Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Weekend!

We were lucky enough to stick to the plan last night. We hit the grocery store after work and then came home to an easy dinner and together watched Hotel for Dogs. N fell asleep early so E and I watched the rest of it together. At one of the really sad parts I started to cry. I tried to be quiet so E didn't see me, then I look over and my little man is sobbing! I love my sensitive boy. We talked about it just being a movie and then I guessed a happy ending so we decided to keep watching it. Sure enough all ends well so he was happy again. :)

Today we got to walk with little A in the Arthritis Walk. I always get amazed at my ungratefulness at times like that. I have two totally healthy little monsters and no real health issues of my own and yet I whine regularly about stupid things that don't matter - money, my great job, losers, a messy house....and I could go on forever. A lives with pain and issues no kid should ever have to. Sometimes she takes it out on her mom and that isn't fair for poor big A to have to deal with and yet she does it with love every Friday when she has to give little A her shot to help limit any long term damage from sucks! (A-if you are reading this you better not cry!) I love them all more than I can say and am glad that the boys and I were there to support her and cross the rainy finish line together as our own made up family! It ROCKED! As we are leaving soaked and cold we walk back towards the starting line to our car and H screams..."we have to walk AGAIN!"....we all ended on a big ol' laugh! A is a strong little girl and continues to run and walk and swim all she can...nothing is going to take her down! And we are all going to be there every step of the way to support her and the rest of the fam in any way we can. A, N and the kids as so much part of my everyday life that I really can't imagine what I did before them. Thankfully I don't think I will ever have to find out what I would do without them. We are in it for life ladies and gentleman! The family that you get to choose is the family you have forever right? :)

The boys and I came home to warm up and rest before we headed off to church. I know some may view church as a place of judgement and ridicule but not ours. I have never been in a room that welcomed the "abnormal" as much as Bridgeway Christian Church. They regularly celebrate single moms. Being one myself I always worry what that means for me and the little people. The message at our church? God watches out extra for you and your babies. They don't question people about their political beliefs or sexual orientation. During the election they actually refused to talk about it. They don't add any crazy rules on you - we even just wear regular clothes. Pastor Lance is awesome and truly tries to just interpret what the Bible says about life without any "extra" things added in...just the straight WORD! I have never left feeling bad about myself...usually I feel better about life in general and find something helpful to reflect on. I'm not trying to be "preachy" or anything like that. It's just something that works for us and I am glad. I am still trying to figure out what works for teaching my monsters (I mean perfect angels) to stop fighting, clean up their mess and stop calling each other names. (We have been home for about an hour and they have already called each other names, fought and made a bigger mess.)

Well, they are begging me to help make brownies before we watch Hotel for Dogs again since N missed it last night so I guess I better get crackin!

"Look up, press forward, the best is yet to be!" - F.B. Meyers

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  1. of course we are in it for life! love you ler!