Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am home and so are my babies! Arizona was nice - 93 degrees nice! I love hot weather (I am sure I have mentioned my love of summer once or twice...or a million times). The people we had scheduled our meetings with were so nice. My friend/family member J works for the airline and came and sat with me while I waited for my 6:00 am flight. He is a pretty funny guy so it made the time fly...even if it was 5:00 in the morning. Sac International has a Starbuck's so I was ok. My flight was delayed and I got home late so the boys stayed with Grandma and Grandpa again so I didn't get to see them until was so good to get lovies and smooches! We got our normal Wednesday night ice cream - YUM! It is so easy to forget how much I miss all the little things. Flatting E's blanket and making sure N is all snuggled in his favorite bear pj's. Did you know Squidward has 483 self portraits at his house? You do now!

Home is where the heart is - truer words were never spoken! Home isn't the four walls around you or the "stuff" inside it is all the love and happiness you find when you are their with the people you love. It's even a really nice place to be when you are alone with a little peace and quiet of life. My bed is also here...I LOVE my soft and welcoming. I even love having it all to my self with the occasional visits from E and/or N.

Easter is almost here! We have Star Wars easter egg coloring to do and not to mention the Bunny will surely visit our house on Sunday. I'm a little sad that A's parents aren't having the big egg hunt this year. They are camping (so much fun) and enjoying a nice vacation with the kiddos. It's funny because I would not have gone this year anyways but the thought of it not happening is still a little sad - silly, I know! I just love tradition. I have decided that so much of my life I tried to develop these traditions with all those around me and that just makes it harder to maintain (especially when things change). During the holiday season last year I started our own traditions and I know that it will just take me to keep those going - if we have others to join us it just adds to the fun. We have planned a crazy hunt with all the family kids and even little A is here to celebrate with us now that T & J live back in town with the rest of the family. I so love that we all still live close together.

I still find myself having moments of self pity (a nicer way to say extended periods of whining - even if most of it is to myself) and yet I wonder why? My life is filled with so much - a job I actually like (most of the time), wonderful friends (so many to count), my family (best) and the opportunity to spend time doing what I want to do...the things I truly enjoy in life. I have spent the last few months rediscovering the things I enjoy doing - not what I think others want me to do or what I wanted to do because someone else wanted to do them - just what I want. I believe in always trying to be a better person and learning all I can. I read a quote the other day - "I would rather be interested than interesting." Isn't that great! I totally agree. I ordered a couple of new books from Borders the other day and they are in...I can't wait to dive in and see what I can take from them. I have found some great books this year and really hope I can keep up the trend. I want to be a great me/mom/friend/sister/daughter/worker bee. I want to be interested rather than interesting! WOO HOO! Life? - Sign me up!

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