Thursday, May 28, 2009

The BEST LOVE on the planet!

Ok...I have never had back to back posts before.

While I was typing the last one N was asking me how to spell words like chocolate chips, bananas and the like. As I was finishing up he quit asking so I figured he was done with his story (he likes to write random things). I started my blog stalking of random strangers and he came in with a picture - One big heart in the middle and two small ones on the side - drawn in purple, otherwise known as my favorite color. He told me I was the big one in the middle and he and E were the small ones on the side. (Yep, I am crying.) We then talked a little about how much I love them even when they are at school or with PTD and he told me that sometimes when he is at PTD's house he really misses me. (sniff, sniff) He added that he knows no matter what I love him and he will always get to come home!

If that isn't a reason to think life is amazing and wonderful then I have no idea what would. These mom moments are the best remembrances of why I am SOOO lucky and so happy with my life. I will try very hard to remember to thank God every single day for them.

Dang - even when N puts me in a home I will love that kid! Maybe he'll visit?

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