Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun minus the sun!

It's May already folks...where the heck is the sun? Today I had planned a lazy day at home with the little people. We were contemplating not even getting dressed. At some point I would start cleaning up the mess we made during the week and tackling the mountain of laundry the three of us create Monday through Friday. Instead someone decided to rescue us from all the fun! :) YIPPEE!

We met up with A & fam and hit the bowling alley first. Way too much fun and the kids beat the pants off us! Then we went to Spaghetti Factory for a very late lunch and got to eat inside the train. N & H almost fell over the side trying to determine if the train car had wheels to move us. Our waiter was great - the kids sat at a table next to us and he kept calling them sir and adorable! Collectively we ate enough to feed a small country and loved it all - no one complained about the food. Then we hit Old Sac. I found a book called "What would Wonder Woman Do?". I didn't buy it but at least I know it is there should I change my mind. I LOVE Wonder Woman! I even have the TV show on DVD. She was my idol growing up. I would wear my headband on my forehead and my jump rope was my truth lasso. Still waiting for my invisible plane to pick me up and take me to my private island. The kids proceeded to touch EVERYTHING - note, we specifically said "Don't touch anything"! We hit up Candy Heaven and on the way out N informed us that he didn't get to eat any candy while we were in the store - "he only tasted it". Ask him what the difference is between eating and tasting and suddenly he wasn't so clear. The kids got to play on the swings for a bit too. AND....while the sun wasn't shining it never rained on us so that was nice.

I'm glad I didn't waste our Sunday dusting what will only be dusty again in a couple of days. The laundry and dishes from breakfast were nice enough to wait for me so I could spend time with them after the kids go to bed. LUCKY GIRL I AM! :)

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