Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, Friday, Friday!

I'm tired! It's Friday...finally!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Everything has just been so crazy busy lately. Our weeks and weekends are running together. I am forgetting things, not getting stuff done, running around like a chicken with my head cut off! Our school is closing so we (the posse and I) are trying to figure out where to collectively send our kids, we have seventy hundred baseball games, homework, laundry, work!

Friday night both the boys had games at the same time again. N ended up getting hit in the face with a bat. Poor kid! He had his helmet on and was fine but he did end up with a blister like mark on his cheek and some tears. He still wanted his turn to bat! After his game was over he got to come over to E's and get lots of sympathy from EVERYONE! E's game was good, long, but no injuries. After the game, the boys went home with PTD and The Coach and I decided to go to dinner with A & N...F-U-N! That was one interesting dinner! After dinner we hung out at my house for a little while to be silly. He fit right in! :)

Saturday N had another game in the afternoon. I had to go pick them up at PDT's house since he "reminded" me at the last minute that he couldn't get them because of a "class?!?" he had in the morning. I was going to the game either way but this just meant getting up earlier and heading the opposite direction to his house first. The game was fun - I love N's coach and family...we have so much fun. After the game PTD showed up at the field and got the boys for the rest of his weekend. The Coach and I headed off to for lunch and shopping...I LOVE THE GALLERIA! I got my oil change all taken care of too. Found way too many cute shoes at DSW and had lunch at The Counter. We seemed to be gone forever. I still needed to go to Target too and off to try and find this yummy wine. No such luck on the wine. I guess I have to order it! We stopped off later at the warehouse party to hang out with the B family.

Sunday was my Grandma's 90th birthday party. We all went to lunch and ate way too much! After the party the boys and I went home to do some cleaning (the house and dog!) and hang out. They had been with "dad" since Friday night and the first thing E said when he came in was "cable!" :) They were happy to go to the restaurant but were eager to get back home too. We just hung out the rest of the night. N had to write a letter of apology to his teacher for suddenly being a terrible listener. This from a lady that adores that child!

Monday N woke up to what he called a sore throat but was really every bed in our house! I spent my Monday washing sheets, blankets and boys. He felt better later that day and showed it when he decide to woo The Coach's daughter. That boy is in LOVE and isn't afraid to admit it. He raced her boyfriend just to show her he was the better man. It doesn't matter that he is six and she is fifteen...age is just a number. :)

Yesterday was no baseball! I was able to cook dinner and after we went out for ice cream. It was a great night. No one barfed either. Not to mention The Hills started again...thank you trash TV! I explained to Coach that while he may have a fifteen year old daughter, I have the same viewing preferences as one! The Hills, The City, 16 and Pregnant, Real Housewives of OC, The Soup, The Dish, Tosh! I get my fair share of the news too but it just isn't the same!

D is leaving me today for a Mexican vacation and her daughters graduation. So proud...and jealous! WHAT am I going to do until the 11th? Seriously! The Coach and I see each other a lot during the week with baseball and have been spending a lot of the kid free time together too. YIKES! He survived me and DSW so that is saying something! Granted, we don't share a checking account so it is probably a lot easier for him to watch.

I want a Nook!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday!

So our computers are down at work so we are all sitting here watching ourselves get farther behind..LOVELY! :)

Last night E had a game and N's team had snack bar. I scheduled myself for a different day because I knew I would be tied up with E's game. So the parents start showing up and no PTD. He confirmed that he could do it and then doesn't come, doesn't answer his phone and we never hear from him. I wish him all the luck facing N's coach should he ever show up at anything. Needless to say, he was not a happy man! I filled in while we waited for other parents and left E's other team mom to take care of it alone...JERKFACE. Our boys did great, we had some awesome plays and they were having a great time. We are all about the kids having fun, learning and being good sports so we made sure to point out some line-up issues for the other team so they weren't penalized with an out...oh, yeah we did this TWICE! The last inning is tied and it is getting dark. Our kids believed they had gotten two kids out so they were so excited at the last out and started to cheer that we ended in a tie. The other team had also started to leave the field at this point. We corrected the official that we only had two outs and the game should continue. The other team sent the runner that had been on third back out on the field to touch home plate and said "we win" thanks. And that is how our evening ended. Well, ok good luck with that! I really can't relate! Needless to say that coupled with another incident made wine a requirement last night! I thought my head might explode!

Today I get to have sushi with J & N..WOOHOO! Tonight we are going to watch The Coach play ball and let the boys spend some time at the cages...E needs some help. He walks or strikes out most of the time. Coach said he thinks his bat is too short so we will have to take a look at that too...ok whatever! I totally used GOOGLE to tell me what size bat to buy him THANKYOUVERYMUCH! Just because you are a real live person who watches him bat and may or may not have coached kids playing ball for eleventeen years...whatever! :) N is still playing t-ball or coach pitch so it's hard to tell if he needs the extra practice but it can't hurt. I think some dinner and/or ice cream is scheduled in too. :)

Tomorrow both kids have games and then we need to get started on our house. MAJOR work is needed. That place is a disaster. Then we have the fundraiser dinner for the girlies swim team so that should be fun. Nana is considering a sleep over for the little people so we will have to see.

Sunday...MORE CLEANING! And possibly some yard work...FUN!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I hate being sick!

I have been sick in one way or another for the last three weeks it seems like. First it was a cold a couple of weeks ago that never went away and then seemed to come back two-fold. It is kicking my butt...BIG TIME! I am whiny, sleepy, snotty and cough like a smoker..I am done!

Other than's been baseball and more work nonsense. Poor D is going to lose her mind. Newco SUCKS and the boys aren't doing anything to help the problem. We figured we had three more years left but now we aren't so sure. They would be screwed if she leaves...seriously! These people wouldn't know where to begin. I can't wait for her to leave on her vacation (jealous!) and get some much needed time off. I swore to guard her office so no one makes it worse while she is gone.

So things are moving right along with The Man (now referred to as Coach). I'm S-C-A-R-E-D but dealing with it and trying really hard not to run away. Tonight I dropped the boys off at Awana and came home to get started on the disaster left from E's party this weekend and he came over to fix my fence that has been broken since I moved it. Like just fixed big deal. Are you kidding me? This is what scares me. I don't want to get used to someone fixing things that are broken. Or BBQ'ing steaks while I cook the rest of dinner in the house and then actually eating adults. I have a really hard time just enjoying what is happening and being thankful for it. I should be fine knowing that if something happens I will just go back to being alone. It's not like I will forget how, I just know how hard it will be. UGH! I want to just live in the moment and be happy and not think so much about the later but it isn't who I am. It isn't what experience has taught me. Experience taught me that it will only have one possible outcome and it will suck ass! I am trying to be logical, or I guess a little less logical and just go with it. I mean he has still come over to hang out while I cough up a lung and blow my raw, red nose every 20 seconds. He met the parents and the ladies and they can be a scary bunch! :) I like him and he says that he likes me back and that he was looking for something and is/was ready for it so I guess we will just see what happens. Praying, fingers crossed, wishing on a star.....and anything else I can think of! :)

Speak of the devil...look who's here......

Monday, April 12, 2010

Crazy Weekend!

Our weekend was non-stop from start to finish! First, I was/am SICK! Stupid SUCK!

Friday night N had a game and it was nice and sunny out. After the game the boys went home with PTD and The Man and I went and got my new sunglasses! I can finally see again, thank you prescription sunglasses and HSA accounts, and Lenscrafters 1 hour service! After we met up with A & N at a new sushi place for dinner. It was really tasty! A Pinkberry just opened in our area and we decided to give it a try...line out the thank you! We hit up Coldstone instead...I am so in love with dark chocolate ice cream. We were driving from dinner to ice cream and he realized that I was almost out of gas. I generally wait for the light to come on and it usually happens at the worst time and my dad yells at me every time he discovers that I do this and yet, I continue and that is so not the point of the story. He stopped and got me gas - like got out of the car and pumped my gas! It's the little things.

Saturday E had a game and it was bitterly cold. My dad ended up leaving early it was so cold, but not before bringing me a blanket. :) The game was looonnnggg and we got killed! The kids went back home with PDT...who brought them late to the game so E had to sit the first inning and N only had a sweatshirt on! GRRRR!!! After the game I went home to clean and then we went to watch the fights at a friends was fun! I actually like watching them and my girl posse doesn't so much. The food was yummy too.

Sunday E had practice in the morning so I figured I would go to practice and then come home and decorate for his party and still have time to run and get the cake. WRONG! Practice lasted 2 1/2 hours in winds like I have never seen! It looked like a sandstorm with the dirt from the in-field. It started to rain the second we all got in our cars - like it couldn't have started an hour earlier!?! N did get to practice like he was part of the team...that kid was on cloud nine! He even got to bat like all the other kids. It was so adorable. I ended up calling my dad and asking him to go over to my house and start getting stuff ready. My mom wasn't home yet and he was watching the Masters so I got in trouble. HA! :) A & N came and helped too...thank GOD! I had less than an hour to get it all ready. When it was all said and done, we had a great time! 20 kids and lots of adults and some serious storming so we all crammed into my house. We had pizza and cake and snow cones. The snow cones were a big hit! E got lots of cool stuff too. After everyone cleared out a few of us gather the monsters and went to dinner....why not prolong the misery. :) We got home and the boys crashed and I just looked around at the disaster that is my house. I have no idea why I spent hours cleaning - I must like wasting time!

Our week is full - baseball just about every night this week so I have no idea when the cleaning is supposed to happen. Too bad I don't have a maid or a cleaning fairy.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

My kids are jerks! They can't seem to function on a weekend morning unless I am up...staring at them. "We are starving, watch cartoons with us, I need to tell you a story". We are talking 6:30 Saturday morning here. Easter morning? Nope! The little brats got up and saw their baskets and decided that they should just sit down and enjoy them...WITHOUT ME! A half hour later E comes in to tell me that N did something and I can HEAR the movie that was in his basket playing in the background. They opened their baskets, got out the movie and were having a candy breakfast. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! By 7:30 in the morning they had used/played with almost everything and nothing was "picture" worthy at that point.

Friday N and I had a great time at lunch and Target...and then ice cream. :) I picked up the boys from PTD's house and we ran to the grocery store before D and the kids came to play. She and I had a wonderful dinner of wine, Twix and potato chips (UGH!) while the kids played. We had such uplifting conversations about divorce...we were FUN people! Actually, we did do our fair share of laughing and I was very glad she came over. I tried to force my opinion on her like any good friend does, right?

Saturday was baseball-o-rama! Got to the park at 8:00 for warm-ups and then E's game. We had a great game and ended it in a tie because we were running so long. My dad came to watch and hang out with N so I could be the "pitch count" mom again. Did I mention it was FREEZING again! GRRR! A grandma on the team did go get us Starbucks so that was awesome. I tried bribing the ump with hot chocolate. Not really, the poor kid was freezing too so it was mostly just a mom thing. After the game, the lovely boys on our team decided that we should have a take down match out on the lawn. Like, let's sweep her feet out from under her and then we can all dog pile on top of her and see how funny that would be. Not to be out done we may have proceeded to do this over and over for the next 45 minutes or so. No dads were jumping in the mix, just me and the other team mom against these beastly nine year olds...punks! We ran to pizza quickly and then E stayed with his coach and a couple other kids while I took N to his game. They came a little later and watched him play too...and he brought not only my child but the other monsters too so we had to call a truce so I could watch the game.

After the game was a whirlwind of egg coloring with my family and with friends. It finally ended around 11:00 on Saturday night. A, N and the kids came over around 8:30 to color them and J stopped by to borrow a dress and we decided that it was time for them to weigh in on The Man so he came to be interrogated by the posse! My impression is that he passed inspection for now...still not sure what that or any of it means but it was a necessary step. They have more of an "approval" requirement than I do with my actual family, outside of my parents of course!

Easter was great! I got to spend it with A's family again. God I miss those people! It was like falling back in time to before the whole jerkface brother thing. I love them like my own family...they are so welcoming to us. My kids get the same as everyone else. It was AWESOME! After we went to my sisters house for lunch and to celebrate my niece's birthday. My family (some) is a little judgemental, ok WAY judgemental. It drives me crazy...seriously people, enough is enough! I quit caring or reacting to it a long time ago and I think they aren't such fans of that but its ok. I love them and they get to be whatever they like and I am going to do the same.

The Man may have come over after we got home and hung out for a while. He got his ass kicked by the kids at Wii boxing. He deserved it for talking smack before they started. The kids just know at this point that we are friends. The contact with them is going to be limited...VERY limited - we don't need anymore attachment issues...ANY OF US! It was fun to hang out....and well, that freaked me out a little. Issues anyone? The plan has gone to hell in a hand basket!

Friday, April 2, 2010


The babies came home last night from spending time with the Grandparents..WOOHOO! :) N had a game and it was still freezing outside. Baseball = Summer - let's get crackin on the summer part already!

I really loved having the kiddos home last night even if we just came home from the game and hung out. I miss the constant chatter around the house when the are missing. I will admit, I missed The Man a little. We saw each other a lot the last few days with the kids being gone but that was a fluke, but a nice one. I may or may not have spilled my guts the other night about all my man/kid related issues along with my concern over his recent divorce. See why you shouldn't drink wine and talk at the same time! On a side note, I was re-reading my blog and realized that my comment about someone overhearing my crazy was him. He was the "overhearer" of that story. Well, he should have known better! :)

My boss brought me a Starbucks this morning. I've been slightly (EXTREMELY) cranky lately and so I think he is trying to buy my silence. "Here's a Starbucks. Please, just sit in your office and work; close the door if you like." Well, maybe that kind of thing works for me. A raise isn't in my future so I guess I will take what I can get. It's his fault if he comes in to my office and sits down...then my ranting is fair game buddy! G, my other boss called to talk work and then hung up and called back to ask how my mom was doing - dang the guys and their niceness! We also get to leave early today and N and I are going to go have a kid-free lunch and trip to Target. (Yes, I was just what! I also ate lunch yesterday to so suck it!) I need things at Target...NEED them!

Tomorrow our mean, evil coaches decided we should have practice before our early game. They hate sleep and all things warm and comfortable and probably puppies too! They are just mean, mean jerks! Hmm, or maybe they are just a group of really great guys that donate their time to spend with a bunch of little boys and are even willing to give up their own sleep and listen to us whine in the process. They are awesome and we have a blast harassing each other. They with never one-up me and the other team "mom" - we kick ass and give way better than we get. It pays to be sarcastic and quick on your feet! :) N's game is later that afternoon - at a NORMAL hour and then we have two egg coloring parties the rest of the day. I love being fun busy...its fun and it keeps the mind off that which we would rather not yet think about.

Bring it on weekend of Baseball/Easter/Kid having fun!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Showers...GO AWAY!

I can't believe it is April already!

E turned 9 on Monday! I can't believe my baby is half way to adulthood...UGH! I took the day off to hang out with him and after an eventful morning/afternoon, we went to John's Incredible Pizza with The Man and his boy. We didn't plan it that way but he called as we were leaving and E heard me on the phone and asked if they could they did. He played as much as the kids. :) He did agree to ride the spinner ride with them since N isn't quite tall enough to go alone and that made my tummy very happy! After we played and ate all we could, I took the boys to my parents house for cake and ice cream and the boys were spending the night with Grandma & Grandpa since they are on break and mommy is NOT!

The boys games are in full swing now. E has two this week and N has three. It was FREEZING on Tuesday. After N's game he and the parents sat in the car while they waited for E's game to be over. I didn't even have the shelter of the dugout this time around - I was in the box counting pitches...FUN! I missed all of N's game but without a certain number of parents to help the older division can't play and N has an extra game this week so I will get to focus on him Thursday night.

This week also consisted of a much needed trip to Target to prepare for the upcoming holiday and birthday present shopping. The kids were still with parents so that made it easy. J came over first for a little while so we could play catch up. We normally spend three days a week together but with baseball/softball we hadn't seen each other ALL week! WITHDRAWLS. I filled her in on The Man story. What of the story I understand anyways...(sigh....) and then she went home to hang out with her hub since S is off gallivanting this week too! I figured it would be a good test so I made him go to Target with me. You really don't know a girl until you understand her total devotion to all things Target! If he had whined or rushed or just missed the whole point I probably would have ended it right in the middle of aisle 13! :) We went to dinner after shopping and a group of girls were in the restaurant for a bachelorette party and we laughed and both agreed we wanted to pull that soon-to-be-bride aside and explain to her why she should sell the dress and get the hell out of there FAST! We didn't, of course! I am so not a marriage hater but sometimes you can't help but laugh right?

Tonight is N's game and then both have them on Saturday at different times so I can watch them both..WOOHOO! Friday night D and the kiddos are coming over some play/wine time. Play for them wine for us! Saturday night will be some egg coloring with A and the fam and then off for Easter fun on Sunday. I have lots of house cleaning to do in between...wonder how that is going to go?