Monday, April 12, 2010

Crazy Weekend!

Our weekend was non-stop from start to finish! First, I was/am SICK! Stupid SUCK!

Friday night N had a game and it was nice and sunny out. After the game the boys went home with PTD and The Man and I went and got my new sunglasses! I can finally see again, thank you prescription sunglasses and HSA accounts, and Lenscrafters 1 hour service! After we met up with A & N at a new sushi place for dinner. It was really tasty! A Pinkberry just opened in our area and we decided to give it a try...line out the thank you! We hit up Coldstone instead...I am so in love with dark chocolate ice cream. We were driving from dinner to ice cream and he realized that I was almost out of gas. I generally wait for the light to come on and it usually happens at the worst time and my dad yells at me every time he discovers that I do this and yet, I continue and that is so not the point of the story. He stopped and got me gas - like got out of the car and pumped my gas! It's the little things.

Saturday E had a game and it was bitterly cold. My dad ended up leaving early it was so cold, but not before bringing me a blanket. :) The game was looonnnggg and we got killed! The kids went back home with PDT...who brought them late to the game so E had to sit the first inning and N only had a sweatshirt on! GRRRR!!! After the game I went home to clean and then we went to watch the fights at a friends was fun! I actually like watching them and my girl posse doesn't so much. The food was yummy too.

Sunday E had practice in the morning so I figured I would go to practice and then come home and decorate for his party and still have time to run and get the cake. WRONG! Practice lasted 2 1/2 hours in winds like I have never seen! It looked like a sandstorm with the dirt from the in-field. It started to rain the second we all got in our cars - like it couldn't have started an hour earlier!?! N did get to practice like he was part of the team...that kid was on cloud nine! He even got to bat like all the other kids. It was so adorable. I ended up calling my dad and asking him to go over to my house and start getting stuff ready. My mom wasn't home yet and he was watching the Masters so I got in trouble. HA! :) A & N came and helped too...thank GOD! I had less than an hour to get it all ready. When it was all said and done, we had a great time! 20 kids and lots of adults and some serious storming so we all crammed into my house. We had pizza and cake and snow cones. The snow cones were a big hit! E got lots of cool stuff too. After everyone cleared out a few of us gather the monsters and went to dinner....why not prolong the misery. :) We got home and the boys crashed and I just looked around at the disaster that is my house. I have no idea why I spent hours cleaning - I must like wasting time!

Our week is full - baseball just about every night this week so I have no idea when the cleaning is supposed to happen. Too bad I don't have a maid or a cleaning fairy.

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