DC was an awesome two hour adventure that took us from Jack's (YUM!) to Coldstone (YUMMY!). Oddly, we ended up having some profound conversations. I certainly didn't intend for our light hearted little lunch to turn into what it did and after I felt at little like a crazy person for being so open. We spanned all banned topics - religion, politics, relationships, child rearing...YIKES! She said it was ok...I guess we will see if she ever wants to have lunch again. :) After I went off for a Pedi (purely a work requirement since I have to go back to AZ soon) and then I had a hair appointment later that night. My hair chick is great. It was such a nice relaxing day. I wish every (or at least once a month) could be like that.

Saturday was baseball mania! Both boys had games again but this time they were actually scheduled at different times. I got to watch ALL of both games. It was great! Both boys were awesome. My parents came to watch the games and I have friends with kids on both teams so it is nice to hang out with everyone at the park AND it was a great day..nice and sunny! After church on Saturday night my sister and I went out to dinner with my parents. An unexpected surprise and it was actually fun and relaxed - I LOVE MY PARENTS!!! Must have been the holiday spirit at work.

Our Easter was full of fun! WOO HOO! I can't even begin to imagine a holiday without fifty million little people running around - what fun are holidays without kids? It wasn't our normal Easter schedule (earlier post about A and her fam) but we had a great time and I am sure that A and the fam did too. I will admit that I missed hanging out with A, the parents and the kiddo's (A & H) today but we had a pretty busy schedule to fill the day - breakfast with the entire family, egg coloring with all the kids at T house and then the big (and I mean big) hunt at T & J's house down the street. E & N loved what the got from the Easter Bunny and now are laying on the couch stuffed full of chocolate bunnies and eggs. What better way to end the weekend? If only it didn't have to end....


  1. soooo... I think you are crazy, you talk to much, and I never want to have lunch with you again!

  2. OMG NO... I am totally joking. I think you are kind, insightful, and I will have lunch with you whenever you want.