Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today is just a bunch of randomness that I thought I should put to words (so I don't forget all the fun stuff and start whining again):

I FOUND IT! My most favorite wine in all the world - Cakebread! M and E asked me to meet them at Cost Plus tonight since they were having a white wine sale. I do love my whites and with everything going on at work I figured I could look around a little - what would it hurt? I don't think I have ever looked at their wine. After a few minutes of looking around I saw it. Of course, not on sale but it didn't matter. My friend A and her husband G are moving to a new house this weekend - WOOHOO for them and I have mentioned it to her a few times so I thought if I bought two I would have one for her. I hope she likes it as much as I do.

My first of many baseball meetings was tonight. E's team didn't have a coach or manager so we had to figure that out before we could get the team ready to go. He has practice on Tuesday (our only free night of the week) and Saturday (same time as N). E is on the White Sox and N is on the Red Sox. I am so excited to watch them play.

Much too funny - So a couple of weeks ago A's aunt S (whom I think is so nice) had a candle party and she invited me and the boys to attend. She called last night to tell me they were ready and I missed the call. I had caller ID for her home number so I called today and her message is THE BEST! Her husband is hilarious. Later I called back and got to hear it again and then said husband picked up the phone. S wasn't home for me to pick them up but he and I actually chatted for a couple of minutes. He really is funny and a very nice guy (if he wants to be). We joked around a little bit and then he gave me her cell phone number in a way I have never been given a number before. I laughed several times on the way home just thinking about it. :)

Tonight is also our ice cream night. Every Wednesday I take the boys to ice cream. This time my little nieces Z & M got to come. They are just the cutest little girls ever. I was so glad to see them. We also ran into some other friends and their three kids (and another on the way). I am sure the shop owner was so glad to see us and our pack of kids go.

My friend MK is having a little trouble at home - Hope things are better. Love you and all your little people. :)

Well - just a few short hours until I have to face the nightmare at my desk..I can hardly wait. Starbucks here I come!

WAIT - I forgot to post about my concert tickets. I LOVE concerts and we have tickets to see Coldplay and on Saturday we all hope to get tickets to see No Doubt...what a rockin' July we are going to have. YIPPEE!

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