Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

This weekend was one of those that made it very easy to be grateful! I had such an amazing time...the whole time! :)

Friday night began with an impromptu BBQ with the besties that ended up turning into a little too much fun...sleepover required. Well can a great time with BFF's and great wine ever really be too much fun? Only the next morning when my head and I were not agreeing on how we should spend the day. We had a BLAST together. Yummy food, conversation, wine and let's not forget the silly crazies! They are awesome!

Saturday afternoon the little people had games and both did AWESOME! E is really showing some serious skills this year. N is still just getting started and having a blast. Not to mention I get to hang out with my friend D a little. A's parents and my sisters both came too. N's little baby tooth finally fell out and he was visited by the tooth fairy. It was all he hoped it would be. Later that night I went with my parents to watch them participate in a $300,000 drawing. They didn't win but that's ok...we had fun. After I went over to A's parents house for an early Mother's Day BBQ. Again, we had a blast but this time it was wine free. Diet Pepsi for me. Still more laughs and crazies and it was great.

Mother's Day brought me fantastic gifts from the boys. Both made me presents and cards in class. E's card let me know that he never wanted any other mom in the whole world because I was so nice to him. How? Because I warm up his clothes in the dryer in the morning before school. I guess it really is the little things. :) N's just let me know how much he loved me. He also tried to give me his tooth fairy money as a gift - that kid rocks! My mom asked my sisters and I to go to church with her this morning so we did. My dad and the boys stayed home and cooked us a huge breakfast. It was very tasty! Later we took my grandma and "other" mother out to dinner. That was nice too - mostly because my niece M is such a little nut and had us cracking up the whole time. I also don't get to see my brother-in-law B too often and he came and we got a chance to talk so that was nice.

I was cleaning up tonight and realizing how blessed I really am. I have such great friends. The three of us (A, N and I) never seem to get tired of each other. I see N every day at work (Yep! She works with me now.) and we spent most of our weekend together. A and I txt and/or email several times a day. It is amazing to have two friends that you can literally say and do anything around..even the insane. We tell each other just about everything and love on each other's children like they are our own. They are always on my side and I on theirs. We can take down the world! (HA!) Today I turned my phone off in church only to come out to tons of txt messages from all of my other friends (D, DC, MG, MK....) wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. D is FINALLY back in the good old USA and in the office tomorrow. It gets lonely in the office with out her. I am sure she just can't wait to hang out with me at the local dive instead of the beach in Mexico. :) I also have the most amazing parents in the world. My mom and dad love me and the boys so much and I know they would do anything for us. Top it off with these two crazy little children that make me laugh and cry and beam with pride every day.

This is the reason I started blogging. Next time I get whiny about something stupid I hope I remember to come back and read this and remember what a great time I had the last three days and how many great people I have in my crazy, messy, silly life.

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