Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Ok, I know it isn't really Father's Day but man I LOVE my dad! He is so awesome - don't get me wrong...we can drive each other crazy but I know that he would do anything he could for me and the boys. Where to start - I guess Saturday a good place.....

Both the boys had games on Saturday and PDT only made it to E's. I have a real problem with not showing equal love to both babies but that is nothing new. E's field is very far from the restrooms and they are very close to the parking lot. I know I have mentioned that I don't like letting the kids wander around where I can't see them. N had to go potty but E was up to bat so I asked him to wait just a second and my dad suggested he has his dad to take him. Well...loser sends my 5 year old ALONE! Who sends a small child towards a parking lot and into a place with strangers when no one is around? NOT ME! So I take off after him and jerkface has the nerve to tell me that I am stupid and "nothing" is going to happen. First - name calling - seriously? Secondly - do you watch the news moron? Well as the words start flying from my mouth I see my dad coming up behind me with a look that should scare the %$#! out of PTD! I actually had to yell at my dad twice that it was o.k. and PTD was not worth a fight in the middle of the park. I know without question that my dad would do that in any circumstance he felt called for it. :) He loves to talk about how he has calmed in his "old" age...HA! Sure you have dad!

After the game he took the boys home to go swimming and I went home to gather up our stuff and we ended up having an impromptu sleep over. He BBQ'd and we swam all afternoon and this morning started all over again. He even went off in search of Popsicles for us. Some friends came over, A & D and their three kids...even baby L - she is ADORABLE! We swam and hung out all day in the back yard. Had some more BBQ and laughed at the crazy things the kids did. I am lobster red and in spite several sunblock applications the boys are a little red in the face and E a little on his shoulders too.

My dad does so many other things than just protecting me when he thinks I need it, building a pool in his backyard for the kids, BBQ'ing the best food ever, babysitting...the list goes on and on! I know that he loves me know matter what and is ALWAYS going to stick up for me....probably even if I was wrong. My dad does not use the Internet other than to check his stocks so he will probably never read this but that's okay. I LOVE YOU DAD! :)

He is even babysitting for me tomorrow night so I can party! Oh wait, that was just my dream. He is babysitting for me so I can stay late at work and then go out to dinner with Newco! Well isn't that just the most exciting start to the week ever..WOOHOO! Starbucks...see you in the morning!

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