Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Practical...? Not a chance!

So my life it a little crazy and you would think that I would do anything possible to make it easier right? SO NOT THE CASE! :) I discovered that I am a shallow girl! Luckily not in my people picking and/or relationships but in stuff! I am like a small child...I love the bright shiny things. My purse is so pretty...(sigh)! I love it but it is the most inconvenient thing I own. This purse is like a black hole. It takes me 10 minutes to find my lip gloss. Good luck calling my cell if it is in the bottomless pit that is my purse...I will never find it before you hang up. Mostly I keep it in my pocket for just that reason. I know I should just switch to one of the 700 other purses I own but I just can't give it up! My change purse (that I also love and goes so well with the purse) from DSW always spills my change. Yep...right into the bottom of above mentioned purse. That is also not helpful. If I didn't love my non-change holding wallet (yep, goes with the purse too) so much I would get rid of it and switch to another one. My wallet also doesn't hold everything else I need yet still I keep on using it. I don't even like the person who gave it to me anymore (luckily I picked it out on my own so while someone else paid for it I still consider it my own since it was my idea...right?) but I LOVE it....shiny red croc (fake of course)!

I just think how much easier my day might be without any one of these three things. Nope, I won't let them go just yet. They may be difficult but I still love them. See...I can hang on to a relationship...HA! I have never carried the same purse for the length of time I have this one.

I can't even begin to comment on the shoe issue...I'm a slave! :)

On a side note - Tonight was our first night of FULL ON BASEBALL! Both boys had games at the same time...same park...different fields. E lost but had a great game as pitcher and N's team doesn't keep score but he got to be the catcher...so cute in all that gear. The whole fam came out to see them tonight so they had huge cheering sections. It was AWESOME! I am not a baseball fan but man I LOVE watching my babies and screaming like a crazy lady. GO TEAMS!

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  1. I can so relate to this as I have the biggest purse known to man and my wallet is so deficient. I constantly have to dig for change. Another of the odd things that D & L have in common.