Monday, April 6, 2009


Why is it that at 2:00 this afternoon I could hardly keep my eyes open but now I am wide awake? I have a very early flight to Arizona in the morning and really need to be asleep right now. No one should have to get up at 3:30 in the morning...and be expected to function! I just read that my friend A is considering giving up coffee - Just the thought makes me sad - Starbuck's will miss her - I can pick up the slack! :)

My babies are at Grandpa's and I miss them! It makes me remember that I am slightly glad that PTD doesn't really take an interest in them most of the time. I am selfish with my babies and our time together! I often wish for time alone during the week, a chance to sleep in and only get me ready (not to mention not having to fight N out of bed). I find that one night is plenty and then I am hunting for the noise, the mess, the kisses and the hugs. I almost feel like watching Sponge Bob just to feel a little more normal. They are on Spring Break and having a glorious time driving my poor dad crazy. I probably won't get to see them tomorrow night since my flight home is late and then I have work the next morning so it will be Wednesday before they are home fighting over the Wii. I can hardly wait!

My very proud mom moment of the weekend? N hit off a pitching machine at the batting cages on Saturday night! I knew E could because they hit off a machine at his games but N is just starting his first year of t-ball. We hit the cages Saturday night and he hit LOTS of balls...not just one! E won his game on Saturday (N's doesn't keep score). MLB here they come!

So I was rummaging around Target on Sunday night and my friend MG had called earlier in the day and I missed her call so I sent her a txt to see what was up. Do you know why she was calling? Just to check in and see how I was doing. It was awesome to know that someone was just thinking of me for no special reason. I almost got all teary eyed in Target (see such a sucker). I couldn't even blame it on a really good sale. :) I have known this person since I was in high school and I would say that a lot of who I am today I owe to her. She was and continues to be a great friend and roll model for me. I love her mucho!

Yes, I should be fifteen (so not 31!) - The Hills start tonight...thank goodness for TiVo! I so love that show! GOOD NIGHT!

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