Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Everything has just been so crazy busy lately. Our weeks and weekends are running together. I am forgetting things, not getting stuff done, running around like a chicken with my head cut off! Our school is closing so we (the posse and I) are trying to figure out where to collectively send our kids, we have seventy hundred baseball games, homework, laundry, work!

Friday night both the boys had games at the same time again. N ended up getting hit in the face with a bat. Poor kid! He had his helmet on and was fine but he did end up with a blister like mark on his cheek and some tears. He still wanted his turn to bat! After his game was over he got to come over to E's and get lots of sympathy from EVERYONE! E's game was good, long, but no injuries. After the game, the boys went home with PTD and The Coach and I decided to go to dinner with A & N...F-U-N! That was one interesting dinner! After dinner we hung out at my house for a little while to be silly. He fit right in! :)

Saturday N had another game in the afternoon. I had to go pick them up at PDT's house since he "reminded" me at the last minute that he couldn't get them because of a "class?!?" he had in the morning. I was going to the game either way but this just meant getting up earlier and heading the opposite direction to his house first. The game was fun - I love N's coach and family...we have so much fun. After the game PTD showed up at the field and got the boys for the rest of his weekend. The Coach and I headed off to for lunch and shopping...I LOVE THE GALLERIA! I got my oil change all taken care of too. Found way too many cute shoes at DSW and had lunch at The Counter. We seemed to be gone forever. I still needed to go to Target too and off to try and find this yummy wine. No such luck on the wine. I guess I have to order it! We stopped off later at the warehouse party to hang out with the B family.

Sunday was my Grandma's 90th birthday party. We all went to lunch and ate way too much! After the party the boys and I went home to do some cleaning (the house and dog!) and hang out. They had been with "dad" since Friday night and the first thing E said when he came in was "cable!" :) They were happy to go to the restaurant but were eager to get back home too. We just hung out the rest of the night. N had to write a letter of apology to his teacher for suddenly being a terrible listener. This from a lady that adores that child!

Monday N woke up to what he called a sore throat but was really every bed in our house! I spent my Monday washing sheets, blankets and boys. He felt better later that day and showed it when he decide to woo The Coach's daughter. That boy is in LOVE and isn't afraid to admit it. He raced her boyfriend just to show her he was the better man. It doesn't matter that he is six and she is fifteen...age is just a number. :)

Yesterday was no baseball! I was able to cook dinner and after we went out for ice cream. It was a great night. No one barfed either. Not to mention The Hills started again...thank you trash TV! I explained to Coach that while he may have a fifteen year old daughter, I have the same viewing preferences as one! The Hills, The City, 16 and Pregnant, Real Housewives of OC, The Soup, The Dish, Tosh! I get my fair share of the news too but it just isn't the same!

D is leaving me today for a Mexican vacation and her daughters graduation. So proud...and jealous! WHAT am I going to do until the 11th? Seriously! The Coach and I see each other a lot during the week with baseball and have been spending a lot of the kid free time together too. YIKES! He survived me and DSW so that is saying something! Granted, we don't share a checking account so it is probably a lot easier for him to watch.

I want a Nook!

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