Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday!

So our computers are down at work so we are all sitting here watching ourselves get farther behind..LOVELY! :)

Last night E had a game and N's team had snack bar. I scheduled myself for a different day because I knew I would be tied up with E's game. So the parents start showing up and no PTD. He confirmed that he could do it and then doesn't come, doesn't answer his phone and we never hear from him. I wish him all the luck facing N's coach should he ever show up at anything. Needless to say, he was not a happy man! I filled in while we waited for other parents and left E's other team mom to take care of it alone...JERKFACE. Our boys did great, we had some awesome plays and they were having a great time. We are all about the kids having fun, learning and being good sports so we made sure to point out some line-up issues for the other team so they weren't penalized with an out...oh, yeah we did this TWICE! The last inning is tied and it is getting dark. Our kids believed they had gotten two kids out so they were so excited at the last out and started to cheer that we ended in a tie. The other team had also started to leave the field at this point. We corrected the official that we only had two outs and the game should continue. The other team sent the runner that had been on third back out on the field to touch home plate and said "we win" thanks. And that is how our evening ended. Well, ok good luck with that! I really can't relate! Needless to say that coupled with another incident made wine a requirement last night! I thought my head might explode!

Today I get to have sushi with J & N..WOOHOO! Tonight we are going to watch The Coach play ball and let the boys spend some time at the cages...E needs some help. He walks or strikes out most of the time. Coach said he thinks his bat is too short so we will have to take a look at that too...ok whatever! I totally used GOOGLE to tell me what size bat to buy him THANKYOUVERYMUCH! Just because you are a real live person who watches him bat and may or may not have coached kids playing ball for eleventeen years...whatever! :) N is still playing t-ball or coach pitch so it's hard to tell if he needs the extra practice but it can't hurt. I think some dinner and/or ice cream is scheduled in too. :)

Tomorrow both kids have games and then we need to get started on our house. MAJOR work is needed. That place is a disaster. Then we have the fundraiser dinner for the girlies swim team so that should be fun. Nana is considering a sleep over for the little people so we will have to see.

Sunday...MORE CLEANING! And possibly some yard work...FUN!

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