Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Showers...GO AWAY!

I can't believe it is April already!

E turned 9 on Monday! I can't believe my baby is half way to adulthood...UGH! I took the day off to hang out with him and after an eventful morning/afternoon, we went to John's Incredible Pizza with The Man and his boy. We didn't plan it that way but he called as we were leaving and E heard me on the phone and asked if they could they did. He played as much as the kids. :) He did agree to ride the spinner ride with them since N isn't quite tall enough to go alone and that made my tummy very happy! After we played and ate all we could, I took the boys to my parents house for cake and ice cream and the boys were spending the night with Grandma & Grandpa since they are on break and mommy is NOT!

The boys games are in full swing now. E has two this week and N has three. It was FREEZING on Tuesday. After N's game he and the parents sat in the car while they waited for E's game to be over. I didn't even have the shelter of the dugout this time around - I was in the box counting pitches...FUN! I missed all of N's game but without a certain number of parents to help the older division can't play and N has an extra game this week so I will get to focus on him Thursday night.

This week also consisted of a much needed trip to Target to prepare for the upcoming holiday and birthday present shopping. The kids were still with parents so that made it easy. J came over first for a little while so we could play catch up. We normally spend three days a week together but with baseball/softball we hadn't seen each other ALL week! WITHDRAWLS. I filled her in on The Man story. What of the story I understand anyways...(sigh....) and then she went home to hang out with her hub since S is off gallivanting this week too! I figured it would be a good test so I made him go to Target with me. You really don't know a girl until you understand her total devotion to all things Target! If he had whined or rushed or just missed the whole point I probably would have ended it right in the middle of aisle 13! :) We went to dinner after shopping and a group of girls were in the restaurant for a bachelorette party and we laughed and both agreed we wanted to pull that soon-to-be-bride aside and explain to her why she should sell the dress and get the hell out of there FAST! We didn't, of course! I am so not a marriage hater but sometimes you can't help but laugh right?

Tonight is N's game and then both have them on Saturday at different times so I can watch them both..WOOHOO! Friday night D and the kiddos are coming over some play/wine time. Play for them wine for us! Saturday night will be some egg coloring with A and the fam and then off for Easter fun on Sunday. I have lots of house cleaning to do in between...wonder how that is going to go?

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