Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a Day!

Today was such an interesting day filled with the unexpected. :) First and most important - my grandma does NOT have cancer! WOO HOO! She had successful colon cancer surgery five years ago and they thought it might be back. It isn't and she is okie dokie...not to mention a few short days from being 89 years go Grandma P!

Now on to the stranger parts of the day. We have a co-worker visiting us from China. She has never be outside her Provence let alone to another country. She has been here with us all week working in our office. We have taken her to several restaurants that she hasn't really liked so we decided our last resort was Chinese food. We had also decided to take her out today and show her a little of our city. We went to Fat's for lunch and she ATE! She confirmed that the food was exactly as it would have been in China..we were so happy (we thought she might starve). The strange part - fortune cookies are not Chinese. She had no idea what is was or why they gave it to her. Kinda funny...any idea where we got it from?

Our next grand to tour the Capitol. Well, I did not expect our TEA party protest to exceed 6,000 people! We decided to enter other than the West steps to try and avoid the crowd but it didn't really work. We made it into the building and she was very the PROTEST. :) So we headed outside. She really seemed to love the fact that we can openly protest our government. We spent about an hour walking around and taking pictures. We got to listen to the President of Paramount Pictures speak and see him on the big screen. FOX News was doing crowd was unlike anything I had seen. People were decorated in red, white and blue along with tea bags. I was really glad I got to see it first hand instead of the news. I also remembered that seeing somethings as an adult is better. I think I took a field trip to the Capitol in the 5th grade and that was the last time. What an amazing building and part of our history! I really need to go back.

And now for my RANT of the day! At the end of the day we are driving back to her hotel. Sitting at a light on 12 & J and this very elderly man is crossing the street. I believe he was intoxicated but still he had a crutch for a cane and was OLD. Well...he fell down in the middle of the road. ON J STREET! A man in the car next to us jumps out to help and I call 911. Do you know what the operator said? "Well mama if he needs assistance then then man helping him will need to call. I bet he is fine." And then she hung up on me. Are you kidding? Ok, so maybe he doesn't need an ambulance but maybe the next time he steps off the curb he gets hit by a car? He was really old and drunk. I was so mad! I told her the guy trying to help was propping him up on the wall for crying out loud.

Well, other than that...What a day! Grandma is good and I did some new things. Too bad I am sure my reward is a mountain of work tomorrow. Starbucks here I come. OH - A coffee at Starbucks in China costs as much as a nice meal...are you kidding me! YIKES. :)
Then we did some shopping downtown. She loves shoes...great girl. Only problem? In old China they believe the more pairs of shoes you have the more worries you will have...are you kidding?! I think I will keep my shoes just in case they are wrong. I can't imagine any of my worries going away if I give up all my lovely shoes. :)

Rumor has it we will reach the mid 90's this week. OUTSTANDING! :) Life is good, great, awesome! (Unless you are old and drunk and laying on J Street.)

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