Thursday, April 30, 2009

Catch up?

I need to sleep for a week! I still feel like I am catching up from being out of town for three days last week. When I say "catching up" I really mean just trying not to fall farther behind. YIKES!

This as been a crazy week at work and home. The kids have had baseball every night this week and again on Saturday morning. N had a field trip today and E has STAR testing. N has his first wiggly tooth! SO EXCITING! He can hardly wait for the tooth fairy to FINALLY come to visit him (you would think he was 50 not 5 - I mean is losing your first tooth at 5 really that bad). Wednesday morning was meltdown city at our house for some reason. Today was better and after E's game we went and had fine cuisine at McDonald's with D and her son T. It was so much fun! If only my children hadn't acted like they had never actually been inside a restaurant before. D - I swear they don't always act like crazy people. :) (I only confirm that "not always"...more like mostly.) It is after 9:00 on a school night and they are just now going to bed. I am so looking forward to tomorrow morning. Thank goodness our Friday night plan consists of a trip to the grocery store for some yummy snacks and home to change into our pj's to watch Hotel for Dogs! WOOHOO! I'm sure we will work in some Wii snowboarding and Guitar Hero before or after the movie.

We finally launched our new division at work along with some other changes that I am pretty excited about. I really hope it all works out! If it does than this will be an exciting year for us. My trip to AZ wasn't very productive but it was a lot of fun. I met two new friends while I was away. AND - one lives in tasting here we come! The other live in So Cal so we are already talking about a middle point we can all meet and hang out together.

My poor friend D from work is off for the next two weeks in Mexico for a family wedding. She has been looking forward to it for so long and now all this swine flu business. just sounds like the flu! I mean I understand it is bad and some people are dying but don't people die from the regular flu too? I GOOGLED it the other day and read some of the crazy stories about it. It kinda seems like some media hype to me. I could be totally wrong but I told her to just make sure to drink as many margarita's as she could. I mean tequila can take care of just about anything right? If not I guess Pablo will have to carry her around the wedding festivities. I am sure she is having a blast with her family. She better remember to bring me back my new pool boy! :)

Well my laundry is just about ready to be dried. E MUST have this certain shirt for tomorrow but forgot to tell me until we go home. I love that kid! Actually, I love them both. I thank God as often as I can for giving me these two adorable little monsters to try and wrangle in to good, thoughtful, upstanding MEN! HELP ME!

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