Saturday, May 23, 2009

The longest week in history!

Oh my, Friday was never going to come! I am sure that D would totally agree! Work and home were nuts and I missed my little crazy people like...well crazy! Monday night was a dinner function for work that went on forever and my parents kept the boys. No one at home seemed to miss me. Tuesday was yet another work dinner...much longer but also a lot more fun. This time the boys stayed the night at A's house...again, I don't think anyone realized I was gone. :) Tuesday's dinner consisted of way too many margarita's and lots of laughing until around 11:00. By the time I got home and in bed my alarm was yelling at me. This made Wednesday my least favorite day until it was rescued by the boys. I missed them like crazy! So did we have a nice relaxing night at home? NOPE, not us! We had two baseball games and then picture pick up. We didn't get home until after 9:00 - yep, on a school night! My brother-in-law B came to the games too and I never get to see him so that was awesome and then DC and T came with us and we all had dinner together. Thursday was a rousing four hour shift at the snack bar while the kids went to Z's play with the rest of the fam. (I do have to point out that loser PTD decided to skip his Tuesday shift at said snack bar. I guess getting your kid benched is no big deal. GRRRR! FORTUNATELY - others realized that it wasn't E's fault that he is a big jerkface and let him play.)

Friday was heaven sent! Not because it wasn't also crazy but our office closed early. D2 wrote a sort of "white paper" for D and I to review that made me laugh so hard I almost wet my pants but I swore not to share it or he won't write another one. D, D2 and I stayed late until we got kicked out by our IT department - gosh darn maintenance weekend. :) PTD had the boys so D and I enjoyed a drink or two, then bathing suit shopping (it helps to have consumed liquor before this type of event) and then we decided to have pedi's. It really made for a nice end to a nightmare of a week. It would have been better if the boys were home but they will be back in a few short hours and we are off to a BBQ at my parents with the whole fam coming. I can't wait...especially since Monday is a holiday for all of us...WOOHOO!

The next two weeks are chalked full of school and baseball related events and then summer will be here and no more homework, bedtimes, work (oh wait...skip that one). It will start getting HOT and we will live in the pool...long lazy days of swimming with the kids and having my dad cook great food. Too bad I will have to limit my intake of said food. We have started our Biggest Loser Challenge so I only have seven more weeks to lose the most and win every one's $$$! I am not off to a great start...damn work dinners!

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