Friday, April 2, 2010


The babies came home last night from spending time with the Grandparents..WOOHOO! :) N had a game and it was still freezing outside. Baseball = Summer - let's get crackin on the summer part already!

I really loved having the kiddos home last night even if we just came home from the game and hung out. I miss the constant chatter around the house when the are missing. I will admit, I missed The Man a little. We saw each other a lot the last few days with the kids being gone but that was a fluke, but a nice one. I may or may not have spilled my guts the other night about all my man/kid related issues along with my concern over his recent divorce. See why you shouldn't drink wine and talk at the same time! On a side note, I was re-reading my blog and realized that my comment about someone overhearing my crazy was him. He was the "overhearer" of that story. Well, he should have known better! :)

My boss brought me a Starbucks this morning. I've been slightly (EXTREMELY) cranky lately and so I think he is trying to buy my silence. "Here's a Starbucks. Please, just sit in your office and work; close the door if you like." Well, maybe that kind of thing works for me. A raise isn't in my future so I guess I will take what I can get. It's his fault if he comes in to my office and sits down...then my ranting is fair game buddy! G, my other boss called to talk work and then hung up and called back to ask how my mom was doing - dang the guys and their niceness! We also get to leave early today and N and I are going to go have a kid-free lunch and trip to Target. (Yes, I was just what! I also ate lunch yesterday to so suck it!) I need things at Target...NEED them!

Tomorrow our mean, evil coaches decided we should have practice before our early game. They hate sleep and all things warm and comfortable and probably puppies too! They are just mean, mean jerks! Hmm, or maybe they are just a group of really great guys that donate their time to spend with a bunch of little boys and are even willing to give up their own sleep and listen to us whine in the process. They are awesome and we have a blast harassing each other. They with never one-up me and the other team "mom" - we kick ass and give way better than we get. It pays to be sarcastic and quick on your feet! :) N's game is later that afternoon - at a NORMAL hour and then we have two egg coloring parties the rest of the day. I love being fun busy...its fun and it keeps the mind off that which we would rather not yet think about.

Bring it on weekend of Baseball/Easter/Kid having fun!

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