Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

My kids are jerks! They can't seem to function on a weekend morning unless I am up...staring at them. "We are starving, watch cartoons with us, I need to tell you a story". We are talking 6:30 Saturday morning here. Easter morning? Nope! The little brats got up and saw their baskets and decided that they should just sit down and enjoy them...WITHOUT ME! A half hour later E comes in to tell me that N did something and I can HEAR the movie that was in his basket playing in the background. They opened their baskets, got out the movie and were having a candy breakfast. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! By 7:30 in the morning they had used/played with almost everything and nothing was "picture" worthy at that point.

Friday N and I had a great time at lunch and Target...and then ice cream. :) I picked up the boys from PTD's house and we ran to the grocery store before D and the kids came to play. She and I had a wonderful dinner of wine, Twix and potato chips (UGH!) while the kids played. We had such uplifting conversations about divorce...we were FUN people! Actually, we did do our fair share of laughing and I was very glad she came over. I tried to force my opinion on her like any good friend does, right?

Saturday was baseball-o-rama! Got to the park at 8:00 for warm-ups and then E's game. We had a great game and ended it in a tie because we were running so long. My dad came to watch and hang out with N so I could be the "pitch count" mom again. Did I mention it was FREEZING again! GRRR! A grandma on the team did go get us Starbucks so that was awesome. I tried bribing the ump with hot chocolate. Not really, the poor kid was freezing too so it was mostly just a mom thing. After the game, the lovely boys on our team decided that we should have a take down match out on the lawn. Like, let's sweep her feet out from under her and then we can all dog pile on top of her and see how funny that would be. Not to be out done we may have proceeded to do this over and over for the next 45 minutes or so. No dads were jumping in the mix, just me and the other team mom against these beastly nine year olds...punks! We ran to pizza quickly and then E stayed with his coach and a couple other kids while I took N to his game. They came a little later and watched him play too...and he brought not only my child but the other monsters too so we had to call a truce so I could watch the game.

After the game was a whirlwind of egg coloring with my family and with friends. It finally ended around 11:00 on Saturday night. A, N and the kids came over around 8:30 to color them and J stopped by to borrow a dress and we decided that it was time for them to weigh in on The Man so he came to be interrogated by the posse! My impression is that he passed inspection for now...still not sure what that or any of it means but it was a necessary step. They have more of an "approval" requirement than I do with my actual family, outside of my parents of course!

Easter was great! I got to spend it with A's family again. God I miss those people! It was like falling back in time to before the whole jerkface brother thing. I love them like my own family...they are so welcoming to us. My kids get the same as everyone else. It was AWESOME! After we went to my sisters house for lunch and to celebrate my niece's birthday. My family (some) is a little judgemental, ok WAY judgemental. It drives me crazy...seriously people, enough is enough! I quit caring or reacting to it a long time ago and I think they aren't such fans of that but its ok. I love them and they get to be whatever they like and I am going to do the same.

The Man may have come over after we got home and hung out for a while. He got his ass kicked by the kids at Wii boxing. He deserved it for talking smack before they started. The kids just know at this point that we are friends. The contact with them is going to be limited...VERY limited - we don't need anymore attachment issues...ANY OF US! It was fun to hang out....and well, that freaked me out a little. Issues anyone? The plan has gone to hell in a hand basket!

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