Thursday, May 28, 2009 close!

I can't believe how close it is to summer already. I thought it would never get here. :) This morning I got N out of bed by telling him this was the very last Thursday he would ever have as a kindergartner...he seemed very intense about it. I think he was trying to figure out what all that meant. Tomorrow is "buddy water day" so I am sure they will both fly out of bed with no troubles. They have had a busy week with activities at school and next week will be short and sweet. Don't you miss the excitement of the end of the school year. Thinking about all your freedoms and what you will do. I wonder what you would do as an adult with that much free time? Especially if you weren't thinking about $$...what an exciting daydream. Hmmm....where to go and what to do?

For a short has been a long one. Tuesday morning started out with one of the best surprises - I got to see my baby! Well not a real baby, my baby Sammie. Yes, he is just a dog to some but I LOVE THAT DOG! I haven't seen him in months so I didn't hesitate to run over and pet him up. I went to work smelling like a stinky dog but I didn't care. Rumor has it he is still in a place I could visit...not sure for how long? I was VERY tempted to go back over and snuggle him but I also don't want to get too attached again. Once was hard enough - I swear I think breaking up with the dog was the hardest part. :) It was great to see him and know that he is healthy and happy (and not at all mad at me for not seeing him for so long - how do you explain something like that to a dog? I choose to believe he knows the whole story and since he is a dog he doesn't argue that point.) and I know his Nana is loving him like a baby too! Thank you Nana! Poor Nana came out for N's baseball game tonight only to find out we weren't going to play. The other team called five minutes before start time and cancelled - it is almost the end of the season and they only get a couple of more times to play so that sucked. I guess it didn't really matter since only four of our kids showed. My sister called about 10 minutes after we left the park to find out why we weren't there...guess this was going to be N's big night. E's game last night was really good but it was HOT outside! They lost but everyone played great - E had another double play. My MLB star in the making.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! My last Friday as the mother of a K & 2nd grader! What is a mother to do....I tried telling them if they were going to go ahead and grow up against my wishes then the needed to hurry up so they could take care of me. Let me pick dinner and the movie, they could do my laundry and tuck me in bed. N looked at me and said "no way...your crazy!". When E said he would take care of his poor mother N looked at him and chimed in with "are you crazy?" - only being five years old the kid has great timing! I think N is planning on putting me in a home by the time I am 45. I do think he would pick a nice one.

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