Saturday, March 7, 2009


I no longer wish I had four kids! Oh wait, I never wished I had four kids..what was I thinking. :) A & N are moving this weekend so I have A & H with me. I picked them up after school yesterday and took all four to N's little league practice and then out to dinner at McDonald's and then we went out for ice cream. It can really take a long time for four children under the age of 8 to pick the kind of ice cream they want as well as what they want mixed in. The poor guy let them taste every kind they asked for (he got a big tip). Some made choices that sounded good enough to eat...others not so much. Bedtime finally arrived around 10:00 when the settled in to watch a movie.

This morning they prank called their poor mother while I cooked the bacon and then they ALL got to help make the french toast - that was entertaining. :) E & N both had practice at the same time today - thank goodness it was at the same park and sunny outside. As I ran between the fields for two hours A & H played in the middle - I am one of those crazy people who must be able to see all little children at all times. After two and a half hours at the park we are home and they are eating gummy bears and watching TV. I am exhausted...they are not.

I secretly love that A & H do not wish to go home (even to their new digs)! I know it isn't me they want to stay for but to continue to run around in old Halloween costumes and destroy every room they can get their hands on. Not to mention the cable at their new house hasn't been hooked up yet and a new I Carly is on. OMG! They cannot miss it! Good thing they live a short driveway from their Nana and she has cable - disaster averted.

So, while I may not wish to have four kids I surely love these four to pieces. They really have been so very good and I will miss them when they go. I also know that E & N will be instantly bored.

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