Friday, May 8, 2009

Rumpas in the Rainforest

Yesterday my little N was the most adorable army ant you have EVER seen! He was in his very first play at school and was the lead marching ant (not what the program called him - this came from his AMAZING teacher that loves him like her own. The program only called him an army ant.). He was very specific about his marching orders and was so focused on his left, right, left he forgot to sing his song. It was fantastic! Everyone came to watch - my parents, sisters, nieces, A, N, the kids...and on and on! Who did not show up? Anyone who reads this doesn't even have to ask...makes me sad. N didn't even seem to notice (or at least he never mentioned it). After his show we got to watch A and her dad square dance. I think my favorite part was the gross look she had on her face when she had to dance with another boy at school. If only it would stay that way. NOT A CHANCE! That girl is going to be a heart breaker.

N is still in the process of trying to rip his poor tooth from his head. It will come out I promise. He even tried to get my sister to pull it out the other day. That crazy kid. I am not prepared for my baby to be in 1st grade. He can't seem to wait. He made me a card at school and plant for Mother's Day that he gave me last night. It was so cute - he just couldn't wait. Then he watered (drowned) the plant for me in the bathroom at school. :) E asked for an alarm clock for Sunday. He promised to set it for "sometime after it gets light outside" and NOT get out of bed until it goes off. Clearly he realizes that he should no longer wake his poor mother up at 6:00 on weekends for pancakes. They have both decided that a perfect M Day task would be for us all to make cookies. Hmm...not sure how this is all about me but that's ok. I'll just make sure they are chocolate cookies.

I should not be a work today! (Hence the mid-day blog..) Maybe it is the sunny weather or the fact that it has been a long week but I am unable to deal with stupid questions today...are you kidding me? I saw a sign the other day on an office door that said "Be happy, be bright, be quick!" I think I am going to go make me a sign like that. I believe it translates to "Don't whine, don't be stupid and hurry the %$*& up"...right? Or maybe I am missing a deeper more acceptable meaning? Oh well, I like my translation the best! My boss took me to lunch today and we ate outside...made it even harder to come back to work. 2 1/2 more hours and then it is play time for two whole days...WOOHOO! The boys have baseball tomorrow in the afternoon. Nice sunny weather and my babies playing ball. I can't wait!

D stayed in Mexico extra days so she is still there enjoying the sun and margaritas and hanging out with Paco...I am so jealous and so happy for her!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

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